Hani Lavender Farm In Gangwondo Province, Korea

To get rid of fatigue after work, it is best to take a vacation. There are various tourist destinations that we can choose to eliminate fatigue and boredom when working. One of them is a lavender garden called Hani Lavender Farm. This park is located in Gangwondo province, Korea. It sounds boring because it is only a garden that contains lavender flowers, but the sensation of relaxation and beauty of this place can make the boredom disappear instantly.

As beautiful as it is, Hani Lavender Farm even becomes a very popular tourist destination in Korea, not only for foreign tourists, even local tourists are also happy to come to this place. A leisurely walk in the afternoon while enjoying the beauty of this flower does provide a relaxation experience that you will never forget, not to mention the fresh mountain air also makes your body and mind fresh again after work.

Every June there will be a festival called Goseong. This festival allows you to taste Pizza made with lavender ingredients, wow! The aroma created by this pizza is certainly fragrant, just like a lavender flower that can emit a very fragrant aroma. You can also buy knick-knacks made with lavender flowers, from paintings, key chains and other craft items.

To enter the park is also very cheap. For those of you who are under 12 years old, you only need to pay 2000 Won while for teens you are charged 3,000 Won and adults are charged 4000 Won. If you have a credit card, you can also pay for the entrance ticket using a credit card. Practical isn’t it?

Resident Evil Lover Will Love This Place !

For game lovers, it feels like the name Resident Evil is no stranger? This Capcom game is indeed a success that has shocked the world, and there have even been many sequels of Resident Evil games released, starting from the first generation Playstation to the latest Playstation 4.

Not long ago Capcom also launched their latest game which is a remake of their old game, Resident Evil 2. Not only that, Capcom also presents a cafe with the Resident Evil theme called Biohazard Cafe and Grill.

This unique cafe is located in Shibuya, Japan. For Resident Evil fans, it feels like this cafe will be the right tourist destination when on vacation to Japan. The interior is made in such a way that gives a different impression to visitors.

Interestingly, at this cafe a replica of Tyrant Type T-002 is displayed which is an icon of Resident Evil 2. The size is 1: 1 with the original! Cool isn’t it?

Not only that, inside this cafe also displayed various knick-knacks that exist in the Resident Evil game, such as STARS, Raccoon City attributes, to various cool life-size posters.

But keep in mind, you can’t just go to this cafe. There is a procedure that must be done, namely reservation. Yes! To be able to visit this cafe, visitors must make reservations in advance.

For those of you who want to taste delicious steak with different sensations, just go to Shibuya Parco Part 1, 7F Utagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Hunger Games Park, The First Hunger Games Theme Park In The World

Maybe the first time that comes to mind when I hear the name Dubai is a luxurious life with abundant wealth right? Yes, Dubai is indeed famous as a country with a population that has abundant assets. In Dubai there are many exciting places to visit, one of which is Dubai Parks and Resorts. The biggest playground in Dubai is ready to satisfy the holiday desires of tourists who come to Dubai.

The amusement park consists of three of the most successful production houses in Hollywood, namely DreamWorks ANimation, Columbia Pictures, and Lionsgate. One of the most famous box office films from Lionsgate is Hunger Games, now in this amusement park there is one vehicle called The WOrld of The Hunger Games.

The latest attractions in the Lionsgate zone present many exciting rides that can be tried, including two new rollercoasters that are more exciting and exciting. Not only that, visitors can also find more than 1 attraction in Motiongate ™. Various attractive facilities have also been prepared by the management, such as restoration, interactive rides, thematic stores and shops and an exciting entertainment stage.

To be able to enter this playground, tourists must buy an entrance ticket for 235 AED or about 869 thousand, while for citizens of the original country of the United Arab Emirates, only AED 165 or around 610 thousand only. But for those of you who want to buy a one-year ticket, an annual membership card can be purchased for only AED 275. Much cheaper isn’t it?

Art Science Museum Singapor – When Art Meet Technology

Singapore is one of the favorite destinations in Southeast Asia. Here we can find a variety of interesting holiday destinations, starting from the Merlion Statue, Universal Studio, Marina Bay, to Garden by the Bay. But besides the place mentioned earlier, there is still one more place that is no less interesting to visit, the name is The Art Science Museum Singapore.

Then what can we find at The Art Science Museum Singapore? Here visitors will see the sophistication of modern art installations which are a combination of projectors and colorful LED lights that are amazingly cool!

We can see the thrill of sliding on Slice Fruit Slider where we will slide on a sleek board made of cool screen. On the screen there are various types of fruits and flowers.

In addition we can also see a giant projector in the shape of an aquarium. Interestingly, we can interact with sea creatures inside the projector. The sea creature will react with our touch so it looks alive, really cool isn’t it?

This museum is designed by Moshe Safdie where its shape resembles a lotus flower. The total area reaches 6,000 square meters and is equipped with 21 gallery spaces.

To enter this museum, visitors are required to pay an entrance ticket for 19 SGD (190 thousand rupiah) for adults, while for children or the elderly only need to pay 14 SG (140 thousand rupiahs).

Scary Travel Destination In Japan

Not only is it famous for its cool and beautiful tourism, Japan is also famous for a number of mystical tourist destinations that can make the hair goose bumps. Although scary, tourists who come every year continue to increase. Many tourists who claim to be curious about the atmosphere that exists in these scary places. What scary places are crowded with tourists in Japan?

The first place called Suzugamori. This place is a small triangular land located along Highway 15 near Omori Kaigan Station. In ancient times, this land was used as a place to execute prisoners of war. The way of execution is also quite extreme, namely by beheading the prisoners using a sword. The broken head will be plugged into the spear and then displayed here. The method of execution was still used until 1873 and finally stopped. According to the surrounding community, there is a mystical air that can be felt when being near the place. In the area a temple was also built to drive out spirits so as not to interfere with local residents.

The second place is Omori POW Camp. This place is also quite creepy. Omori POW Camp is located in Peace Island, Ota Ward. At the entrance to this place stands a statue of Kannon, the compassionate goddess who is in Shinto belief. When you visit this place, you can hear dark stories about this place in ancient times. Not a few visitors who claim to be “haunted” by the curious spirits that inhabit this place.

The last place is Aokigahara Forest. This one forest is quite famous among tourists. Even visitors can see clearly the bodies of victims hanging themselves or suicides that have dried up when visiting this forest. The visitors are not permitted to walk in this forest alone, even if visitors come alone, the officers there will accompany until the visitor reaches the exit. Pretty awful right?

Learning And Having Fun With Sea Creature In Ocean World

Bangkok has a myriad of tourist attractions that can be visited by tourists, call it the Husky Cafe and also the House of Paws that we have discussed before. In addition, for those of you who want to learn about the life of sea creatures while walking in the mall, you must come to Ocean World Bangkok, which is located in Siam Paragon Mall.

To be able to enter the Ocean World, visitors are required to pay an entrance ticket of 990 baht or around 400,000 rupiah. By buying these tickets, we can see a variety of marine life and follow the various attractions here.

For those of you who want to buy tickets at a cheaper price, you can buy them online. For online purchases, the fee is 890 baths or around 350,000 rupiah. Not too different when compared to prices on the spot.

When you first arrive you will be presented with a dancing show attraction where the dancers will wear clothes in the form of sea creatures such as sharks and mermaids. In addition, visitors can also enter the 4D vehicle where we can see the beauty of a giant aquarium using a bottom boat.

Besides fish, we can see penguins that are very cute and beautiful jellyfish. For those of you adrenaline lovers, you can try the shark walk, which is walking on a glass bridge over a shark that is swimming freely. Take it easy, the bridge that is made is guaranteed safety.

If you want to dive, this place also provides diving services which of course requires you to pay for diving. Prices offered for certified divers are also not different. By paying a little extra fees, visitors can also enter a restricted area that can only be entered by animal conservators working here, interesting.

The Beautiness of Kawachi Fuji Garden

If we discuss the beauty of flora in Japan, of course our main focus will be cherry blossoms. Inevitably, cherry blossoms do have their own beauty so they can attract a lot of world attention because of their beauty. Cherry blossoms are also used as official symbols of Japanese statehood and become a very sacred symbol for some traditional events in Japan.

Usually people come to Japan because they want to see the beauty of cherry blossoms during the blooming season, but do you know there is one place that is also as beautiful as cherry blossoms? The place was named Wisteria Tunnel, located in Tochigi prefecture. The location of this place is not far from Tokyo and is one of the destinations that must be visited when coming to Japan.

The name wisteria flower. This flower is a flower that is no less beautiful than sakura. This flower grows along the Wisteria tunnel. Usually there will be an event called Great Wisteria Festival every April 15 to May 21 every year. To be able to visit here, you only need to spend half an hour when you depart from Tokyo.

Wisteria flowers are climbing and hanging flowers that have very beautiful color gradations. This flower is usually dark purple, light purple, pink and white. When you come to this park, you will enter a long tunnel. Throughout the tunnel, you will pass millions of hanging wisteria flowers. When it comes to beauty, wow, this place is no less beautiful than the cherry blossom festival which is usually held when the cherry blossom season is blooming.

When the day changes night, this place will be filled with millions of led lights with very beautiful colors. You will feel like in another world with the flickering lights like stars in space. Interested in coming and enjoying the beauty of Wisteria Tunnel?

LONGWOOD GARDENS – Beautifull Garden With Cats As A Guard

There is one quite park unit in Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens is named. The park is a conservatory park and is a tourist location that is very popular with local residents. Not only because of the beauty of the flowers that attract visitors, but because of the cats that guard this place.

Longwood Gardens is a park located in Kennett Square, City of Pennsylvania, United States. Visitors can see the beauty of fern and tropical orchids when coming to this park.

But the main attraction is the presence of beautiful and adorable cats that have thick fur! Although the cat does not have an owner, visitors are forbidden to bring the cat home. In addition to decorating Longwood Gardens, cats in the park also function as pest control.

This park has an area of ​​4,358,464 meters and makes cats as ambassadors of hospitality at the Longwoods garden. Many visitors feel anxious to see the cats here. Not even a few who perpetuate the behavior of cats that are here through their smartphone camera. Naturally, because cats often interact with visitors, even cats that are not afraid to play with visitors are adorable, right?

Cats at Longwood Gardens are also very obedient and docile so visitors need not fear being attacked by cats. Cats can usually be found in a shaded garden area. There are about a dozen cats that are hired to pests such as rats, there is even a bulletin board where the cat’s assignment is written on the board.

For visitors who want to come to this park, this park opens at 09.00 local time and closes at 18.00 local time. Interested in coming and seeing the cuteness of the cat here?

Best Dishes In Korea That You Must Try

South Korea is famous for its romantic films. The popularity of Korea is not just about the world of artists, Korea also provides a variety of tourist sites that are fun to visit. Not only that, we can also find a variety of unique and delicious snacks while on vacation in Korea. Here are four types of Korean snacks that you must try!

1. Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki certainly often appears in Korean films that we watch. Tteokbokki made from rice flour doused with spicy sauce. From the appearance alone it looks very tempting to taste. The taste of Tteokbokki is indeed very delicious and worth trying.

2. Odeng / Eomuk

Odeng / Eomuk is a Korean specialty made from mashed fish and mixed with wheat flour with a mixture of several spices. Odeng / Eomuk is served by stabbing like satay. Odeng / Eomuk can be fried or cooked with hot sauce.


Pancakes are one type of snack that is almost present in all countries in the world. In Korea, this pancake is called Hotteok. This Hotteok pancake is fried and the presentation is only wrapped in the bottom half with paper / tissue wrapping so it can be enjoyed while walking. This snack often appears in Korean films and of course you have to try this snack if you visit Korea.

4. Mandu

From the name that sounds very strange to our ears, this Mandu turns out to be food in Indonesia. Mandu turns out to be dumplings if in Indonesia, Mandu is a dumpling which contains meat or vegetables in accordance with the desired taste. Not only does it have a different inner taste, Mandu also has a very diverse taste.

Okpo Land – Abandoned Theme Park In South Korea

If we talk about South Korea, maybe the first thing thought in your head is Korean Drama and beautifull holiday destination. It’s not wrong, we all know that Korea have a bunch of beautifull place which is very popular in the world, for example is Jeju Island. But if you want to feel something different when go to South Korea, you should come to Okpo Land.

Okpo Land is the most popular theme park back in time. Yeah, this theme park opened from year 1989 to 1999. Back in time, this theme park also popular outside Korea. One of the most popular ride in this theme park is Duck Train. If you want to know, Duck Train is most likely roller coaster for kids.

unfortunately, in 1990, a young girls was killed by this ride. The girl family received no compensation for the dead. There is no explanation to girl family nor apology. After this incident, the park also remained open, horrible right ?

9 years later, another girl was thrown from the same ride, Duck Train. The train is derailed and killed the girl. After the incident, the owner of Okpo Land dissapear and the theme park abandoned till now. There is a story, whoever come to the park, they will hear a crying sound from Duck Train ride. Scary !

Unique Beach In Spanyol !

There are so many natural phenomena found on earth, let’s call it a beach with pink sand, a gradation of water that can change with changes in weather, and much more. Miracles like this are indeed difficult to explain scientifically. But recently there is one more phenomenon that invites admiration for many people, namely beaches in Spain that have beach sand in the form of popcorn, yes POPCORN! Curious?

When viewed from a distance, this Popcorn Beach looks ordinary. Nothing special, only the beach with blue water with beautiful white sand. There is nothing special right?

But when you approach the beach, you will be surprised. Because the white sand on the coastline is shaped like a lump of popcorn, not to mention the white color which makes it similar to the original popcorn.

