Crazy Things on Dubai – Once in a life time, make sure that you can do all the thing you can do to be able to visit Dubai. Because in Dubai you will be able to see something different that you can not find in any other place in this world. From the biggest island make by human until prefer to having lion as their animal rather than a cat ! If reading that one already make you impressed you need to read more to become fascinating.

Dubai is the most modern country on middle east, Average income for their resident inside is up to $20.000, So it make sense that their have their own luxury lifestyle.

There is a fact in where when you are becoming a beggar in there, you can receive like 500-800 dollar in a day ! so we can say that they can enjoy a five star hotel with their family after done beggaring, Crazy right ?

If in other city we will see traffic jam because lot of motorcycle and taxi or another so so car. In Dubai we also can see traffic, but what make is different is in Dubai all the car is a luxury car from Lamborghini, Ferrari, until Bugatti being trapped in a jam !

Not only for their resident, the police in here also using a super car, But do not expect to see a scene in where police will try to catch criminals by racing in the street. Because from the information it turns out the crime rate in Dubai reached almost 0%

The most excited one should be finding an ATM machine that not only provide money, but GOLD ! Creepy right ?


One of the highest tower that ever being build by human also can be find in here. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building that reach 828 that having a lot of luxury facility from hotel, mall, apartment until office room.

Think because Dubai is somewhere in Middle East so we can only find a desert in there is a Big Mistake ! You want to play snowball or looking for a snow in there ? Do not worry you can visit Mall Of Emirates in where you can find a indoor resort for playing a ski.

Dubai is not only about their nature and lifestyle, For ladies also in here you can find a lot of handsome man :D. Crazy but excited like for having a holiday in here ? So when will you flight to Dubai ?

Keep Calm and Go Travel the Worlds.