Hunger Games Park, The First Hunger Games Theme Park In The World

Maybe the first time that comes to mind when I hear the name Dubai is a luxurious life with abundant wealth right? Yes, Dubai is indeed famous as a country with a population that has abundant assets. In Dubai there are many exciting places to visit, one of which is Dubai Parks and Resorts. The biggest playground in Dubai is ready to satisfy the holiday desires of tourists who come to Dubai.

The amusement park consists of three of the most successful production houses in Hollywood, namely DreamWorks ANimation, Columbia Pictures, and Lionsgate. One of the most famous box office films from Lionsgate is Hunger Games, now in this amusement park there is one vehicle called The WOrld of The Hunger Games.

The latest attractions in the Lionsgate zone present many exciting rides that can be tried, including two new rollercoasters that are more exciting and exciting. Not only that, visitors can also find more than 1 attraction in Motiongate ™. Various attractive facilities have also been prepared by the management, such as restoration, interactive rides, thematic stores and shops and an exciting entertainment stage.

To be able to enter this playground, tourists must buy an entrance ticket for 235 AED or about 869 thousand, while for citizens of the original country of the United Arab Emirates, only AED 165 or around 610 thousand only. But for those of you who want to buy a one-year ticket, an annual membership card can be purchased for only AED 275. Much cheaper isn’t it?

Art Science Museum Singapor – When Art Meet Technology

Singapore is one of the favorite destinations in Southeast Asia. Here we can find a variety of interesting holiday destinations, starting from the Merlion Statue, Universal Studio, Marina Bay, to Garden by the Bay. But besides the place mentioned earlier, there is still one more place that is no less interesting to visit, the name is The Art Science Museum Singapore.

Then what can we find at The Art Science Museum Singapore? Here visitors will see the sophistication of modern art installations which are a combination of projectors and colorful LED lights that are amazingly cool!

We can see the thrill of sliding on Slice Fruit Slider where we will slide on a sleek board made of cool screen. On the screen there are various types of fruits and flowers.

In addition we can also see a giant projector in the shape of an aquarium. Interestingly, we can interact with sea creatures inside the projector. The sea creature will react with our touch so it looks alive, really cool isn’t it?

This museum is designed by Moshe Safdie where its shape resembles a lotus flower. The total area reaches 6,000 square meters and is equipped with 21 gallery spaces.

To enter this museum, visitors are required to pay an entrance ticket for 19 SGD (190 thousand rupiah) for adults, while for children or the elderly only need to pay 14 SG (140 thousand rupiahs).

Scary Travel Destination In Japan

Not only is it famous for its cool and beautiful tourism, Japan is also famous for a number of mystical tourist destinations that can make the hair goose bumps. Although scary, tourists who come every year continue to increase. Many tourists who claim to be curious about the atmosphere that exists in these scary places. What scary places are crowded with tourists in Japan?

The first place called Suzugamori. This place is a small triangular land located along Highway 15 near Omori Kaigan Station. In ancient times, this land was used as a place to execute prisoners of war. The way of execution is also quite extreme, namely by beheading the prisoners using a sword. The broken head will be plugged into the spear and then displayed here. The method of execution was still used until 1873 and finally stopped. According to the surrounding community, there is a mystical air that can be felt when being near the place. In the area a temple was also built to drive out spirits so as not to interfere with local residents.

The second place is Omori POW Camp. This place is also quite creepy. Omori POW Camp is located in Peace Island, Ota Ward. At the entrance to this place stands a statue of Kannon, the compassionate goddess who is in Shinto belief. When you visit this place, you can hear dark stories about this place in ancient times. Not a few visitors who claim to be “haunted” by the curious spirits that inhabit this place.

The last place is Aokigahara Forest. This one forest is quite famous among tourists. Even visitors can see clearly the bodies of victims hanging themselves or suicides that have dried up when visiting this forest. The visitors are not permitted to walk in this forest alone, even if visitors come alone, the officers there will accompany until the visitor reaches the exit. Pretty awful right?