This Popcorn Beach is located in Corralejo, a city in Fuerteventura, Spain. The stretch of beach with unique sand is called Pantai Popcorn. Actually the pieces of popcorn on this beach are white coral flakes that have been mixed with volcanic rocks and beach sand to form unique popcorn.

Actually the Popcorn beach has long been in Spain, it’s just that because it’s rarely exposed by the media, not many know this beach. The name Beach Popcorn shot after a number of people posted their photos who were visiting the beach of Popcorn and posing with the popcorn sand.

Of course, with this unique sand, it will make your holiday even more exciting, guaranteed that your mind will come back fresh!

The Beautiness Of Kenrokuen Park Japan

One of the most beautiful parks in Japan is the Kenrokuen park. This park is located in downtown Kanazawa and is the favorite park for tourists who come on vacation to Japan. Not only foreign tourists who love the beauty of this park, local Japanese people also really like the beauty of this one park.

When you are in Kenrokuen Park, you can see a combination of various elements that are very solid to produce a very beautiful beauty. You can see the Midori waterfall complete with its small river and cherry trees on the left and right of the river. Imagine not a natural panorama that you will enjoy in this park.

In Kenrokuen Park, there is one very iconic object, Kotojitoro’s lantern. This lantern has two legs. This two-legged lantern is the most unique lantern in Japan, because in Japan lanterns usually only stand on one leg. Kotojitoro Lantern is a lantern that has been built since 1800 ago.

Don’t forget to see the beauty of the Kasumigaike pond located in the central park of Kenrokuen. This area is filled with small hills that you can use to rest or walk with lovers or family. Here is a building called Shigure. This building is usually used for tea ceremonies that are very sacred in Japan.

Enjoying a warm cup of Ocha while enjoying the cool breeze in the afternoon is a must do when coming to this one park. The beauty of the park along with the beautiful cherry blossoms and the beauty of the Kasumigaike pool can provide a relaxing effect for anyone who comes. Interested in visiting Kenrokuen Park in Japan?

Having Fun In Waterboom Waterpark Jakarta

While on vacation in Jakarta, Indonesia, there are many tourist destinations in the city that can be visited. Vacationing doesn’t have to be just a beautiful natural destination. Sometimes there are many interesting and interesting tourist sites in the city that are forgotten, even though tourists can play happily in that place.

One of the tourist destinations in the city that is very famous in Jakarta is Waterboom. Actually, there are already many water parks in Indonesia and around the world, but in Jakarta, maybe Waterboom is arguably the best waterpark. Every day there are many people who come to feel the thrill of playing at Waterboom.

Waterboom itself was actually first opened in Kuta, Bali in 1993. Waterboom name skyrocketed and finally opened in several major cities in Indonesia. Then what is interesting about Waterboom when compared to other waterparks?

The first is the number of rides available. Unlike other places that provide relatively boring water rides, at Waterboom Jakarta, there are many water rides that test adrenaline. Call it a slide that has a very extreme tilt angle where you will glide at speeds of up to 100 km/hour! Exclamation isn’t it?

Besides that, the security in this place is also good. Because in every vehicle that is available, there will always be a guard to monitor if later there is an emergency that occurs. The working clerk doesn’t just sit and relax, but every time a visitor wants to use a vehicle, they will check whether the visitor is eligible to slide or not.

The cleanliness in this place also needs thumbs up. Besides that, with the shady trees making this place an exciting waterpark to visit. For those of you who want to come to this place, you can go directly to Jalan Pantai Indah Barat No. 1, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta.

Loi Krathong Festival In Thailand

Thailand is a country that has many cultural festivals, one of the most well-known and sought after by tourists is Loi Krathong. This festival is a festival to wash candles and flowers with the aim of getting blessings in life. The festival also coincides with the lantern festival so that the combination of candles and flowers that are washed away and the lanterns are very beautiful.

Usually people and religious leaders will come to a number of lakes or rivers and then put rattan made to resemble a lotus flower in which offerings, candles and incense are given. Usually this is done in honor of the spirit of water. It is not uncommon for people to cut their nails and put them in flowers as a sign of self-cleaning.

This festival is held every 12th month on the traditional calendar of Thai people. If calculated with a regular calendar, this festival is usually held every November. In this festival, the people of Thailand will say a prayer together with the aim of giving gratitude to the creator for all the blessings that have occurred for a year.

Usually before candles are washed away, Thai residents will pray for blessings and abundant harvests for the following year. After the candle is struck, Thai residents will continue the Yee Peng festival where they will fly the burning lanterns into space. Usually this release is carried out in the Chiang Mai area.

For tourists who are taking this event for the first time, tourists will also be entertained by various parades, one of which is a lively fireworks parade. For those of you who want to see the excitement and beauty of this festival, you can stop by Chiang Mai while on vacation in Thailand.

Unique Holiday Destination at Mongolia

Mongolia as we know is the country that geographically located at Himalaya Mountain having a lot of unique destination place to be visited. So because of that Mongolia alone can become one of the most favourite country destination having by the traveler.

Coming from Premiumtraveltips, below are some of the favorite destination that we can visit when we were in Mongolia.

Gobi Desert

Gobi desert as we know is one of the biggest desert that we can find in Asia, In here we can having a magnificent view that a hardly describe by the words. If you are choosing to be here, you will find the unique animal which is a Two Softened Camel and also a Gobi Bear that can only been found in here.

Khuvsgul Lake

This lake is located around the Koridol Saridag and Bayan Rangers mountain. Because of that in this place we will having the view of big mountain with the lake inside. It can be more beautiful because of the green grass that are plant alongside with the lake. This lake is happen almost 3 million years ago because of the tectonic movement in there.

Terelj National Park 

Terelj National Park is the biggest protected forest area in Mongolia and become the most ideal place for having an adventure sports activities because of his nature beauty.

beside for his fantastic ecosystem, This National Park also is one of the cultural heritage that Mongolia having. in here we can find a heritage from Ogot Tribe, Temple Ruins and also a Square Tomb for Hunnu Tribe.


Last but no the least place that we need to visit when we are having a holiday in Mongolia is none other than their capital city which is Ulanbator. This city is the combination between the old culture Mongolia people have before with the modernity as the present. We can a Temple ruins will complete perfectly with the skyscraper and also the house of the resident .

Enjoy the Thrill of Seeing Animals in Safari World Thailand

If you have a Safari Zoo in Indonesia, then Thailand has Safari World. This tourist spot is very exciting and popular with tourists. Safari World has been built since 1988 and is a tourist destination that is very popular with foreign tourists.

If you visit Safari World, you will be presented with various exciting and interesting animal attractions. This place has a look similar to a safari park in Indonesia.

To be able to enter this place, visitors can use private vehicles. If visitors do not have a private vehicle, visitors can take tour tours that have been provided by Safari World.

For visitors who cannot speak Thai, Safari World has provided a tour guide who is fluent in English, so visitors can still know and understand what is being said.

In addition to seeing exciting animal attractions, visitors can also come to Marine Park. Marine Park is a marine park that opened in 2000. One of the animals most liked by visitors is the white tiger. The attraction of the white tiger will always be there every day.

Visitors who come to Safari World can also look for souvenirs. There are many shops that sell Thai goods when visiting Safari World.

To be able to enjoy and explore every place in Safari World, visitors need to pay around 260,000 rupiah for adults and 225,000 for children. In addition, aa Single Day Pass costs 340,000 and also a Single Day Pass + Lunch at a price of 390,000.

Di Gunma’s Onsen That Are Similar to the Spirited Away Movie

For those of you who have watched an animated film made by Ghibli studio, of course you are no familiar to the movie title Spirited Away. The animated film won the Oscar award in 2001. If you notice the hot spring in the animated film, it turns out that the filmmaker got inspiration from Sekizenken Ryokan! Sekizenken Ryokan is a hot spring located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

The place is in the middle of Shima Onsen, which is a city with 40 hot springs! Fantastic isn’t it? Shima Onsen itself means 40,000 hot springs. Gunma Prefecture is indeed the most famous hot spring in Japan. In addition to having a beautiful and comfortable bathing place, the city layout here is also very beautiful so that it can attract a lot of attention from tourists from various parts of the world.

When you come to this place, you can see a main building that has existed since 1691. This building is the oldest hotel and onsen in Japan. Inside this building, you can see a very classic and beautiful Roman-style hot spring!

Besides being able to enjoy Roman-style baths, you can also take a tour around the old building in the style of the Spirited Away movie. Later the hotel manager will take you around to see various travel documents to rooms that were used by important guests in the past.

For those of you who want to feel soaked in hot water players with a different atmosphere and experience, you must come to this place. Guaranteed you will be satisfied with the service and warmth of the manager of the Onsen in Gunma Prefecture.

Mountain, Beach, Town Anything in Rio De Janiero

Rio De Janiero is one of the city that we can find in Brazil. Actually this city have anything inside that can attract the traveler to visit that place, but surely the cost to visit that place sometime become the obstruction to go there. But if you are having a lot of budget for travelling, This city should be on your wish list.

In here we can see anything that we would like to find when we are having a holiday. A beautiful high mountain,  an amazing beach until the old town with the cultural heritage can be found in this city. let talks about it one by one.

In here we can find Corcovado Mountain that becoming the place in where we can find the iconic Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil. Maybe for some of us not is christian, this place also is worth ed to be visit. In here we can see an amazingly stunning view with the 38m statue as the main thing in there. This Statue is located in the peak of the mountain that will give you an outstandingly unforgettable experience if you can climb and see it directly in there.

Go down to the city, we can find a Favela in here. Favela is the called for slum place that we can find in Brazil. More than 700 hundred slum place can be found in here. Slum is only how they called the place, actually this place is make by their government as of the most popular place to be visit in here. The most popular one is Rocinha Favela. In there we will find a lot of shop that sell iconic food and thing that only can be found in Brazil. Do not forget to try their Tapioca, some kind of crepes from Brazil.

And the most waited one is all about their beach. As we know Brazil have a lot of beautiful beach in their country. The most popular one should be Copacabana. If you are planning to visit this  beach, make sure you also visit one attractive spot in there which is Fort Copacabana. In there you will find a museum that will giving you the knowledge about the military history of Rio De Janeiro. After visiting this Fort, the best one to do is enjoying the beach view while having a special drink that so many cafe are providing.

Talking about Cafe, Do not forget to go to Centro place. there will be so many cafe that you can find in there, But talking about the hot chocolate, Confeitaria Colombo is the Champs !

See The Beautiness Of Pengger Forest In Yogyakarta

If you talk about pine forests in Yogyakarta, maybe the name that first crossed was the famous Mangunan pine forest since the past and the Becici Peak which was once visited by former US president, Barrack Obama. In addition to these two names, it turns out there is one more name that is often forgotten, Pengger pine forest is named.

Like pine forests in general, this place presents the beauty of a very beautiful pine forest. If you come to this place, visitors will smell a very typical pine sap. Because trees in this place are tall and large, there are some places that look a little dark because the sun is blocked by leaves from pine trees.

When it comes to this place it is highly recommended to come in the summer, because if you come during the rainy season, the streets in this place are very slippery and dangerous. One place you have to go to in the pine forest This pengger is a giant hand made of wood. When you are on this hand you can see the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta. To come to this giant hand it is recommended to come at night because you can see the beautiful lights of the city of Yogyakarta which are colorful.

If you leave Yogyakarta, you will travel overland for 45 minutes. To enter this place you only need to pay 2000 rupiah per person while to take pictures in the hands of the giant you only need to give money as well as possible. The funds collected will be used for this forest care.

Mysterious And Beautifull Lake In North Sumatera

Perhaps the name of the most famous tourist spot in North Sumatra is Lake Toba. It’s true, but besides Lake Toba there are still other places that are no less interesting to visit, the name is Lake Linting.

Lake Linting is located in the Sinembah District of Tanjung Muda Hulu, Deli Serdang. The lake is surrounded by many large, lush trees. The more seen, then we will be more immersed in its beauty. Many mystical stories that are believed by residents around Lake Linting.

For those of you who want to visit here, please always obey every prohibition for your own safety. Until now no one has succeeded in measuring the depth of Lake Linting.

To go to Lake Linting, you can use a variety of public transportation in Medan. You can leave Medan Amplas Terminal, the cost of the trip is also quite cheap, only 20,000 people per person. When you arrive at this lake, you only need to pay the entry fee of 5,000 rupiah.

When you arrive, you will immediately be greeted by a very cool and peaceful atmosphere. Beautiful views of the lake and lush trees will provide a calm effect on the brain. The air around Lake Linting is also very cool so that it can be a perfect place for relaxation to get rid of fatigue.

You can also soak your feet on the edge of a lake that has a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. If you are hungry, there are many food sellers who sell around the Lake. Interesting isn’t it?

The Best Theme Park In Indonesia !

Spending vacation or weekend time in a playground with family or friends is certainly a very fun activity, especially if the playground visited provides a variety of exciting rides to play. In Indonesia alone there are many exciting theme parks that you can visit, wondering what are the best playgrounds we mean?

1. DUFAN (Fantasy World) Jakarta

Yes, DUFAN is one of the most famous mascots in Jakarta. Every holiday season arrives, this playground is definitely filled with many visitors, both from within the city and outside the city. DUFAN first operated in 1985 ago. Some of the mainstays in DUFAN are Halilintar, Niagara-gara, Bianglala, Kora-kora, and so on.


Unlike DUFAN, Trans Studio Bandung is the largest indoor indoor playground in Indonesia. Here you can find various exciting country themes. There are many exciting rides that you can try here, there are even many instagramable spots that you can find when visiting this one playground.

