Best Dishes In Korea That You Must Try

Best Dishes In Korea That You Must Try

South Korea is famous for its romantic films. The popularity of Korea is not just about the world of artists, Korea also provides a variety of tourist sites that are fun to visit. Not only that, we can also find a variety of unique and delicious snacks while on vacation in Korea. Here are four types of Korean snacks that you must try!

1. Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki certainly often appears in Korean films that we watch. Tteokbokki made from rice flour doused with spicy sauce. From the appearance alone it looks very tempting to taste. The taste of Tteokbokki is indeed very delicious and worth trying.

2. Odeng / Eomuk

Odeng / Eomuk is a Korean specialty made from mashed fish and mixed with wheat flour with a mixture of several spices. Odeng / Eomuk is served by stabbing like satay. Odeng / Eomuk can be fried or cooked with hot sauce.


Pancakes are one type of snack that is almost present in all countries in the world. In Korea, this pancake is called Hotteok. This Hotteok pancake is fried and the presentation is only wrapped in the bottom half with paper / tissue wrapping so it can be enjoyed while walking. This snack often appears in Korean films and of course you have to try this snack if you visit Korea.

4. Mandu

From the name that sounds very strange to our ears, this Mandu turns out to be food in Indonesia. Mandu turns out to be dumplings if in Indonesia, Mandu is a dumpling which contains meat or vegetables in accordance with the desired taste. Not only does it have a different inner taste, Mandu also has a very diverse taste.