The Reason Why Need to Visit this Place – Located on Eurasia territory, Turkey is the country that keeping so many history about the civilization on our world. It make sense because of those thing, until now in Turkey still so many ancient building that they keep for the historical purpose.

Some of them is Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Kingdom, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Bosporus Strait and many others. Because of their history, so it make sense that we put Turkey as one of the most favorite place to be visit that our world have until now.

Outside from that historical thing, we will let you know several reasons on why you need to visit Turkey once in your life time.

Rich of Culinary should be one of the main reason why we need to visit this Country. Every part of Turkey having their own specialties and unique food together with their serving way. Start from Kebab, Baklava until Meze is the food that you need to try when you are visiting Turkey.

Beach is absolutely one of the best thing people look for when they want to having a holiday. In Turkey there are so many city that provide you the beauty of their beach such as Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir and also Fethiye. In here you will have an outstandingly beautiful view on the beach. All of them consist of remote coves to a long coaslines. Every one need a Vit – Sea right ?

Looking for a knowledge while having a holiday ? As we mention before, Turkey is one of the country in this world that have a lot of historical thing. So for letting the world know about that, Turkey provide the visitor with absolutely fantastic big Museum that preserves the findings of so many their archaeological sites.

From the biggest mosaic Museum in this world which is Zeugma in Gaziantep and The Museum of Ottoman Istanbul Kingdom is two of the favorite Museum that we need to visit when in Turkey.

Do not afraid to visit a new place. This words is very reflecting this country. Turkish is known having the people that are so kind, polite and also like to smile. It is like always welcoming all the traveler around the world to visit and having fun together in their country. This will make the traveler feel right this is their second home.

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Make Your Visit to the Historical Colosseum in Rome, Italy – I am guessing that every one in this world will ever hear about Rome word. The first thing will comes out into our mind when hearing the word Rome is might be the city that will be fill by a lot of historical building. Rome already become the magnet for traveler around the world, because this city is never failed to attract the world with their thousand of attraction on every single side of this country. Rome like having anything in this world that can get by anyone from the backpacker with low budget until the luxury one can be find in this city.

Rome is well known for their old building that having a lot of history and become phenomenal until now. Once one the building that we want to visit this time should be Colosseum. Colosseum is the building that being build by a stone and having the shape of rounding circle. This place was being build as the place to having an art attraction and also a gladiator fight on that time. This building was build by Vespian King.

Colosseum with the other name which is Flavian Amphitheatre. The unique if this building is if we are standing in the middle of this building and try to sing a song, our voice will be echoing all over the place on this building. Because of this unique Colosseum becoming one of the seven wonder that this world ever have until now.

Also when you are visiting Colosseum in Rome, need to make sure that you also visit the Pompeii. Pompeii is one of the city that being build on the old Romain time. This city was destroyed on the 79th before century because of the eruption of Vesusius Mountain. Now this city becoming one of the most favorite place to be visit in Rome.

And do not forget to see the historical place for Constantine people from Italy. Arch of Constantine located on the west of Colosseum and is the place where the King of Constantine defeat his enemy called Maxentius on the Milvian Bridge fight on 312 century.

So how guys ? Ready to visit the historical town ? 😀

Great Wall China – China is the country with the biggest population in this world. China alone have a big history and make them becoming one of the country that having so many cultural heritage also. One of their biggest historical things is Great Wall China. So you need to make sure that you will visit Great Wall China when you are going to have a holiday to China.

Great Wall China is located on Beijing, Beijing is the capital city of China country, so in the past Beijing is the center of anything coming and come out through China. This Great Wall China is being build on Ming Dynasty that have over than 800 wall and tower that can not be seen and be count with human eyes because of the length that can reach almost 7000km.

For build this Great Wall China takes more than a hundred years until this building can become this gigantic and sturdy. The first reason why this thing is being build is to prevent the attacker when they are having a war on that time. So this place is build so big and so long with a winding lane so make the enemy more difficult to cross this place. Even the slopes are very steep to be climb and make it impossible for enemy to climb it.