3. JATIM PARK – Batu

Who says there is no fun and fun playground in Batu City? How come there! His name is JATIM PARK. Even though it is broad, the playground is divided into 2, namely JATIM Park 1 and JATIM Park 2. For JATIM Park 1 provides a theme that tests adrenaline, while JATIM Park 2 is more towards education such as museums, nature, and zoos. Recently JATIM Park 3 has been built which provides the theme of Dinausaurus.

The Most Iconic Theme Park In Jakarta

One of the most iconic tourist destinations in Jakarta is Monas (National Monument). But for those of you who are happy with the playground filled with various exciting rides, the answer is DUFAN.

DUFAN is a very famous themepark in Jakarta and is the biggest themepark in Jakarta. Many tourists from outside the city come to visit this themepark. DUFAN entered the ANCOL complex, this means visitors can also visit Ancol beach when visiting DUFAN.

Then what exciting rides must be tried when visiting DUFAN? See together, let’s!

The most famous rides at DUFAN are Halilintar. This vehicle is a roller coaster ride that presents very exciting and thrilling rounds! When you ride this vehicle, you will pass a 360-degree loop that will certainly make your heart beat!

The second vehicle that must be tried is Rafting. As the name implies, you will do exciting rafting activities. You will pass an artificial river at a speed of 60km / hour. You will also pass through a dark tunnel that will add excitement to playing this vehicle.

Actually there are still many other exciting rides like Niagara-gara, Kicir-Kicir, Tornado, Galactica, Greenhouses, Istana Boneka and so on. But all the rides will be too long to be told in an article. Intrigued by the excitement of playing at DUFAN? Just come and feel the sensation of playing fun with friends and family.

Noto Peninsula – Unnusual Tourist Destination In Japan

For those of you who want to feel a different sensation while in Japan, you have to stop by the Noto Peninsula. The most interesting thing here is the beauty of the coastal sea, especially along the Okunoto coast and also the coast of Congo. In addition, this place is also a rural area so that the natural atmosphere is still very much felt when you are here.

This place is very quiet, even the passing vehicles are so small that the atmosphere feels very different. For those of you who come to this place, you should try cycling, besides being healthy, you can also enjoy the beauty of the coast and the breeze which is very refreshing.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the coast, you can also come to Satiyama and Sayouma located on the Noto peninsula. This place is the place chosen as the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. What is that ? It is a method of fishing, forests and traditional agriculture that is still preserved to this day. You can also find out the story of the past and feel the thrill of the story of Japan’s past.

Even though it is a unique tourist destination, access to this place is difficult if you want to come by public transportation. It is strongly recommended to rent a car if you want to come to this place or take a tour. For the cost of the tour, you will usually be charged around 5000 Yen. Interested in coming to this place?

Changi Airport Holds a Show With Harry Potter Themes

Who doesn’t know about Changi Airport? This Singapore international airport is indeed very famous in the eyes of world tourists. How come ? This airport has a myriad of modern facilities that can provide extra comfort for visitors.

Even this airport also provides various interesting places that can be visited. Naturally, this airport gets the title of the best airport in the world six times in a row.

Well, recently Changi Airport just held a very interesting event. They present the magic world in the sequel to Harry Potter. Of course this is exciting news for lovers of the Harry Potter sequel.

The theme presented was worked out very well. Not only presents Harry Potter knickknacks, the Changi Airport also presents the most iconic life sized scenes from the Harry Potter films, cool isn’t it?

Fun doesn’t stop there, you can also use costumes like students in the Hogwarts magic academy. In addition, the organizers also present various interesting games, of course with prizes that can be won by each participant.

You can take a walk in Diagon Alley on the very iconic T3 to ride Whomping Willow on T4.

Come here like a dream come true for Harry Potter fans. Almost every corner is a very valuable place to visit. And what’s not less cool is the amazing snow show and LED lights! So, don’t miss it guys.

The Biggest Waterpark In Thailand

If you are looking for a vacation destination outside Indonesia and still around Asia, you can choose Thailand. Besides having many attractive tourist destinations, Thailand also frees tourists to vacation there for 30 days without the need to apply for a visa.

When on vacation to Thailand, usually the most favored destinations are Bangkok, Pattaya, and also Khao Yai. But for those of you who are happy with water play, you can visit the biggest waterpark in Thailand called Ramayana Waterpark.

At a glance, maybe this place is similar to Waterboom in Indonesia. In this water playground, you can find 21 types of water slides that are interesting to try. For those of you who bring children, you can also enter two areas specifically for children who have a vehicle that is safe for the child, such as artificial wave pools, artificial rivers, and children’s pools equipped with mini water slides.

Besides that, at Ramayana Waterpark you can also see elephant attractions which are certainly no less exciting. Seeing the floating market here can also add to your excitement when visiting here.

Not only presents a variety of exciting water rides, the cleanliness of the water here is also very much considered. The management continues to strive to maintain the quality of water in the Ramayana Waterpark.

There is one interesting place here, namely the restaurant in the middle of the pool. Enjoying delicious food and fresh drinks while soaking in the pool certainly provides a different experience. How, interesting isn’t it? What are you waiting for, just come and play happily at the Ramayana Waterpark!

Feel The Sensation Having Meal In Kid Mai Death Restaurant

A restaurant or cafe is usually conceptualized in such a way as to display a comfortable and cozy impression for its visitors. But what if the concept used is actually horrible and can make hair goose bumps?

Kid Mai Death’s name! This restaurant is located in Thailand and is one of the places that attracts a lot of attention. Because this restaurant has the theme of death, so filled with knick-knacks that are thick with death such as coffins and bouquets of flowers.

According to the official Facebook quote from Kid Mai Death, this restaurant gives a similar sensation when holding a funeral. Not only the theme of death, even the food menu here is also taken from various names of diseases in the world.

This restaurant is located near the BTS station on Aree Soi. For those of you who want an additional discount, the restaurant will provide a coffin first and if you dare to enter the coffin, the restaurant owner will provide an additional discount of up to 50%!

Actually this place was built as a reminder to us to always thank God because we will not know when we will die. When entering the coffin for three minutes, we will think of the atmosphere when we die later. Here we can think what would happen if we died at that time? This is made so that we can appreciate life more. Interested in coming to this scary restaurant?

See The Beauty Of Buddha Temple In Bagan Myanmar

One of the oldest cities in Myanmar is Bagan. The city is located near the Irrawaddy River. This city is a city that concentrates on building temples, pagodas and also Buddhist stupas. Even you can find the biggest Buddha stupa when visiting Bagan. There are even pagodas, stupda and temples in Bagan dating from the 11th century as well as 12.

To visit Bagan, there are several modes of transportation that can be chosen, ranging from airplanes, trains, buses, to other land vehicles. Usually the aircraft heading to Bagan are Air Mandalay, Air Bagan, Asian Wings and Myanmar Airways.

Keep in mind, if you choose the land route, you have to travel for 10 hours if the starting point of departure starts from Yangon. When arriving at Bagan, there are hundreds of inns that can be chosen and adjusted to the pocket they have.

Religious aura in Bagan was immediately felt when arriving in this city. From a distance we can see the many stupas and temples that stand firm. Not a few outside tourists who come here to worship or just curious about the beauty of temples and stupas that exist.

If you are confused about visiting any temple in Bagan, we recommend visiting Ananda Temple, Shwesandaw Temple, Htilo Minlo Temple, and also Shwe Zigon Temple. Do not forget to visit the Golden Palace, which is the palace used by the king in the old days.

For those of you who want to learn about the history and culture in this city, you can visit the Archeological Museum in Bagan, interesting isn’t it?

Beautifull Island In Thailand – Trang Island

Unlike other famous islands such as Phi Phi and Phuket, Trang Island is not very well known to tourists. This place is still very natural because there aren’t many people who come and know. Even so, the beauty that is here can be juxtaposed with the beauty of the famous islands in Thailand.

The beauty of this island is like magic that can hypnotize anyone who comes to visit. The beauty of crystal clear water and the stunning scenery is indeed an attraction of this place. When on vacation to this place, you must visit the following places.

The first destination is Koh Libong. This island is the largest island in Trang. When you come to Koh Libong, you will be welcomed by 6,000 residents and a very friendly small fishing community. Not only that, the island is also a rubber plantation that is large enough so that you can see the rubber forest that is so beautiful. For the accommodation itself is quite friendly with pockets, only about 8 USD for the holiday season, this means that if you come on a typical day, the price of lodging offered will also be cheaper.

The next destination is Koh Mook. Here you will find high cliffs that can only be visited when the sea water is receding. When the water recedes, later you will find a beautiful cave. According to the story of the surrounding community, this cave was used by pirates in ancient times to hide treasure and robbery. There is one luxury resort on Koh Mook, namely Sivalai Beach Resort. To stay at this luxury hotel you need to spend 146 USD per night.

Continue the trip to Koh Kradan. This place is a popular place to become the most beautiful destination in Thailand. On Koh Kradan, there are many inns and resorts that you can choose from. You can match it with the budget you have. Beautiful white sand and clear beach water are the main attractions of this place. Don’t forget to snorkel when visiting Koh Kradan.

Angkor Watt – The Best Travelling Destination In Cambodia

As a traveler, it’s not complete if you haven’t enjoyed the beauty of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Angkor Wat itself is located in the city of Angkor, Cambodia. If you want to come here, it is advisable to come at dawn around 4:00 in the morning so you can enjoy the beauty of a very beautiful sunrise. This place is actually a bit similar to Borobudur temple, the difference here is that there are so many temples scattered in hilly areas that you need extra time to be able to visit all the places at Angkor Wat.


When you are here, you will be presented with a view of the temple that soars high into the sky along with small temples around it. If you have never come here, you will be surprised because at first you will only see the wilderness, but when you have started exploring this place, you will be made silent because of its beauty.


One of the most famous temples at Angkor Wat is Bayon temple. If you ask this temple to the surrounding residents or Cambodian residents, they will quickly provide information about this temple. You could say Bayon temple is a landmark of Cambodians. This place is so iconic that it becomes a mandatory tourist destination for tourists visiting Angkor Wat.


Angkor Wat itself is a temple with a touch of Hindu religion and culture. When you come to the main temple here, you will see trenches and walls surrounding the main temple. On the wall you can see ancient carvings that are very beautiful. The entrance to reach the main part has a distance of about half a kilometer. Later you will pass a gate symbolizing the rainbow bridge.


As we know, Hindu culture is very closely related to supernatural nature. Hinduism does believe in the existence of life outside the real life of humans, it could be a demon or a god so here you will see the viscosity of that belief through carvings and carvings.


For a vacation to Angkor Wat, you can take available tour packages. There are several packages that you can take, for the first package it costs 20 USD (tours for 1 day), the second package 40 USD (tours for 3 days) and 60 USD (tours for 1 week). We highly recommend taking a 3-day tour because there are many places you can visit here. If you have more time, the 60 USD package is the best package because you will be invited to visit all parts of Angkor Wat.

Kiyomizudera Temple – The Most Beautifull Temple In Japan

Japan is a country that has many exciting and beautiful tourist destinations. In addition, Japan also has hundreds of temples that are quite popular tourist destinations among tourists. One of the most popular temples to visit is Kiyomizudera. This temple has the meaning of the Temple of Holy Water. This temple is also included in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Kiyomizudera Temple was first built in 780, adjacent to the Otowa spring located on the East side of Kyoto. This temple is a temple of the Nara Buddhist sect and has been a UNESCO world heritage since 1994 ago. Every year, Kiyomizudera temples are always crowded with tourists and can be entered into the itinerary of tourists visiting Tokyo.

Kiyomizudera Temple looks beautiful because it is surrounded by tall green trees that are so beautiful. In addition, we can see the architecture of buildings that are very classic and elegant like those of the Japanese shogunate. To be able to reach Kiyomizudera, we need to climb and pass a small winding road that is quite uphill.

In 1633 ago, Kiyomizudera was built without using nails. If seen, it might be similar to Borobudur Temple. The quality of the wood used to build Kiyomizudera Temple is very high-quality, this is evident from the strength of this building, although it has been built for decades.

We can also see the beauty of the cherry blossoms from a distance while at Kiyomizudera Temple. So, if you are on vacation in Japan, don’t miss this one!

Best Sinkhole In The World

Sinkhole or ruined hole has recently become a topic of interesting conversation among tourists. In just one year, there are 3 sinkholes that have extraordinary beauty in Indonesia. The first sinkhole in Indonesia is located in Yogyakarta, second in Tuban, East Java, and the third is in Sukabumi, West Java.

Although created from the ruins of buildings, but there are several sinkholes in the world that must be visited because it has such an enchanting beauty. Let’s take a look at any sinkhole that has amazing beauty in the world.

It turns out that the first sinkhole is located in Indonesia! This sinkhole is located in Donggala, Central Sulawesi. The surrounding community called it a sea well. This sinkhole is created naturally and is very rare in the world. If the sea water recedes, this sinkhole will plug, whereas if the tide is high, then the sinkhole will recede, cool isn’t it?

The second sinkhole is in Belize, the sinkhole name is The Great Blue Hole. Sangking beautiful, this place became a world heritage by UNESCO. This place is a diving location that is very famous in the world. It is about 318 meters wide and has a depth of 12 meters.

The next one is Xiaozhai Tiankeng, better known as the Heavenly Pit. This sinkhole is the deepest in the world with a length of 626 meters and a width of 537 meters. For its own depth it reaches 511-662 meters. To reach this sinkhole, you need to pass 2,800 pieces of stairs, cool!