Learning And Having Fun With Sea Creature In Ocean World

Bangkok has a myriad of tourist attractions that can be visited by tourists, call it the Husky Cafe and also the House of Paws that we have discussed before. In addition, for those of you who want to learn about the life of sea creatures while walking in the mall, you must come to Ocean World Bangkok, which is located in Siam Paragon Mall.

To be able to enter the Ocean World, visitors are required to pay an entrance ticket of 990 baht or around 400,000 rupiah. By buying these tickets, we can see a variety of marine life and follow the various attractions here.

For those of you who want to buy tickets at a cheaper price, you can buy them online. For online purchases, the fee is 890 baths or around 350,000 rupiah. Not too different when compared to prices on the spot.

When you first arrive you will be presented with a dancing show attraction where the dancers will wear clothes in the form of sea creatures such as sharks and mermaids. In addition, visitors can also enter the 4D vehicle where we can see the beauty of a giant aquarium using a bottom boat.

Besides fish, we can see penguins that are very cute and beautiful jellyfish. For those of you adrenaline lovers, you can try the shark walk, which is walking on a glass bridge over a shark that is swimming freely. Take it easy, the bridge that is made is guaranteed safety.

If you want to dive, this place also provides diving services which of course requires you to pay for diving. Prices offered for certified divers are also not different. By paying a little extra fees, visitors can also enter a restricted area that can only be entered by animal conservators working here, interesting.

The Beautiness of Kawachi Fuji Garden

If we discuss the beauty of flora in Japan, of course our main focus will be cherry blossoms. Inevitably, cherry blossoms do have their own beauty so they can attract a lot of world attention because of their beauty. Cherry blossoms are also used as official symbols of Japanese statehood and become a very sacred symbol for some traditional events in Japan.

Usually people come to Japan because they want to see the beauty of cherry blossoms during the blooming season, but do you know there is one place that is also as beautiful as cherry blossoms? The place was named Wisteria Tunnel, located in Tochigi prefecture. The location of this place is not far from Tokyo and is one of the destinations that must be visited when coming to Japan.

The name wisteria flower. This flower is a flower that is no less beautiful than sakura. This flower grows along the Wisteria tunnel. Usually there will be an event called Great Wisteria Festival every April 15 to May 21 every year. To be able to visit here, you only need to spend half an hour when you depart from Tokyo.

Wisteria flowers are climbing and hanging flowers that have very beautiful color gradations. This flower is usually dark purple, light purple, pink and white. When you come to this park, you will enter a long tunnel. Throughout the tunnel, you will pass millions of hanging wisteria flowers. When it comes to beauty, wow, this place is no less beautiful than the cherry blossom festival which is usually held when the cherry blossom season is blooming.

When the day changes night, this place will be filled with millions of led lights with very beautiful colors. You will feel like in another world with the flickering lights like stars in space. Interested in coming and enjoying the beauty of Wisteria Tunnel?

LONGWOOD GARDENS – Beautifull Garden With Cats As A Guard

There is one quite park unit in Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens is named. The park is a conservatory park and is a tourist location that is very popular with local residents. Not only because of the beauty of the flowers that attract visitors, but because of the cats that guard this place.

Longwood Gardens is a park located in Kennett Square, City of Pennsylvania, United States. Visitors can see the beauty of fern and tropical orchids when coming to this park.

But the main attraction is the presence of beautiful and adorable cats that have thick fur! Although the cat does not have an owner, visitors are forbidden to bring the cat home. In addition to decorating Longwood Gardens, cats in the park also function as pest control.

This park has an area of ​​4,358,464 meters and makes cats as ambassadors of hospitality at the Longwoods garden. Many visitors feel anxious to see the cats here. Not even a few who perpetuate the behavior of cats that are here through their smartphone camera. Naturally, because cats often interact with visitors, even cats that are not afraid to play with visitors are adorable, right?

Cats at Longwood Gardens are also very obedient and docile so visitors need not fear being attacked by cats. Cats can usually be found in a shaded garden area. There are about a dozen cats that are hired to pests such as rats, there is even a bulletin board where the cat’s assignment is written on the board.

For visitors who want to come to this park, this park opens at 09.00 local time and closes at 18.00 local time. Interested in coming and seeing the cuteness of the cat here?