Because of that thing on 1987, UNESCO choose Great Wall China as one of the seven wonders that ever have by this world. Now if we go to Beijing we can visit this gigantic place as one of the best tourist place in China and in the world.

A little advice for you guys that want to visit this place is the first you need to choose your most comfortable shoes to be wear. Do not forget to bring your personal belonging water and for the cloth need to make sure with the season, when the winter is come make sure you have your jacket with you and for the hot season, short pant and a simple big t shirt is more than enough.

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Macchu Picchu, One of the New Seven Wonder 2018 – Peru is the country that already becoming one of the best country that need to visit by traveler when choosing to have a visit in America Latin. This country have a very long story about their history with their popular Inca tribe. beside of that, Peru also have an amazing view and landscape for their land.

One of their best and magnetic place that can attract traveler to go there is Macchu Picchu. Macchu Picchu is being honor becoming one of the seven wonders on 2018 by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or well known as UNESCO.

This place is build by the historical Inca Tribe on the higher place in Andes. This place also well know as The Lost City of Incas that will show us so many of their cultural heritage from Archeology, culture and their house.

On the local language Machu Picchu means The Old Mountains. This place was build by gigantic stone that one stone can have the weight of 50ton. Three main building that we can find in there is Temple of the Sun, Room of the Three Windows and Intihuatana.

Moreover about The Lost City of Incas , this called is come out because this place was leave by the Inca before they finish build this place. There are no one in this world know exactly why this thing can happen but from the rumors that they find, Inca decided to move out from this place for avoid the incoming disease that will attack that city. Also some rumors say that Inca people leave this town because they know Spain people will attack them.

And in 1911, archeologist from Yale University is found this place. Because of Hiram Bingham III, Now Macchu Picchu can be found and now can become one of the seven wonders that this earth have and attract a lot of traveler around the world to come and this the heritage of Inca people from the old time.

For you information the best time to visit this place in June because they will be not so crowded and also on that month not so many rain will come. And make sure that you hire a local guide because you can not go to that place without having one.





You Only Life Once, Barcelona For Sure ! – All human in this world only have the chance to life once, So make it worth ! Who in the world does not know about Barcelona ? And who the hell do not want to visit that country ?

A City with a lot of cultural heritage and also the city that own one of the biggest and popular football team in this world is worth enough to make this city as one of the favorite destination city in this world. The good weather and also a good people inside that town is another extra things we can get when we visit this city.

Let talk about the place that we need to visit when in Barcelona.

Camp Nou

This support to be the first one right ? Camp Nou or in English mean the new field is the home stadium for one of the biggest football team on human history. When visiting here make sure that you buy some original souvenir like the t shirt, the bag, and others that all related to Barcelona. This is the home for Messi fans around the world.

Casa Batllo

Located on Passeig de Gracia, Casa Batllo is the iconic things that we can find in this city. In the old time this place is a conventional old house that build in 1877. after being renov in 1904 this building become more elegant. This building also the proof of old thing also having the own beautiful way.


This is one of the most favorite place for local people that offer us the beautiful of Barcelona scenery. One of the side having the look of the port and Mediterranean ocean, another side show us the beauty of Barcelona city. This place was located on the hill where around surrounding by a lot of botanic park and cactus park. Also in here there will so many culture attraction that can attract more visitor.

Las Ramblas

This should be the most popular street that we can find in Barcelona and in Spain. La Ramblas is the most crowded street that full of people from day to night. This street is decorate so beautifully with so many tree on the both side of the street. This street also full of place that sell souvenir that we can get in Barcelona. Also there are so many street art that we can see on this street. You will never be boring if you walk around this street again and again.

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A Hidden Heaven on the South Thailand – Krabi is the island located almost 185 km from Phuket, one of the most attractive place we can visit in the south of Thailand. Krabi is the gate for one of the best beach place that can be visited on this Earth. Krabi offer so many things that have their own unique character such as the white sand beach, Coral sea adventure and so many big and small island with the wild forest with cave and also the waterfall.