Red Lotus Lake In Thailand

For those of you who like lotus flowers, you must come to the Red Lotus Lake. This lake is located in Udon Thani, Thailand. When you arrive at this place, your eyes will be entertained by the beauty of lotus flowers along this lake. The beautiful pink lotus colors dominate this place.


According to legend in Thailand, this place was once a magnificent palace followed by the construction of a sacred temple. Many monks make this place a holy place of worship. Unfortunately the story has not been proven to be true until now.


Actually this lake is not so big, the area of ​​the lake is only as big as a soccer field. But the beauty of lotus flowers that cover this area is very beautiful. Not to mention the presence of wild animals swimming in the lake further adds to the beauty of this place.


If you want to go around this lake in a small boat, you can rent a boat here. In one day, this boat operates up to 3x. For those of you who want to come to visit, it is strongly recommended to come at the right time, because when this flower has not bloomed, you will not be able to see the beauty of the beautiful lotus flower.


Usually the surrounding population will catch fish as a livelihood when the lotus flower has not yet bloomed. When they bloom, they will sell boat services that we can rent. This place is also very Instagramable, so don’t forget to bring a camera!

Best Luxury Hotels In Thailand !

Bangkok is a city in Thailand which is the most popular holiday destination for tourists. How not, entertainment in Bangkok can be found 24 hours nonstop, ranging from cultural tourism, religious tourism to all night tours available in Bangkok.

To maximize your vacation, of course the selection of hotels will be one of the factors that can provide an exciting holiday experience. For those of you who want to stay at luxury hotels in Thailand, we have summarized the following hotel recommendations that you can choose.


The first hotel is Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Siam. If you stay at this hotel, you will feel the Thai culture is so thick. This place also provides spacious rooms, not only that, you can also enjoy the beauty of the city at night while staying here. Enjoying breakfast while looking at the beauty at the River Terrace buffet is also a favorite of tourists who stay at this hotel.


The second hotel is Siam, Riverside. It should be noted, this hotel only provides 39 rooms. Therefore, you are strongly advised to make a reservation in advance before coming to this hotel. The beautiful architecture of the beautiful building is the main attraction. The cool thing is, this hotel provides personal servants for each room. Don’t forget to get around using a boat that has been provided by the inn.


The third hotel is the Tower Club in Lebua. For this one you don’t need to ask anymore. Tower Club is the most popular hotel for tourists. For those of you who want to see the beauty of the city to the maximum, you can choose rooms located on floors 51-59. Besides that, you can also enjoy a fancy dinner at Mezzaluna restaurant on the 65th floor. This restaurant has won a Michelin star award!

The Story Of Taj Mahal

One of the wonders of the world that is able to attract the attention of many people is the Taj Mahal. This super magnificent and beautiful building is located in India, precisely in Agra. The Taj Mahal itself is due to a king’s love for his late wife. The Taj Mahal stands near the Yamuan river and is used as a mandatory tourist destination when visiting India.

The name of the king who built the Taj Mahal was Shah Jahan. He was a king in power during the era of the Mughal empire. The king fell in love with a woman named Mumtaz ul Zamani. Mumtaz is a bead trader, usually he goes around the city to sell these beads. The king who saw him selling and falling in love and finally asked for his hand in 1612 ago.

When he ascended the throne, Mumtaz ul Zamani was nicknamed Mumtaz Mahal. That name means Jewelry in the Palace. The name was given because the king loved his wife so much that he regarded his wife as a very valuable treasure over all the jewelry in the palace. Unfortunately the wife died while giving birth to her child, making the king feel sad and devastated.

Because of his great love for his late wife, he ordered workers to build the most magnificent tomb in the world. The tomb is called the Taj Mahal. If we read a history book, you can see 43 types of gemstones in this building.

What makes this building a miracle in the world is the thoroughness and reckoning of each side in this building. This building even becomes a building that is considered not to have a defect gap. Therefore this building is made one of the most beautiful wonders of the world.

Madame Tussauds Museum Bangkok

For those of you who want to meet with many world leaders who inspire but are confused about how to meet them, you can try to come to the Madame Tussauds Museum located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Although the figure of the world here is only imitation and made of wax, but the details and similarities are close to 100%. Not only can you photograph objects remotely, you are also permitted to take pictures together with the wax statue on display here. You can feel the sensation of meeting the character through the role you play when you want to take a photo.

The museum began operating in 2010 ago, there are 10 rooms available in this museum. For example, if you want to see the world’s top singer, you can enter the pop singer area, here you can see a replica of Michael Jackson the king of the pop world to Madonna.

Intrigued by Hollywood red carper artists, just drop by the red carped room, you can see Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidmann, Jackie Chan to Julia Roberts. The wax statues on display are very similar to the original so you can get a different sensation when passing these statues.

Not only foreign figures are exhibited here, you can also see the statue of the former DKI Jakarta governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok and the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. It is cool that there are no Indonesian figures who are exhibited abroad. This proves that the quality of these two figures deserves a thumbs up to get appreciation from the outside world.

If you want to visit this museum, you just come to the address of the 6th floor of Siam Discovery, Phathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand. If you are confused, you can see the directory via Google Maps or use a taxi to come to this museum.

Beautifull Place In Nepal, Kathmandu

If you plan to take a vacation or visit Nepal, then one place you need to go to is Kathmandu. To come to this place, the best time is March. Because in mid-March, the surrounding community will celebrate a celebration called Holi.

When visiting Kathmandu, you need to stop by Pashupatinath Temple and Patan Durbar Square. Pashupatinath Temple is the oldest and most famous temple of Lord Shiva in Nepal. This place is the most popular tourist destination for tourists.

When you arrive at this temple, visitors will be treated to an amazingly beautiful scenery, where there are amazing green hills, not only that, the green mountain scenery is also a main attraction for tourists. If you want to visit this temple, we strongly recommend coming in the afternoon before sunset.

Why is that ? Because you can see the beauty of the reddish orange color that slowly sinks behind the shady trees. This moment is the most awaited moment for tourists. Not a few photographers who come to capture the beauty of the moment.

One thing you should know, because the streets in Nepal are full of dust, you can use a mask or nose cap. This is done so that you do not breathe dust directly. Interested in visiting this one Hindu temple?

Free of Charge Tourist Destination In Jakarta City

Who says Jakarta is only synonymous with crawl traffic? In Jakarta there are also many fun and cool and free tourist destinations that must be visited by tourists. For that we have summarized what places you can visit while on vacation in the city of Jakarta.

The first destination is Kota Tua. In this place you not only can learn history that has happened in Jakarta, you can also enjoy the architecture of ancient buildings that are thick with Dutch culture. Every evening you can also enjoy a variety of interesting attractions from street artists, enjoy delicious food and buy various types of unique handicrafts.

If you are satisfied to enjoy all the excitement that is in Kota Tua, you can continue to relax in Situ Lembang Park. This park can be a tourist destination to get rid of fatigue. Shady trees and beautiful lakes make this place very popular with tourists and local residents. You can also fish when visiting this park.

Still not satisfied? Try coming to Suropati Park. The park is located in the middle of this city like a hidden pearl in the middle of a crowded city. You can enjoy a cool atmosphere when visiting this park. Taman Suropati is also a crowded place in the morning to exercise or just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the city amid the bustling city.

Want to come to a unique but free museum? Try coming to the Central Gardens Museum. This museum is unique, but to come to this museum, you need to reserve a place in advance and a minimum of 7 people must be able to visit.

How, interesting enough isn’t it? Come visit the sights directly, guaranteed exciting!

The Beautiness Of Fansipan Mountain Vietnam

Fansipan is the highest mountain in the Indochina region. Mount Fansipan is also a major tourist destination in Vietnam. The beauty of the natural landscape here is very beautiful and enchanting, it’s natural that many tourists intentionally come to this place just to see its beauty.

Mount Fansipan is located in northern Vietnam. Although the height of Mount Fansipan is only 3,143 meters, its beauty can be compared to other famous mountains in the world. Usually to reach the top of Mount Fansipan takes 1 to 3 days, but with the presence of a cable car, everything becomes easy so that anyone can reach the top and see the beauty of the mountain peak.

Riding the cable car on the mountain is also not less exciting by climbing through conventional climbing lanes. You will see a beautiful expanse of flower gardens when you are above the cable car. Besides that, the presence of large pagodas and clock towers certainly adds to the beauty of this place.

For the price of commuting using the cable car, visitors will be charged a ticket of 600,000 Dong (Vietnamese currency) or around 300,000 rupiah. The cable car will start the journey from the cable car station, the cable car will go to the top of Fansipan. In addition to the cable car, you can also climb the funicular stairs to arrive at the top.

The best time to enjoy the beauty on this mountain peak is in the morning around 6 – 8 am. At that time, the thin mist will slowly disappear, truly a sight with essential beauty.

Mesmerizing Waterfall In Bali – Indonesia

When discussing the beauty that can be found on Bali, it might not be endless. Bali is indeed a very famous tourist destination in Indonesia. But many people think that the beaches in Bali are beautiful, even though they are wrong! Because there are many amazingly beautiful waterfall destinations that you can find in Bali, don’t believe?

To prove it, you can visit Gitgit Waterfall. This waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Bali. To see this waterfall, you need to come to Gunung Luwih Gitgit Village located in Buleleng Regency, Bali. If you depart from Denpasar, you will spend 3 hours. To enter this waterfall, visitors only need to pay 5,000 rupiah.

Moving on from the first place, you can visit Sekumpul Waterfall. Lately the name of Sekumpul waterfall is on the rise. Many local and foreign tourists come to this place just to see the beauty of the waterfall. Not a few visitors also come to take prawedding photos, well it’s natural to see the beauty that is here, surely the photos taken will be very memorable!

Continue to the third waterfall called Kanto Lampo Waterfall. The waterfall here has many beautiful spots for taking pictures. Only with just 5,000 rupiahs, you can enjoy the incomparable beauty that is here. Guaranteed you will not regret visiting Kanto Lampo Waterfall.

Two Best Place To Go In Nagoya Japan

Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka may be the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, but there is one city that is no less interesting than the three cities, the name of the city is Nagoya.

Nagoya is a city that is rarely visited by tourists, even though there are many exciting places here that can be visited by tourists. Besides the food here is also very tasty! But of the many places that exist, there are two main places that are favorites, what are they?

First is Nabana no Sato. This place is the largest flower garden in Japan. Can you imagine the beauty in this flower garden? There are millions of flowers that will welcome you when you come to Nabana no Sato. To be able to enter this flower garden, visitors only need to pay 2100 yen, then visitors will get a voucher of 1000 yen which can be exchanged for food and drinks.

What makes this place even cooler, there are LED lighting shows where this LED will reflect the 4 seasons in Japan, isn’t it cool?

The second place is the Nagoya Science Museum. This place is the largest educational museum in Japan. Nagoya Science Museum was built in 1977 ago. Here you can see various collections of objects originating from the Japanese paleolithic era. There are many craft works and documents as well as advanced technology on display here.

To enter this museum, visitors only need to pay an entrance ticket for 300 yen for children, while adults only need to pay 800 yen, it’s cheap, right?

Did You Know About Hidden Gem in Philippines ?

Who is not fascinated by the beauty that is on the island of Bali? Local and foreign tourists are even willing to come back just to enjoy every beauty in Bali. However, there are still places that have extraordinary beauty, even more beautiful than Bali, the name of that place is Palawan.

Palawan Island is located in the Philippines. This island gets an annual award from Travel + Leisure as the best island in the world. Travel + Leisure readers even scored 93.71 / 100 points! Approaching perfect numbers!

One reader even revealed that Palawan Island is a dream destination for all those who love the beach. Many even say this place has magical power so it can hypnotize anyone to visit.

Palawan Island is also surrounded by beautiful small islands. The island is also included as a world heritage by UNESCO. When viewed from the topography, Palawan Island is quite unique. The island consists of cliffs, limestone, and a beautiful underground river of 8.2 kilometers.

Palawan Island not only received a one-time award, this island became one of the most beautiful islands in the world Travel + Leisure in 2013, 2016 and 2017. The name of the island surged after becoming a filming place for famous Hollywood films such as The Bourne Legacy, The Beach, and The World is not Enough.

Best Travelling Destination In Bangkok

Lately, tourists coming to Thailand is increasing. This is inseparable from the many interesting travel destinations that can be visited when visiting here.

Thailand also has a distinctive culinary range, namely Mango Sticky Rice, Pat Thai, Tom Yum Goong, to an interesting variety of durian types. Well for those of you who want to vacation in Thailand, here are recommendations place that must be visited when coming to Thailand.

First is The Grand Palace. This place is located in Bangkok and is a tourist destination that must be visited when on vacation to Bangkok. When visiting this place, you will see the splendor of the palace that is so extraordinary. Not only that, there are many ancient relics that you can see when visiting The Grand Palace.

The next destination is Wat Arun. This temple is the oldest temple in Thailand. When it is night, you can see the beauty of the Wat Arun temple with beautiful lights. The distance is also not far from The Grand Palace.

Next is Sung Nong Nooch. This park is referred to as one of the most beautiful parks in the world. When you come here, there are various facilities that you can use, from hotels to restaurants that sell delicious food.

To get rid of fatigue, you can also come to Koh Phi Phi. The beach there is very beautiful. One of the destinations that must be visited when coming to Koh Phi Phi is Monkey Beach. You can meet hundreds of monkeys. But when it comes to Monkey Beach, you need to be a little careful because the monkeys are often aggressive.

The Reason Why Need to Visit this Place

Premiumtraveltips.com – Located on Eurasia territory, Turkey is the country that keeping so many history about the civilization on our world. It make sense because of those thing, until now in Turkey still so many ancient building that they keep for the historical purpose.

