The Hidden Gem on Mongolia That You Should Know – Mongolia is a country that located on the East Asia that cross the border with China and Russia. If you having a chance on having a vacation in here, You can see the beauty of two country on each side from that two country that come out with an outstanding beautiful nature and heritage that own by the country.

But do not think that Mongolia is lose towards them in term of nature beauty. Mongolia same like Alaska that have a wide land in where cover by green grass and also mountain. This country already being choose by UNESCO as one of the world herritage already become the first choice for world traveler in going here.

Not only this country full of the historical thing, Mongolia also having a lot of good place that having a good and outstanding view. Here is some of the place that need to be visit when you are in Mongolia

Sukhbaatar Square

This place can be found in the middle of Ulaanbaatar city that having the function as the town square. in here we can find the a lot of hero figure like Jenghis Khan and other can be found in this place.

Hexigten National Geopark

The tourist should go to this Geopark when they come to Mongolia. This park is design by UNESCO that having a unique design in where we can have 8 different area that can be seen in here on the place we stand. Also in we can find granite forest that will make tourist become curious about the real face of this forest. This park should be the most popular place in Mongolia.

Genghis Khan Statue

In here we can see the biggest horse statue in the world for now with the tall almost 40 meter from the land. In here you can find a lot of souvenir that can be bought to home. Also in here we can found a lot of restaurant that serve the unique food that can be found only in Mongolia.

Karakorum – Erdenezuu

Temple that located cross from the old town Karakorum build with the stone that collapse on the ancient time in this country. If you having a interest on getting to this place, you can go to Orkhon Valley in Nothern Ovorkhangai, Mongolia. It will be difficult on getting there but the people in there will help you if you are asking to them.

Lake Khovsgol

This is one of the most beauty and clear lake that can be found in our world. Not only we can enjoy the magnificent view of this lake, we also can see a lot of horse that freely playing in the green grass that become the plus value that we can not find in any other lake in this world.

Having a holiday in Mongolia should be an interesting choice if you want to find something unique and also something that can rest and giving a calm feel both for your soul and mind.

Keep Calm and Go Travel the Worlds.