Below here is some popular place that we need to visit when we are in Krabi such as :

Ao Nang Beach

This Ao Nang beach is the center of Krabi attraction. This beach is locate only 15 km from Krabi town. This beach can be so popular because they have the best sand for the tourist that like to getting tan and relax in the side of beach. Also in here can find so many restaurant , hotel and also pub. The Ao Nang beach also is the gate for in and out to having an adventure to other island around Krabi. Four popular island that we can visit when in Krabi is Chicken Island, Poda Island, Tub Island and Pranang Cave Beach that have their own unique that can attract people to come in there.

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is the beautiful island that having a lot of water sport activity inside. Koh Phi Phi is the collective name for the small island in Krabi province that take almost 45 minutes to be there by using Speed Boat from Krabi. It is know as the Diamond of Andaman , there were 6 island in Mu Koh Phi Phi Nopparathara National Park which is Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley, Bamboo Island, Yung Island, Bida Nok and Bida Nai. For now only Phi Phi don is isolate from human, the rest is already use but under protected as their National park that can be visit by the tourist. The best time go in here is in the November to April when the weather is warmer and the rarely have the rain.

Hot Spring And Emerald Lagoon.

This is one of the best place to relax your mind and soul from the hectic we get on our daily activities. The warm baths that naturally make by the Tropical rain forest with have so many mineral inside with the temperature around 38-42 can be the choice for having the best relaxing time. And for Emerald Dragon itself is the swimming pool that having a clear and cool water. Such a combination !

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Safari World on Madagascar – Madagascar. For you guys that love to having an adventure on the land of Africa, one of the best choice can be Madagascar that located on the East Beach of Africa on Indian Ocean. Madagascar is the home for a thousand flora and fauna that we never been see in any other place around the world except here. Madagascar also having an outstandingly beautiful view that can stunning the one who see it, completely with the culture and a thick customs make every one will happy to visit this place.

When you are going to Madagascar you need to go to Lle Sainte Marie first. This tourist spot has wide stretched of bays and streams. The news say that on 17 and 18 century this place is the place where many pirates will be stop over. The proof is we can see a lot of pirate shipwreck that located in water.  Baie des Forbans this is how a local people call this place. In here we can find a lot of water activity to do.

and then in the west of Madagascar, we can find a group of trees that line up between the intersection of the Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina roads. The view of the towering line of trees, can attract many tourist from all over the world. Local people call this tree as the BaoBab tree that being tell already in there for almost 800 years. In the past this place was a tropical forest, but because of the time, this place is being sweep off only left the BaoBab tree because of their unique.

And do not forget to visit the National Park of Ranomafana when you are visiting Madagascar. This place is wide enough for us to visit and find so many species of flora and fauna that only can be found in here. Also this place has a good ecosystem in where  there were a river that located on the hill with so many tree inside, this is the home for golden lemurs that is in endangered extinction.

So they one want to find an adventure place to be visit, Madagascar should be on your list.

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Best Thing to do When in Maldives – Travel lover should be ever hear about Maldives right ? Maldives is a place make by so many coral island that round the Laguna, a very beautiful white sand, and one of the cleanest water that will attract every one of us for spending the time in the beach. So it make sense that Maldives is well known provide one of the best panorama that can attract whoever visiting this place.

If you are one of the travel lover that love a tropical climate with an outstanding beach, this place must be get into your bucket list. So in here we will tell you travel lovers about 5 thing you must do when you are visiting this island.

Selfie with the Sea of Stars ! Yes this is one of the most important thing need to be done when you are visiting Maldives. This place is in Vaadhoo Island. Do not be afraid to touch this beautiful sparkling water sea, because the blue light that bring by the wave to the land on the night is from the biology light that generated by Phytoplankton that having the same side with firefly.