Some of them is Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Kingdom, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Bosporus Strait and many others. Because of their history, so it make sense that we put Turkey as one of the most favorite place to be visit that our world have until now.

Outside from that historical thing, we will let you know several reasons on why you need to visit Turkey once in your life time.

Rich of Culinary should be one of the main reason why we need to visit this Country. Every part of Turkey having their own specialties and unique food together with their serving way. Start from Kebab, Baklava until Meze is the food that you need to try when you are visiting Turkey.

Beach is absolutely one of the best thing people look for when they want to having a holiday. In Turkey there are so many city that provide you the beauty of their beach such as Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir and also Fethiye. In here you will have an outstandingly beautiful view on the beach. All of them consist of remote coves to a long coaslines. Every one need a Vit – Sea right ?

Looking for a knowledge while having a holiday ? As we mention before, Turkey is one of the country in this world that have a lot of historical thing. So for letting the world know about that, Turkey provide the visitor with absolutely fantastic big Museum that preserves the findings of so many their archaeological sites.

From the biggest mosaic Museum in this world which is Zeugma in Gaziantep and The Museum of Ottoman Istanbul Kingdom is two of the favorite Museum that we need to visit when in Turkey.

Do not afraid to visit a new place. This words is very reflecting this country. Turkish is known having the people that are so kind, polite and also like to smile. It is like always welcoming all the traveler around the world to visit and having fun together in their country. This will make the traveler feel right this is their second home.

Keep Calm and Go Travel the Worlds. Premiumtraveltips.com


Make Your Visit to the Historical Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Premiumtraveltips.com – I am guessing that every one in this world will ever hear about Rome word. The first thing will comes out into our mind when hearing the word Rome is might be the city that will be fill by a lot of historical building. Rome already become the magnet for traveler around the world, because this city is never failed to attract the world with their thousand of attraction on every single side of this country. Rome like having anything in this world that can get by anyone from the backpacker with low budget until the luxury one can be find in this city.

Rome is well known for their old building that having a lot of history and become phenomenal until now. Once one the building that we want to visit this time should be Colosseum. Colosseum is the building that being build by a stone and having the shape of rounding circle. This place was being build as the place to having an art attraction and also a gladiator fight on that time. This building was build by Vespian King.

Colosseum with the other name which is Flavian Amphitheatre. The unique if this building is if we are standing in the middle of this building and try to sing a song, our voice will be echoing all over the place on this building. Because of this unique Colosseum becoming one of the seven wonder that this world ever have until now.

Also when you are visiting Colosseum in Rome, need to make sure that you also visit the Pompeii. Pompeii is one of the city that being build on the old Romain time. This city was destroyed on the 79th before century because of the eruption of Vesusius Mountain. Now this city becoming one of the most favorite place to be visit in Rome.

And do not forget to see the historical place for Constantine people from Italy. Arch of Constantine located on the west of Colosseum and is the place where the King of Constantine defeat his enemy called Maxentius on the Milvian Bridge fight on 312 century.

So how guys ? Ready to visit the historical town ? 😀

Great Wall China

Premiumtraveltips.com – China is the country with the biggest population in this world. China alone have a big history and make them becoming one of the country that having so many cultural heritage also. One of their biggest historical things is Great Wall China. So you need to make sure that you will visit Great Wall China when you are going to have a holiday to China.

Great Wall China is located on Beijing, Beijing is the capital city of China country, so in the past Beijing is the center of anything coming and come out through China. This Great Wall China is being build on Ming Dynasty that have over than 800 wall and tower that can not be seen and be count with human eyes because of the length that can reach almost 7000km.

For build this Great Wall China takes more than a hundred years until this building can become this gigantic and sturdy. The first reason why this thing is being build is to prevent the attacker when they are having a war on that time. So this place is build so big and so long with a winding lane so make the enemy more difficult to cross this place. Even the slopes are very steep to be climb and make it impossible for enemy to climb it.

Because of that thing on 1987, UNESCO choose Great Wall China as one of the seven wonders that ever have by this world. Now if we go to Beijing we can visit this gigantic place as one of the best tourist place in China and in the world.

A little advice for you guys that want to visit this place is the first you need to choose your most comfortable shoes to be wear. Do not forget to bring your personal belonging water and for the cloth need to make sure with the season, when the winter is come make sure you have your jacket with you and for the hot season, short pant and a simple big t shirt is more than enough.

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Macchu Picchu, One of the New Seven Wonder 2018

Premiumtraveltips.com – Peru is the country that already becoming one of the best country that need to visit by traveler when choosing to have a visit in America Latin. This country have a very long story about their history with their popular Inca tribe. beside of that, Peru also have an amazing view and landscape for their land.

One of their best and magnetic place that can attract traveler to go there is Macchu Picchu. Macchu Picchu is being honor becoming one of the seven wonders on 2018 by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or well known as UNESCO.

This place is build by the historical Inca Tribe on the higher place in Andes. This place also well know as The Lost City of Incas that will show us so many of their cultural heritage from Archeology, culture and their house.

On the local language Machu Picchu means The Old Mountains. This place was build by gigantic stone that one stone can have the weight of 50ton. Three main building that we can find in there is Temple of the Sun, Room of the Three Windows and Intihuatana.

Moreover about The Lost City of Incas , this called is come out because this place was leave by the Inca before they finish build this place. There are no one in this world know exactly why this thing can happen but from the rumors that they find, Inca decided to move out from this place for avoid the incoming disease that will attack that city. Also some rumors say that Inca people leave this town because they know Spain people will attack them.

And in 1911, archeologist from Yale University is found this place. Because of Hiram Bingham III, Now Macchu Picchu can be found and now can become one of the seven wonders that this earth have and attract a lot of traveler around the world to come and this the heritage of Inca people from the old time.

For you information the best time to visit this place in June because they will be not so crowded and also on that month not so many rain will come. And make sure that you hire a local guide because you can not go to that place without having one.





You Only Life Once, Barcelona For Sure !

Premiumtraveltips.com – All human in this world only have the chance to life once, So make it worth ! Who in the world does not know about Barcelona ? And who the hell do not want to visit that country ?

A City with a lot of cultural heritage and also the city that own one of the biggest and popular football team in this world is worth enough to make this city as one of the favorite destination city in this world. The good weather and also a good people inside that town is another extra things we can get when we visit this city.

Let talk about the place that we need to visit when in Barcelona.

Camp Nou

This support to be the first one right ? Camp Nou or in English mean the new field is the home stadium for one of the biggest football team on human history. When visiting here make sure that you buy some original souvenir like the t shirt, the bag, and others that all related to Barcelona. This is the home for Messi fans around the world.

Casa Batllo

Located on Passeig de Gracia, Casa Batllo is the iconic things that we can find in this city. In the old time this place is a conventional old house that build in 1877. after being renov in 1904 this building become more elegant. This building also the proof of old thing also having the own beautiful way.


This is one of the most favorite place for local people that offer us the beautiful of Barcelona scenery. One of the side having the look of the port and Mediterranean ocean, another side show us the beauty of Barcelona city. This place was located on the hill where around surrounding by a lot of botanic park and cactus park. Also in here there will so many culture attraction that can attract more visitor.

Las Ramblas

This should be the most popular street that we can find in Barcelona and in Spain. La Ramblas is the most crowded street that full of people from day to night. This street is decorate so beautifully with so many tree on the both side of the street. This street also full of place that sell souvenir that we can get in Barcelona. Also there are so many street art that we can see on this street. You will never be boring if you walk around this street again and again.

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A Hidden Heaven on the South Thailand

Premiumtraveltips.com – Krabi is the island located almost 185 km from Phuket, one of the most attractive place we can visit in the south of Thailand. Krabi is the gate for one of the best beach place that can be visited on this Earth. Krabi offer so many things that have their own unique character such as the white sand beach, Coral sea adventure and so many big and small island with the wild forest with cave and also the waterfall.

Below here is some popular place that we need to visit when we are in Krabi such as :

Ao Nang Beach

This Ao Nang beach is the center of Krabi attraction. This beach is locate only 15 km from Krabi town. This beach can be so popular because they have the best sand for the tourist that like to getting tan and relax in the side of beach. Also in here can find so many restaurant , hotel and also pub. The Ao Nang beach also is the gate for in and out to having an adventure to other island around Krabi. Four popular island that we can visit when in Krabi is Chicken Island, Poda Island, Tub Island and Pranang Cave Beach that have their own unique that can attract people to come in there.

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is the beautiful island that having a lot of water sport activity inside. Koh Phi Phi is the collective name for the small island in Krabi province that take almost 45 minutes to be there by using Speed Boat from Krabi. It is know as the Diamond of Andaman , there were 6 island in Mu Koh Phi Phi Nopparathara National Park which is Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley, Bamboo Island, Yung Island, Bida Nok and Bida Nai. For now only Phi Phi don is isolate from human, the rest is already use but under protected as their National park that can be visit by the tourist. The best time go in here is in the November to April when the weather is warmer and the rarely have the rain.

Hot Spring And Emerald Lagoon.

This is one of the best place to relax your mind and soul from the hectic we get on our daily activities. The warm baths that naturally make by the Tropical rain forest with have so many mineral inside with the temperature around 38-42 can be the choice for having the best relaxing time. And for Emerald Dragon itself is the swimming pool that having a clear and cool water. Such a combination !

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Safari World on Madagascar

Premiumtraveltips.com – Madagascar. For you guys that love to having an adventure on the land of Africa, one of the best choice can be Madagascar that located on the East Beach of Africa on Indian Ocean. Madagascar is the home for a thousand flora and fauna that we never been see in any other place around the world except here. Madagascar also having an outstandingly beautiful view that can stunning the one who see it, completely with the culture and a thick customs make every one will happy to visit this place.

When you are going to Madagascar you need to go to Lle Sainte Marie first. This tourist spot has wide stretched of bays and streams. The news say that on 17 and 18 century this place is the place where many pirates will be stop over. The proof is we can see a lot of pirate shipwreck that located in water.  Baie des Forbans this is how a local people call this place. In here we can find a lot of water activity to do.

and then in the west of Madagascar, we can find a group of trees that line up between the intersection of the Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina roads. The view of the towering line of trees, can attract many tourist from all over the world. Local people call this tree as the BaoBab tree that being tell already in there for almost 800 years. In the past this place was a tropical forest, but because of the time, this place is being sweep off only left the BaoBab tree because of their unique.

And do not forget to visit the National Park of Ranomafana when you are visiting Madagascar. This place is wide enough for us to visit and find so many species of flora and fauna that only can be found in here. Also this place has a good ecosystem in where  there were a river that located on the hill with so many tree inside, this is the home for golden lemurs that is in endangered extinction.

So they one want to find an adventure place to be visit, Madagascar should be on your list.

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Best Thing to do When in Maldives

Premiumtraveltips.com – Travel lover should be ever hear about Maldives right ? Maldives is a place make by so many coral island that round the Laguna, a very beautiful white sand, and one of the cleanest water that will attract every one of us for spending the time in the beach. So it make sense that Maldives is well known provide one of the best panorama that can attract whoever visiting this place.

If you are one of the travel lover that love a tropical climate with an outstanding beach, this place must be get into your bucket list. So in here we will tell you travel lovers about 5 thing you must do when you are visiting this island.

Selfie with the Sea of Stars ! Yes this is one of the most important thing need to be done when you are visiting Maldives. This place is in Vaadhoo Island. Do not be afraid to touch this beautiful sparkling water sea, because the blue light that bring by the wave to the land on the night is from the biology light that generated by Phytoplankton that having the same side with firefly.

Enjoying the unique taste of Maldives food. In here we will find a typical Maldives food that look like an Indian food.  Once of the most favorite one is curry. The way we eat the curry is also the same with in Indian, by using Prata Bread. The different is in Maldives they use Tuna and Chicken as their meat. And another most favorite menu in here is Garudhiya Baiy. A traditional Tuna soup that serve with rice and grilled fish and the  seasoning like chili and onion.

Stay a night with the Shark ! This island provide us one of the most unique hotel to be stay ever. Hotel that build inside the sea and having the glass that through out so we can see the beauty and the life inside the sea while enjoying one of the best moment in life with our beloved one is what they provide for you in here.

For you guys that enjoy to have water-sport, in here they will so many activities that we can do in the water while enjoying your vacation in here. so beside from the outstanding view provide by this island, this island also provide one of the best water-sport in the world.

So what are you waiting for ? Pack your bag and have an unforgettable  memories in Maldives right now.

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Pearl of Pacific, Bora Bora

Premiumtraveltips.com – Bora bora is well known as one of the most impressive island  in this world. This island having a called as the Pearl of Pacific by Explorer James on 1769. So for now this place is well known as the most popular and expensive place to having a honey moon and also Bora Bora popular for their beach, snorkeling and also scuba diving.

What make this place is unique than the other is in here you can stay in hotel that located above the sea. This kind of hotel is special make for impress the visitor of that island. If you have the change to see this place for the sky, you can see that this place is look like the root of big tree that look so beautiful.

The style of the stay place also have the same design with the local Polynesia people house. The roof is make by the Palm leaf that bring cool and comfort inside it. below the room you use to stay, you will find a deck that having a boat. from there you can roam the island with that boat.

And for you guys that love to snorkeling do not forget to enjoy the beauty of Bora Bora undersea view that will be impress you. you can see a small fish dancing in front of you while crossing a very beautiful coral reef. Another favorite things to do when you visit this island is getting a tan in front of your room while enjoying the beauty of sunset. A cup of hot tea can be a perfect match for this.

If you are lucky enough you also can see Polynesian Show that is the show of local people dance while hearing a traditional music in there. This show only happen once in a week. For another impressive experience on this island, you can go to higher place on this island which is the peak of Otemanu and Pahia Mountain. From here you will see the stunning and magnificent of Bora Bora Island in a perfect way.

So if you guys are looking for an exclusive while enjoying vacation, can go to this island.

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Niagara Falls For You

Premiumtraveltips.com – Niagara falls that located on Ontario should be the favorite place to be visit when we are going to Canada. Niagara falls is a fall that located precisely on the international border line of United States, New York and Canada province. To be able to reach this fall we need to to a ride almost 27 km to the north west from Buffalo, New York and 120 km from the south east of Toronto, Ontario.

Niagara Falls is the combine of three fall. The three fall that combine into one is Horseshoe (sometimes call as the Canada Fall), America Fall and the small one Bridal Veil that being separately  by an island call Luna Island from their main Fall.

This Fall is not well known because of their high, but because of their wide make them become the most popular Fall in the world. More than 6 million cubic water per second can stream in her and becoming the most profusely Fall in United State.

This Waterfall also well known because of the rainbow that cross over in the middle of this Fall. The beauty of Nature around this Fall also become a million people from any place in the world would like to spend their holiday in here everyday. Because of this, it can be foreign exchange for both of United State and Canada.

When visiting this Niagara Falls we can see a lot of restaurant, cafe, bar , hotel, casino , golf resort, spa and any other attraction that make this place is suitable visit with friend, couple family and also the kid because this place also kid friendly.

In here, The visitor that bring their child with them can try one of the highest theme park in Canada, Skylon Tower. Inside this theme park, there ares a water park in where you can play together with your child. Also there are Ferris Wheels and Clifton Hill Restaurant that provide so many sweet things for you children. And want to give some education to your children? can visit Butterfly Conservatory and Marine Land for that.

And one tips we can share to you guys is bring your change clothes when you visiting this place because we make sure that you will need it :D.



Red City, Marrakesh !

Premiumtraveltips.com – The city of Marrakesh well know as the city of Red, because almost all the tower, hotel, house and another building in this city is design with a charming red color. Marrakesh is a city that located approximately  400 Km from the capital city Rabat or need to take 4 hour drive from the Rabat.

In here there is a lot of cultural heritage and also tourist attraction place that can become the popular place to be visit by international tourist, especially Europe. Also because of their beautiful town, this city always becoming the first choice in where so many conference and International meeting will be held.

So it make sense that Marrakesh is becoming the most popular city in Marocco that will bring a lot of joy and happiness toward the local people and outsider. Below is some place that we can visit when we are having a holiday in this city.

Djemaa El-Fna

Djemaa El-Fna is an area in the center of Marrakesh, that provide a lot of art attraction and culture that every night will be shown by the musician, traditional dancer, comedian, storyteller, and animal attraction while hearing their traditional music.

Koutoubia Mosque 

This Mosque is located beside Djemma El-Fna. The name Koutoubia is get before this mosque was build. long ago before this mosque was build, this place is a place that selling a book that in France call as Kuotoub. So after the beautiful mosque being build, people around there call this mosque as Koutoubia.

Badi Kingdom

Badi kingdom was build in 1578 to 1594. The proposing for build this place is to serve the guest of Sa’did Ahmad al-Mansur that being ruled from 1578 until 1603. The name of al-Badi is come from the name of Asmaul husna with the mean the most powerful one. This Kingdom should be the biggest and spectacular Kingdom that we can find in Marocco.


Oukaimeden is a snow mountain that can be find in this red city. For getting to the top of mountain, it will take 1.5 hours with car from Marrakesh. In the top of mountain we can see snow on the mountain slopes and also the city below that.

For you information that Marrakesh is well know as the city that has a low criminality. But that does not mean that we do not need to be aware about that. Because when there is a chance, there will be a robber in everywhere. So stay safe and have a nice holiday in here.

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Mandatory Place in Osaka

Premiumtraveltips.com – beside from Tokyo, Japan also have some other interesting town to be visit. One to be sure in Osaka. Osaka in one of the biggest and fascinating town that we can in Japan that already being known as of the most metropolitan area in the world. Because of that, we can say that this city is a mandatory city to visit when you are having a holiday to Japan.

So let take a look on what we can do when we are visiting this town. there are some popular place that we can visit when we are going to Osaka, start from their traditional culture place until the modern one.

Osaka Castle

Do not tell people that you ever come to Osaka if you are not visiting this place. This is the most popular Landmark in Osaka. Osaka Castle long ago is build as the most biggest castle in Japan on 1586 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. However, because of the time, this place already being repaired so many time inside it for attracting the visitor. Around this castle also have a lot of Sakura tree that will be bloom beautifully on the spring.

Spa World Osaka

This is the place that suitable for all people on all ages. Spa World Osaka is a luxury hot water bath. Beside from hot water bath, this place also have a playing ground place for the children. what make this place more interesting is in this Spa can find at least 16 hot water bath that come from 11 different country.


Dotonbori is the center of Gastronomi and having fun place in Osaka. In here we can find a lot of shopping mall, restaurant, souvenir shop, club, and any other fun place. What make this place more interesting is when the day come to night, this place still very bright that can bring a joy and happiness fell to us.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

If you are looking for Tempozan Farris Wheel, so it will be better if you can visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. This place is the a place that probably give you a chance to see many kind of fish that you never see on real life or social media. In this place will contain almost 15 big tank aquarium that will show us the life inside the water with all the fish species inside it. This place will also being so educative and interesting place to be visited.

Universal Studio Japan

last but not the least is Universal. If you ever visit USS in Singapore, you also should visit this place because in here the size of this place is bigger than in Singapore and will be so interesting playing in here. You can spend a whole day in here without being boring and maybe can not walk all of the side in this place.

And that is some place that you need to visit when you are in Osaka. Hope this article can help you on choosing a place to having a holiday.

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Free Place on London

Premiumtraveltips.com – London is one of the city in the world that offer so many free things for tourist. because of that, not only rich people can having a holiday to London, Tourist that have limited budget also can having the tour on this city.

There are a lot of free destination that can we enjoy in London that make this city become one of the city that can attract tourist to visit this city. The most visited place that can be found free in London should be their Gallery House and Museum. Until now, Being reported that in London have almost 250 Gallery or Museum that 24 of them can be visited freely.

It is not only about their history, When we having a visit to Gallery or Museum, visitor also can see so many masterpiece that already create by artist around the world. So for you guys that curious about the free place to be visit when having a holiday in London, Below we provide the information for you.

British Museum

British Museum is the most visited Museum by the tourist and also local people. Almost 6 million people will come and visit this Museum on a year. British Museum was build in 1753 and becoming the first public Museum on the world. From the first time this place open, it offer a free tour for the visitor. Inside we can find a lot of unique thing from the beginning of human creature until now.

Museum Of London

Want to know more about London ? So tourist need to visit Museum of London. Museum that located on 150 London Wall will provide us the history of London from before history until now. So when visit this Museum we can fell the life of London people in the old time.

National Gallery

Located at the heart of London town in Trafalgar Square, National Gallery was build in 1824. This Gallery is different with two that we mentioned above, because in here we will see all the art make by the popular painter around the world. So for you guys that love to see this kind of art, you must visit this place.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum that well know as V&A build on 1899, The first stone for this building was put by Victoria Queen on that time. For the time this Museum was build, This is one of the most magnificent Museum in the world. In here we can find almost 150 big Gallery that can be visit by free.

So for you guys that love to know the story about the place you will visit, London will be the best choice for you guys.

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Angkor Wat – The Biggest Human Civilization you can find in Cambodia

Premiumtraveltips.com –  Angkor Wat is in the top prioritize when the traveler around the world want to find a place to go in Asia. Yes Angkor Wat as we know as one of the biggest human civilization that we can see in this modern area, can only be found in Cambodia Siem Reap, Asia.

The first question that comes out in the mind of traveler is what is the best time to go visit Angkor Wat ? if you want to come here, the best month to come is between February until august. the weather will be hot, but in this month you will found the best sunrise you can ever seen in your life. and for the best time is you can come here around 4 o’clock in the morning to found out the fabulous stunning sun rise in here. as we can see, Angkor Wat is surrounding but a lot of old temple that make it looks like Candi Borobudur in Indonesia, But the different is the location, in where Angkor Wat is located near the hill that makes is that time to travel from one temple to another temple.

When we are in here, as long as you can see, all the big temple and small temple surrounding this place, you will feel that you are traveling the time and go back to the old time where you can not find anythings like this before.

the most popular temple in here in Bayon temple. it so easy to find this temple because all the Cambodian people mostly know where the Bayon is located. this temple also is the Iconic temple in Angkor Wat.


All the temple in here is based on the tradition and also the Hindu  religion. when the first time you came to Angkor Wat you will cross one ‘ Rainbow Bridge ‘ before you reached this place.

So if you are planning to travel to Angkor Wat and do not know where to start, do not confuse because in the main road you will find a locket where you can buy an one day ticket until three days ticket in where that ticket will provide you a tour guide to help you travel this Magnificent Angkor Wat. we recommend you to buy the three days one because only within three days you can travel all place in Angkor Wat.

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Crazy Things on Dubai

Premiumtraveltips.com – Once in a life time, make sure that you can do all the thing you can do to be able to visit Dubai. Because in Dubai you will be able to see something different that you can not find in any other place in this world. From the biggest island make by human until prefer to having lion as their animal rather than a cat ! If reading that one already make you impressed you need to read more to become fascinating.

Dubai is the most modern country on middle east, Average income for their resident inside is up to $20.000, So it make sense that their have their own luxury lifestyle.

There is a fact in where when you are becoming a beggar in there, you can receive like 500-800 dollar in a day ! so we can say that they can enjoy a five star hotel with their family after done beggaring, Crazy right ?

If in other city we will see traffic jam because lot of motorcycle and taxi or another so so car. In Dubai we also can see traffic, but what make is different is in Dubai all the car is a luxury car from Lamborghini, Ferrari, until Bugatti being trapped in a jam !

Not only for their resident, the police in here also using a super car, But do not expect to see a scene in where police will try to catch criminals by racing in the street. Because from the information it turns out the crime rate in Dubai reached almost 0%

The most excited one should be finding an ATM machine that not only provide money, but GOLD ! Creepy right ?


One of the highest tower that ever being build by human also can be find in here. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building that reach 828 that having a lot of luxury facility from hotel, mall, apartment until office room.

Think because Dubai is somewhere in Middle East so we can only find a desert in there is a Big Mistake ! You want to play snowball or looking for a snow in there ? Do not worry you can visit Mall Of Emirates in where you can find a indoor resort for playing a ski.

Dubai is not only about their nature and lifestyle, For ladies also in here you can find a lot of handsome man :D. Crazy but excited like for having a holiday in here ? So when will you flight to Dubai ?

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A Warm Cold Winter in Alaska

Premiumtraveltips.com – When we are looking for the destination on having a holiday with a winter season, having a lot of snow that we can play with, Alaska should be one of the place that you need to consider about. Alaska is a country that located on America Continent. Also Alaska is the biggest country that we can find in the United States region.

Below is some place that we can visit when we are going to Alaska.

Denali National Park & Preserve.

This place is located in the border between the interior region and South central of Alaska with the wide cross over 2.4 million acres. The highest point that can be found on the North America, Mount McKinley should be the central of this National Park. In here we can find Taiga and Tundra Forests. As for their fauna in  here we can see 37 species of mammals such as moose, caribou, wolves and grizzly bear and almost 130 species of bird including the most popular one the golden eagle. We can find 4 camping area between this national park that can make us easier to discover this National Park.

Glacier Bay National Park

Another popular National park that we can find in Alaska is Glacier National park. This park is known for their glacier and also Ice field that cross over this place. in here we can find a lot of wild animal such as Grizzly bear, Black bear, moose, Stika black-tailed deer, Mountain goat, Dall sheep, Wolves, Canadian Lynx, Sea Otter, Harbor Seal, Steller Sea Lion, Pacific White-Sided Dolphin, Orca, Minke Whale, Humpback Whale, Bald Eagle and many other

Talking about Alaska is always talking about their National Park. This national park is well known for their sand hill call as Kobuk Valley National Park. This national park is located on Arctic circle that means in you are visiting this place on winter, the temperature can reach a minus Celsius in here. Maybe this National Park is the difficult one to get into there prefer than the other, but once you get there, the magnificent view of this park will treat your fatigue well.

So going to Alaska is means exploring the nature, if you are prefer something luxury with a tall building , a good food and also a big mall for having some shopping, Alaska should not be on your notes.

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The Hidden Gem on Mongolia That You Should Know

Premiumtraveltips.com – Mongolia is a country that located on the East Asia that cross the border with China and Russia. If you having a chance on having a vacation in here, You can see the beauty of two country on each side from that two country that come out with an outstanding beautiful nature and heritage that own by the country.

But do not think that Mongolia is lose towards them in term of nature beauty. Mongolia same like Alaska that have a wide land in where cover by green grass and also mountain. This country already being choose by UNESCO as one of the world herritage already become the first choice for world traveler in going here.

Not only this country full of the historical thing, Mongolia also having a lot of good place that having a good and outstanding view. Here is some of the place that need to be visit when you are in Mongolia

Sukhbaatar Square

This place can be found in the middle of Ulaanbaatar city that having the function as the town square. in here we can find the a lot of hero figure like Jenghis Khan and other can be found in this place.