Enjoying the unique taste of Maldives food. In here we will find a typical Maldives food that look like an Indian food.  Once of the most favorite one is curry. The way we eat the curry is also the same with in Indian, by using Prata Bread. The different is in Maldives they use Tuna and Chicken as their meat. And another most favorite menu in here is Garudhiya Baiy. A traditional Tuna soup that serve with rice and grilled fish and the  seasoning like chili and onion.

Stay a night with the Shark ! This island provide us one of the most unique hotel to be stay ever. Hotel that build inside the sea and having the glass that through out so we can see the beauty and the life inside the sea while enjoying one of the best moment in life with our beloved one is what they provide for you in here.

For you guys that enjoy to have water-sport, in here they will so many activities that we can do in the water while enjoying your vacation in here. so beside from the outstanding view provide by this island, this island also provide one of the best water-sport in the world.

So what are you waiting for ? Pack your bag and have an unforgettable  memories in Maldives right now.

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Pearl of Pacific, Bora Bora – Bora bora is well known as one of the most impressive island  in this world. This island having a called as the Pearl of Pacific by Explorer James on 1769. So for now this place is well known as the most popular and expensive place to having a honey moon and also Bora Bora popular for their beach, snorkeling and also scuba diving.

What make this place is unique than the other is in here you can stay in hotel that located above the sea. This kind of hotel is special make for impress the visitor of that island. If you have the change to see this place for the sky, you can see that this place is look like the root of big tree that look so beautiful.

The style of the stay place also have the same design with the local Polynesia people house. The roof is make by the Palm leaf that bring cool and comfort inside it. below the room you use to stay, you will find a deck that having a boat. from there you can roam the island with that boat.

And for you guys that love to snorkeling do not forget to enjoy the beauty of Bora Bora undersea view that will be impress you. you can see a small fish dancing in front of you while crossing a very beautiful coral reef. Another favorite things to do when you visit this island is getting a tan in front of your room while enjoying the beauty of sunset. A cup of hot tea can be a perfect match for this.

If you are lucky enough you also can see Polynesian Show that is the show of local people dance while hearing a traditional music in there. This show only happen once in a week. For another impressive experience on this island, you can go to higher place on this island which is the peak of Otemanu and Pahia Mountain. From here you will see the stunning and magnificent of Bora Bora Island in a perfect way.

So if you guys are looking for an exclusive while enjoying vacation, can go to this island.

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Niagara Falls For You – Niagara falls that located on Ontario should be the favorite place to be visit when we are going to Canada. Niagara falls is a fall that located precisely on the international border line of United States, New York and Canada province. To be able to reach this fall we need to to a ride almost 27 km to the north west from Buffalo, New York and 120 km from the south east of Toronto, Ontario.

Niagara Falls is the combine of three fall. The three fall that combine into one is Horseshoe (sometimes call as the Canada Fall), America Fall and the small one Bridal Veil that being separately  by an island call Luna Island from their main Fall.

This Fall is not well known because of their high, but because of their wide make them become the most popular Fall in the world. More than 6 million cubic water per second can stream in her and becoming the most profusely Fall in United State.

This Waterfall also well known because of the rainbow that cross over in the middle of this Fall. The beauty of Nature around this Fall also become a million people from any place in the world would like to spend their holiday in here everyday. Because of this, it can be foreign exchange for both of United State and Canada.

When visiting this Niagara Falls we can see a lot of restaurant, cafe, bar , hotel, casino , golf resort, spa and any other attraction that make this place is suitable visit with friend, couple family and also the kid because this place also kid friendly.

In here, The visitor that bring their child with them can try one of the highest theme park in Canada, Skylon Tower. Inside this theme park, there ares a water park in where you can play together with your child. Also there are Ferris Wheels and Clifton Hill Restaurant that provide so many sweet things for you children. And want to give some education to your children? can visit Butterfly Conservatory and Marine Land for that.

And one tips we can share to you guys is bring your change clothes when you visiting this place because we make sure that you will need it :D.