Hexigten National Geopark

The tourist should go to this Geopark when they come to Mongolia. This park is design by UNESCO that having a unique design in where we can have 8 different area that can be seen in here on the place we stand. Also in we can find granite forest that will make tourist become curious about the real face of this forest. This park should be the most popular place in Mongolia.

Genghis Khan Statue

In here we can see the biggest horse statue in the world for now with the tall almost 40 meter from the land. In here you can find a lot of souvenir that can be bought to home. Also in here we can found a lot of restaurant that serve the unique food that can be found only in Mongolia.

Karakorum – Erdenezuu

Temple that located cross from the old town Karakorum build with the stone that collapse on the ancient time in this country. If you having a interest on getting to this place, you can go to Orkhon Valley in Nothern Ovorkhangai, Mongolia. It will be difficult on getting there but the people in there will help you if you are asking to them.

Lake Khovsgol

This is one of the most beauty and clear lake that can be found in our world. Not only we can enjoy the magnificent view of this lake, we also can see a lot of horse that freely playing in the green grass that become the plus value that we can not find in any other lake in this world.

Having a holiday in Mongolia should be an interesting choice if you want to find something unique and also something that can rest and giving a calm feel both for your soul and mind.

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G Spot on Kyoto !

Premiumtraveltips.com – Known as the old town that full with tradition, temple, historical building and also the beauty of their nature, Kyoto absolutely having a charm in becoming a magnet to local or international tourist that thinking on having a holiday and also become the most favorite destination town that we can find in this world. there are so many location, place and also spot that we can spend  and choose to travel when we are in there.

There are some traveler that love to shopping but some of them prefer to having a relax time that can be enjoy by seeing the beauty of nature. If you are the second type one, it a  must for you to bring yourself to this city. Here below we will list some place you absolutely need to be there when you are visiting Kyoto, Which is


Located on the north of Kyoto, Ine Cho is a village for fisherman with the absolutely beautiful ocean and having a outstanding panorama that make this village becoming one of the beauty village that we can find in Japan. What makes this village more interesting is the type of the home in that village is “Funaya” means Boat Home in where the design of this home is a two floor home in where the first floor is  being a garage for their boat and the second floor become the living place.

Katsura Imperial Villa

This place was build on 1600 years ago by Hachijo Toshihito Prince. The prince is known that he love the story about Tale of Genji (known as the first novel in the world) and because of that the design of this building is having a nuances of the words on that novel. The tourist can visit this place for free but need to do a booking  far a long before we plan on going there, Another terms for going to this Villa is needed to be on group and can not be alone.


The beauty place that we can visit on the west of Kyoto is Arashiyama in where in here we can find a bamboo forest tourism. Tourist can walking along the path in where the side will be flanked by tall bamboo that can create a calm and peaceful feel. Also in here we will also can find Togetsu-Kyo Bridge that when you visiting this place on Sakura blossom, the  view will be hypnotize anyone who passing by.

Philisopers Walk

Walking a path that crossing Sakura Blossom will be a good  recommendation for all tourist that love to having a picture for the memories wherever the go to travel. this place is not only the place where tourist will visit, the local people of Japan also very like on getting to this place. The main reason why they choose to be here will be to see the beautiful of the pink flower will Sakura is Blossom.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

All of you that love to travel and read a lot about a travel place to be visit will be very familiar with this spot. Yes The red Torii ( Temple gate) which is arranged extends towards to the summit is one of the most photogenic place that we can find in Kyoto. All the tourist that come to Kyoto will having themself pose and getting a picture in here.

There are some extraordinary place that the traveler can visit we decided to go to Kyoto, japan. Hope this article can help you a lot on planning your holiday to Japan especially Kyoto.

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Old Changi Hospital – The Most Haunted Place In Singapore

Singapore is a small, highly developed country in Southeast Asia. Singapore is also a country that is very popular for tourists, especially for those who want to shop for luxury branded goods. Undeniably, even though the Singaporean country is quite small, the country’s economic progress is relatively impressive.

Not only that, when on vacation in Singapore, there are many places that can be visited, one of the most famous is the Merlion and Universal Studios. But besides cool and fun places, there is one mystical tourist destination in Singapore, the name is Old Changi Hospital.

Perhaps for Singaporeans, this place is believed to be the most haunted place in all of Singapore. Old Changi Hospital is located on Halton Road Singapore and was built in 1930. At the beginning of the building, Old Changi Hospital was used as a military barracks for British troops. But since the Japanese occupation, this place has been converted into a hospital.

When World War II happened, there were many victims who fell here. Japanese invaders also tortured victims to cause death. Not a few victims were beheaded and beheaded at this hospital. In 1997, Old Changi was finally closed.

As this building was abandoned, rumors began to emerge saying that this place was haunted. If we see a building that is old and not maintained, it is a scary and haunted impression that will immediately be seen. According to the confession of people who have come and lived near this building, they often hear the sound of screams at night and the sightings of ghosts without heads.

This place was also used as a film with the title Haunted Changi. Interested in visiting the most haunted place in Singapore?

Impressive Experience at Taipei, Taiwan

Premiumtraveltips.com – Taipei should be one of the destination dreams by the people around the world especially Asian people for going there. Taipei the capital city of taiwan country should be having a lot of impressive and attractive place to be offer to us. Below are some usual tourist place that we can go when we are at Taipei. Lets take a look.

Yangmingshan National Park

As the opening, we need something fresh for our brain and soul after the tired we get for getting on a plane. So when you arrive at Taipei, the first one that we can visit is the Yangmingshan national park that already well known about the beauty. Inside this large park we can find a lot of beautiful plant collection. But if we are talking about the best time for visiting this park should be on fall and spring because on this to season this park provide us an outstanding look that have their own character.

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum will bring us back to the story of China people especially from Taiwanese perspective. There are a lot of historical things that we can find on this museum. There will be a tour provide for the tourist inside the building that will tell us the story about the all the things that have inside that museum.

Taipei 101

Enjoying the observation on Taipei 101 should be a must thing we need to try when we are on Taipei, Taiwan. Like the name, this building has 101 floor inside. for seeing the full view of the beautiful Taipei City we can get to the 88 floor in where in there we will find an observation deck that will provide a place for enjoying the beauty of Taipei city.

Shilin Night Market

Before we come back to the reality after having a holiday, getting a unique souvenirs from the place that we visit should be a must thing we need to do when having a holiday. For Taipei itself, the tourist can go to Shilin Night Market for having these things. This market will be open from afternoon until midnight local time. beside from getting a souvenir also in here we can find a lot of culinary that can only been found on this market. But we need to take care about our own stuff  when we are getting here.

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Hawaii, Heaven on Earth

Premiumtraveltips.com – Who in the world never heard about Hawaii ? The Tip island that we can find in United States region should be one one the most beautiful if not the beautiful island that we can find in our world now. This place already become the most favorite place choose by the tourist for having their holiday in there. The travelers that love the nature and want to having a relax time provide by the beauty of nature will choose Hawaii as their first destination.

Every one will fall in love with Hawaii when they come to this place because this place having a gorgeous panorama and also so many attraction that can relax our soul and mind after the hectic we get on our working day. here is some place that the writers recommend for you when you are choosing Hawaii as your holiday destination.


The third biggest island that we can find in Hawaii is Oahu. This island provide us a very stunning look that we can get in here. Also Oahu already become the most popular destination in Hawaii, all people that come to Hawaii will come to this place and make this place become the most hectic place we can find in Hawaii. Beside for the beauty of Kailua beach that we can find in here, also in Oahu we can find so many historical place like Lolani Castle, Kawaiaho Church and The king Kamehameha I tomb.

Wakiki Beach

If the travelers are looking for the beach that can give you the sense of relax and far away from a lot of people, they can choose Wakiki beach as their choose, in here also the traveler can learn to surfing. this beach also is the beach that become the living witness in where Duke Kahanmouku becoming ” Father of Modern Surfing “.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii is known as the region that been located in volcano cluster. So in 1916 The government of United States decide to build a Hawaii Volcano National Park in hawaii. This National Park consist of to active volcano in Hawaii. First is Kilauea Volcano that know as the most active volcano and also Mauna Loa volcano, that been known as the biggest subaerial volcano. This national park is build with the mission to give education about the volcano to the tourist that visit that place.

There is a lot of other place that the traveler can find in Hawaii and make them feel more excited to visit one of the heaven that we can find on our earth.

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The Most Popular Destination 2018 !

Premiumtraveltips.com – There are a lot of destination that been popular in our world and becoming the main target for tourist to choose for having their holiday in there. But not every city and country always becoming the choose of a worldwide tourist.

Now Premiumtraveltips will choose for readers 5 city and country that been nominated as the most popular destination on 2018.

Paris, France

Paris is well known as the most romantic city that we can find on our world, we can see so many movie choosing to having Paris as the place to do a romantic scene in their movie.

2 London. United Kingdom

London have a lot of cultural building and have a very historical meaning behind it, so in London we can see the mix between the old culture with the modernism style of building.

3. Rome, Italia

Rome is being well known as the city that found out Pizza. But not only about the food, in Rome we also can find Vatican and Colosseum that already been so popular over decade.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Now Comes one city that we can find in Asia Continent which is Bali that been located in Indonesia country. Bali can already become the best destination place in the world for several times, But that do not make the tourist to think twice to come again to this place that provide the best scenery about the nature .

5. Crete, Yunani

Last but not the least is Yunani. Yunani for this year been nominated as one of the best destination that tourist can go in 2018. Crete becoming the most popular city that we can visit when we choose to go to Yunani. We can see an outstanding beach with the mountain view behing them in this city.

That are 5 place choose to be the best destination to be visit in the world for 2018.

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Some Tips To Go To Macau

Pemiumtraveltips.com – Macau as we know one of the most popular destination that we can find in Asia are located near Hong kong and have the same right with Hong Kong as one of the specialist region own by China. If in the past Hong Kong is colony by England, Macau is colony by Portuguese. So in here we can see a mix cultural between China and Portuguese that can be very attracting to be watch.

Macau as we also known as Asia Las Vegas. In here we can find a lot of casino and gambling place that surrounding Macau territory. Usually when we want to go to Macau, tourist will choose for having both Hong Kong and Macau to having their holiday.

This is some trick and tips that we can provide you when you choose for having a holiday in Macau.

Reaching Macau

The best accommodation we can have for reaching Macau should be using plane. But if you choose to go to Hong Kong First and after that from Hong Kong go to Macau, the best you can get is using ferry ship. It will cost you around HKD 290 for you to reach Macau from Hong Kong.


Having Macau Currency with you

You need to know that Macau have their own currency, so when you want to come to Macau remember to having their money first.

A Free Shuttle Bus

Holiday is not always about money, when you are in Macau, you can enjoy a free Shuttle bus without need to pay for a cent for that. Some most popular destination that we can reach using this free shuttle bus which is Senado Square, Venetian, San Man Lo and Galaxy Macau. You can find a lot of bus stop in there.

Free cookies

After free transportation we also can have a free snack in here. But it not a free gift like you things :D. The cookies will be the sample cookies that we can get before we decide to buy the cookies. We can find a lot of Cookies Store near Ruin’s of St Paulo and Senado Square that having a free sample for the tourist.


Landmark in Macau

Every country will known for the unique landmark , that one also happen in Macau, let say that Singapore has their own Merlion Park and Marina Bay Sands, Malaysia with their Petronas Tower, Thailand Wat Arun and Grand Palace and Indonesia for having Jakarta and Bali.

In Macau we can find Ruins’ of St Paul , Senado Square, Taipa Village and Macao Tower.

Also Macau is well known for their Egg tart, so do not forget to try having their egg tart when you are in Macau.

And the LAST but not the least. Do not forget to trying your luck by going to their casino and having  some bet !!!

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House of Paws – Cafe With Dog Themes In Bangkok

Restaurants with cat themes may be common, but in Bangkok, there is one restaurant that uses dog themes, the name of the restaurant is House of Paws. In this restaurant, visitors can eat while playing with cute and adorable dogs who are very clever and trained.

If hanging out in a cafe with a girlfriend has become commonplace, but the story is different if hanging out with dozens of very tame dogs. Not only can you see dogs, visitors can also interact with dogs in this restaurant.

House of Paws or commonly called HoPs is located in Bangkok, precisely in the Siam Square area. This place is a shopping place that is very popular among young people. So don’t be surprised if we see many young people who are still wearing school uniforms when they come to this place.

To enter the cafe is also very cheap, visitors only need to pay 150 baths or about 60,000 rupiah for a duration of two hours. The money paid also includes one drink that we can choose freely. The most famous dogs here are Charlie and Gatsby from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi race then Caption from the Beagle type and Jaykop from the large Old English Sheep. No need to be afraid because all these dogs have been trained so that they are very tame.

Besides the dog, there are a total of 11 dog breeds that we can find here. All of them are already trained, they will even swipe their heads to the visitors as a friendly sign. If visitors reach out to the dog that is here, the dog here will respond by lifting their right foot. The funny thing is ~

For hygiene issues, the owner of the HoPs is very careful about the cleanliness of the place and the dogs. When visitors arrive, they have to sterilize their hands with cleaning gel available at the entrance of the cafe and have to replace shoes with slippers that have been provided. Don’t try to give any food when you are here if you don’t want to be scolded by the cafe. This is done to maintain the health and integrity of existing dogs.

Red Lotus Lake – The Beauty Of Lotus Flowers In Thailand

For those of you who are happy with lotus flowers, you must come to Red Lotus Lake. This lake is located in Udon Thani, Thailand. When you arrive at this place, your eyes will be entertained by the beauty of lotus flowers along this lake. Pink from the beautiful lotus flower dominates this place.

According to legend in Thailand, this place was once a magnificent palace followed by the construction of a holy temple. Many monks make this place a holy place of worship. Unfortunately, the story has not been proven till now.

Actually, this lake is not so big, the area of the lake is only as big as a soccer field. But the beauty of the lotus flower that covers this area is very beautiful. Not to mention the presence of wild animals that swim in the lake is increasingly adding to the beauty of this place.

If you want to see this lake in a small boat, you can rent a boat here. In one day, this boat operates up to 3x. For those of you who want to come to visit, it is highly recommended to come at the right time, when this flower hasn’t bloomed, you won’t be able to see the beauty of the beautiful lotus flower.

Usually, the surrounding residents will catch fish to be used as a livelihood when the lotus flower has not yet bloomed. When it blooms, they will sell boat services that we can rent. This place is also very instagramable, so don’t forget to bring a camera!

Dwarf Kingdom, Theme Park For Little Man

There is a theme park called Dwarf Kingdom in China. This theme park devoted to little man. All the worker who work in the theme park have a small body, like a dwarf.

In Dwarf Kingdom, there’s around 100 workers and all of them is China citizens. Their age are around 19 – 49. All of the worker live at worker dorminotry, near the theme park. So they can go to work easily.

This theme park build in 2009 by a real estate successful businessman named Chen Mingjing. For tourist who want to meet the dwarf, they need to pay around 200.000 rupiah.

CNN said Dward Kingdom rarely in demand by the public or tourist. There is no weird and extreme performance by the dwarf, they only playing a role in a classic story like Swan Like.

To be a worker, it’s easy, only 3 requirements must be fulfill, no contagious disease, not taller than 90 cm and the ages must below 50. Easy right ?

So many people critics the Dwarf Kingdom. Warwick Davis as an America Actor said that this place is bunch of shit, he said this theme park is like an old theme park who only show weird thing about human. He even said all the visitors seeing and treating them not like treating human.

So will you come to this theme park and watching them and laugh at them ?

Thing You Need To Do In Disneyland Tokyo

Disneyland is the biggest theme park in the world. All the ride and show in Disneyland is fun to play. But there is so many tourist don’t know what to do in Disneyland, specially for Tokyo Disneyland. So this is what you must do when go to Tokyo Disneyland.

For the first, you can try Star Tours. This is 3D simulator ride. Inside the simulator, you will watch star wars theme. Not only that, there is 50 alternate ending, so the tourist will never get bored when playing this ride.

The second one is Splash mountain. This is must try ride in Tokyo Disneyland. You will step in to a logs. The logs will go thourgh the small artificial river. You will climb the mountain and dropped form top. When landing, the water will splashing and make you wet.

Feel tired ? How about try Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expedition ? You can take a rest when playing this ride. You will go through the zoo using ship. You can see the beauty of artificial animals. It’s very relaxing.

If you hungry, you must have a lunch or dinner at Crystal Palace Restaurant. You can try a delicious food when come to this restaurant. The architecture is so good, use the 19th century style. Cool right ?

Honeymoon In Indonesia ? How About This Place ?

You can find so much beautifull place in Indonesia, from ocean, mountan, beach and many more. If you want to spend honeymoon time in Indonesia, there is some place you can choose. This place is the best place to spend your honeymoon with your lover.

For the first, you can go to Raja Ampat. This place is the most popular place in Indonesia. Raja Ampat located in West Papua and become the most popular place in Papua. There is so many tourist come to this place every year. If you want to spend your time, you can spend your night in Missol Eco Resort. You can see the beauty of the ocean. Not only that, you also can snorkling or diving. The coral is the most beautiful coral in the world.

The second one is Gili Trawangan Lombok. Same like Raja Ampat, Lombok also the most popular travel destination in Indonesia. If you want to spend your honeymoon time, you can go to this place. White sand and the water on the beach is totally awesome. Snorkling with your wife or lover can be a good activity when you visit this place.

The third one is Yogyakarta. In Indonesia, Yogyakarta known as student city. One of the most popular food in Yogyakarta is Gudeg. Walking with your lover in Malioboro Road will be very fun. Don’t forget to try Kopi Joss, its a black coffee cooked with active charcoal, weird ? But no ! The taste from the coffee is superb.

Exploring Kabukicho – The Prostitute Area In Japan

For Japanese people, Kabukicho is the most popular place to go in Japan. Because it’s so famous, five from ten tourist have been came to this place. They come to this place for take a walk and see the architecture of the building or does have another reason when they comes.

Kabukicho is the nightlife destination in Japan. It’s different from another destination in Japan, in this place you can find so much cafe and bar who sell drink. Not only that, you also can find many girls, you can bring this girl and you can *** with them ( you know what i mean right ? ).

This place is decorated with beautiful lights. Across the road, you can see the beautifull of nightlife in Japan. But you must remember, don’t take a photo in Kabukicho. Is prohibited ! You don’t want to have a problem with yakuza, right ? Many place in Kabukicho is under control by yakuza, the mafia gank in Japan.

When come to this place, you need to be carefull. Sometimes there is a fight between yakuza. So if you decide to come to this place, you must know any risk which can happen when come to this place.

You also can buy a porn DVD or VCD when come to Kabukicho. Not only that, for girls who want to have a good date with cool and handsome guys, you can rent the hostest, but the hostest just accompany you and make you feel special and not for bed ! This is the golden rule of the hostest. So excited to come to Kabukicho in Japan ?


The Show Must Go On, LAS VEGAS !

Premiumtraveltips.com – City that never sleep is the most suitable to decribe Las Vegas. As we know the city that can be reach after two hours driving from Los Angeles , United States is the city that having a neon light all around the city within 24 hours. Traveler will never getting bored when they are being there. So are you ready for party.

The City that well known as “The Sin City” is already become the city in where the gambler, The sex holistic, Shopaholic and also a Runaway Bride and groom will found out what they truly are. The city that popular with a lot of Casino and also the Entertainment center for adults. With all the luxury and best facility offer by this city, Make the city with the Slogan “Viva Las Vegas” become one of the most popular destination place in the world.

Las Vegas offer so many good things that can be enjoy by the tourist outside from Gambling and Adult entertainment. If you want to try your luck and having a fun in casino, you can try to play Slot Machine that being reportedly that around 200.000 Slot Machine are being installed in this city. This game can become the best game to be play in here because that is not a lot of money to play it

Shark Reef Aquarium

With the price around $17 per people we can having a fun trip to  exploring an old temple that slowly sink down to the ground. In here we can see the most dangerous species in the world like Golden Crocodile, Piranha and also a Shark. For the traveler that choose to stay at Mandala Bay hotel can see a Shark Reef program that being live 24 hours in there.

New York-New York Roller Coaster

Roller coaster that look likes taxi car in New York that are popular in the side street between Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard is the attraction that can hardly been missed in here. With the price around $14 tourist can enjoy one of the most exciting Roller Coaster that they ever fell before.

Bellagio Fountains

Las Vegas is not always about money, In here tourist can also having a fun with a free attraction. Yes the Bellagio Fountains that located on the lake is the attraction that can we enjoy by free. From 3  until 8 The tourist can enjoy the attraction in where the fountain water that shoot into the air with the random speed  and make it looks like having a dance in the air completed with the music and also the laser light make this become more fabulous.

Fine Dinning and Shopping

Big city will always serve us with the best meal and shopping mall in the town. The best restaurant that we can visit in here is “Le Provencal” that serve France-Italian menu that located in Samaritaine in the Miniature city of France. Try their best Rib eye Steak if you are having a chance to be here. And for shopping, all of us do not need to worry because in this city we can find a lot of shopping center and at last 15 malls in this city that sell a lot of thing from Domestic and Imported shirts, bags, shoes until diamond and gold.

See there are a lot of things that we can do in Las Vegas that will never failed to surprised us

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5 Place Traveler Must Visit When in Antananarivo, Madagascar

Premiumtraveltips.com – Antananarivo is the capital city and also the biggest city that we located in Madagascar. The island of Madagascar as we know is located on Indian Ocean, the east coast of Africa continent. Madagascar island is the fourth biggest island in this world.

If the traveler is having a list for visiting this country, going to their capital city is the best choice. because on the other city of this country, you will somehow find it so boring and does not have anything to do in there. But if you are going for their Antananarivo, surely you can find interesting things in there. Below there are 5 place that we must visit when we come to Antananarivo.

Madagascar Exotic

Madagascar Exotic is a small zoo that we can find in Antananarivo, Madagascar. This zoo is located on Marozevo, between the city of Manjakandriana and Moramanga. In here the traveler can see many animal species that can only been find in Afrika.

Lemurs Garden

This garden is located on Botanical garden that take around 22 km to be there from Antannarivo. On this garden, The visitor can see more than 7 species Lemur and 70 endemic species plant that we can find in Madagascar. This garden is open for public so we can but a tour ticket to go in and getting an explanation of what inside from the tour guide.


Piranten Museum

Visiting their Museum is a must thing we need to do when we are visiting a city outside our hometown. On the Museum we can see their historical things and also their cultural heritage.  On Piranten Museum, we can find so many historical artifact and also the important document about the history pirates on Madagascar Island.

Rova Antananarivo

Rova Antananarivo is a luxury Royal Palace that build on 19th century and become the Royal Kingdom of Madagascar. They traveler need to find a tour guide if they want to visit this kingdom. Also the traveler need to bargain first about the price before they are decided for having that tour guide cause some of them charge the traveler most expensive than the standard price.

Musee d’Art d’Archeologie

Another Museum that we can find in Madagascar in Musee d’Art d’Archeologi that will be showing of tehir archaeological excavations that been carried out from all of the place in Madagascar. talisman, musical instrument and anything related to the magic world can be found in this Museum.

So actually when we are going to Madagascar, The main reason for us to be there is to know the historical point of that city that can become a good experience for us.

The Best Thing To Do in Gold Coast Australia

Premiumtraveltips.com – In Gold Coast we can find all kind of holiday type that we want, From having a leisure holiday family, Going to the beach with friend until having a best candle light dinner with our couple. for the view we can see the contrast one from the view that we can see on village and something familiar in town like a tall building, modern restaurant, shopping mall until cafe along the street. In this article we will tell you something that you can do in Gold Coast, Australia.

Enjoy the sun with beach view at Gold Coast.

The best beach that we can find in Gold Coast is in The Spit or Mermaid beach. in here we can walk around the beach and finding so many attraction in there, or for people want to enjoy the sun can simply lay down and enjoy their popular ice cream in there.

Playing Golf

Gold Coast also provide a lot of Golf Course that is open for public and can enjoy by the business man and their friend when choosing to having a holiday in here. There are Palmer Gold Coast, RACV Royal Pines and Sanctuary Cove’s is some of the gold course that we can find in here.

Theme Park

Traveler can also find a water park, an extreme roller coaster  and also can find your favorite character movie in film in this park. We can enjoy justice league 3D and finding a Warner Bros carton character in here. Seeing a dolphin is a must in here that we can find in Sea world.

Palazzo Versace

If we are looking for the best travel that we ever do, choosing to stay on one of their five star hotel can be a right choice. Palazzo Versace can be the choice in where provide us with the best service at their hotel. The food is also extremely good in here.


Water Sport

You can riding a jet ski and finding a extreme touring across the beach. Or if you want to find the simple one, you can choose to paddle board in here. And for the one that love diving or want to learn about diving can find an experience on Discover Scuba Diving in here.

There are a lot of activities that we can do beside what we mention above. So do not wait anymore, Book your ticket and go to Gold Coast now !

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Combination From the Past and the Present That Fit Perfectly in Hanoi

Premiumtraveltips.com – The combination between the old cultural heritage and the modernity is the most suitable words to describe Hanoi. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, one of the country that we can found in Southeast Asia. Because of that combination, Hanoi should be one of the best, if not the best capital city that we can find in Southeast Asia. Full of attraction, calm yet Chaotic, and Traditional view can be find in Hanoi, Mostly the life the people in this city is take place in the street, it is so easy for traveler to enjoy all side of this city on a few days.

The best thing to do is to feel the historical things on the 36 side street that form the Old Quarter in here. every side of this street are so photogenic. Get lost cause you will find a way home  and then stopping just to enjoy ice lemon tea with the people in there will be an excited things to do in here. Swim cross the Hoan Kiem Lake that popular in here. Enjoy their street food with the taste of Five star one. Showing respect by visiting their Revolution hero in Mausoleum, And trying their night life when the sun is set, By doing this the traveler can know how interesting this city could be.

The must thing to do in here



Wake up in the morning for Pho

The best time to enjoy Hanoi is in the morning where there are not a lot of car in the road yet. Wake up on 5.30 in the morning and going to Hoan Kiem lake to seeing the old one having Tai chi and Yoga in there. And then we should start our morning in Hanoi by having one bowl of the popular Pho (read Fur). It is a bowl of noodle that having a meatball and also meat that will be complete by rich flavorful sauce.


Visiting The Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature  (Van Mieu) build on 1070 to showing the respect to Confucius on that time and also become the first University in this country. Inside this place we can see a familiar things that we can find when we are watching historical movie. A wide green grass that looks very calm, Lotus pond. and very old time red temple can be found in here.

And for the last thing that we must do in Hanoi is see the tradition of the tribe that Vietnam have. There are more than 50 minority tribe that we can find in Vietnam. So Vietnam Museum of Ethnology get this chance by showing their heritage to the world. In here we can find all the thing that in the past use by the minority tribe for their daily activities like their costume, their musical instrument and their household appliance.

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