Red City, Marrakesh ! – The city of Marrakesh well know as the city of Red, because almost all the tower, hotel, house and another building in this city is design with a charming red color. Marrakesh is a city that located approximately  400 Km from the capital city Rabat or need to take 4 hour drive from the Rabat.

In here there is a lot of cultural heritage and also tourist attraction place that can become the popular place to be visit by international tourist, especially Europe. Also because of their beautiful town, this city always becoming the first choice in where so many conference and International meeting will be held.

So it make sense that Marrakesh is becoming the most popular city in Marocco that will bring a lot of joy and happiness toward the local people and outsider. Below is some place that we can visit when we are having a holiday in this city.

Djemaa El-Fna

Djemaa El-Fna is an area in the center of Marrakesh, that provide a lot of art attraction and culture that every night will be shown by the musician, traditional dancer, comedian, storyteller, and animal attraction while hearing their traditional music.

Koutoubia Mosque 

This Mosque is located beside Djemma El-Fna. The name Koutoubia is get before this mosque was build. long ago before this mosque was build, this place is a place that selling a book that in France call as Kuotoub. So after the beautiful mosque being build, people around there call this mosque as Koutoubia.

Badi Kingdom

Badi kingdom was build in 1578 to 1594. The proposing for build this place is to serve the guest of Sa’did Ahmad al-Mansur that being ruled from 1578 until 1603. The name of al-Badi is come from the name of Asmaul husna with the mean the most powerful one. This Kingdom should be the biggest and spectacular Kingdom that we can find in Marocco.


Oukaimeden is a snow mountain that can be find in this red city. For getting to the top of mountain, it will take 1.5 hours with car from Marrakesh. In the top of mountain we can see snow on the mountain slopes and also the city below that.

For you information that Marrakesh is well know as the city that has a low criminality. But that does not mean that we do not need to be aware about that. Because when there is a chance, there will be a robber in everywhere. So stay safe and have a nice holiday in here.

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Mandatory Place in Osaka – beside from Tokyo, Japan also have some other interesting town to be visit. One to be sure in Osaka. Osaka in one of the biggest and fascinating town that we can in Japan that already being known as of the most metropolitan area in the world. Because of that, we can say that this city is a mandatory city to visit when you are having a holiday to Japan.

So let take a look on what we can do when we are visiting this town. there are some popular place that we can visit when we are going to Osaka, start from their traditional culture place until the modern one.

Osaka Castle

Do not tell people that you ever come to Osaka if you are not visiting this place. This is the most popular Landmark in Osaka. Osaka Castle long ago is build as the most biggest castle in Japan on 1586 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. However, because of the time, this place already being repaired so many time inside it for attracting the visitor. Around this castle also have a lot of Sakura tree that will be bloom beautifully on the spring.

Spa World Osaka

This is the place that suitable for all people on all ages. Spa World Osaka is a luxury hot water bath. Beside from hot water bath, this place also have a playing ground place for the children. what make this place more interesting is in this Spa can find at least 16 hot water bath that come from 11 different country.


Dotonbori is the center of Gastronomi and having fun place in Osaka. In here we can find a lot of shopping mall, restaurant, souvenir shop, club, and any other fun place. What make this place more interesting is when the day come to night, this place still very bright that can bring a joy and happiness fell to us.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

If you are looking for Tempozan Farris Wheel, so it will be better if you can visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. This place is the a place that probably give you a chance to see many kind of fish that you never see on real life or social media. In this place will contain almost 15 big tank aquarium that will show us the life inside the water with all the fish species inside it. This place will also being so educative and interesting place to be visited.

Universal Studio Japan

last but not the least is Universal. If you ever visit USS in Singapore, you also should visit this place because in here the size of this place is bigger than in Singapore and will be so interesting playing in here. You can spend a whole day in here without being boring and maybe can not walk all of the side in this place.

And that is some place that you need to visit when you are in Osaka. Hope this article can help you on choosing a place to having a holiday.

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