Mandatory Place in Osaka – beside from Tokyo, Japan also have some other interesting town to be visit. One to be sure in Osaka. Osaka in one of the biggest and fascinating town that we can in Japan that already being known as of the most metropolitan area in the world. Because of that, we can say that this city is a mandatory city to visit when you are having a holiday to Japan.

So let take a look on what we can do when we are visiting this town. there are some popular place that we can visit when we are going to Osaka, start from their traditional culture place until the modern one.

Osaka Castle

Do not tell people that you ever come to Osaka if you are not visiting this place. This is the most popular Landmark in Osaka. Osaka Castle long ago is build as the most biggest castle in Japan on 1586 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. However, because of the time, this place already being repaired so many time inside it for attracting the visitor. Around this castle also have a lot of Sakura tree that will be bloom beautifully on the spring.

Spa World Osaka

This is the place that suitable for all people on all ages. Spa World Osaka is a luxury hot water bath. Beside from hot water bath, this place also have a playing ground place for the children. what make this place more interesting is in this Spa can find at least 16 hot water bath that come from 11 different country.


Dotonbori is the center of Gastronomi and having fun place in Osaka. In here we can find a lot of shopping mall, restaurant, souvenir shop, club, and any other fun place. What make this place more interesting is when the day come to night, this place still very bright that can bring a joy and happiness fell to us.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

If you are looking for Tempozan Farris Wheel, so it will be better if you can visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. This place is the a place that probably give you a chance to see many kind of fish that you never see on real life or social media. In this place will contain almost 15 big tank aquarium that will show us the life inside the water with all the fish species inside it. This place will also being so educative and interesting place to be visited.

Universal Studio Japan

last but not the least is Universal. If you ever visit USS in Singapore, you also should visit this place because in here the size of this place is bigger than in Singapore and will be so interesting playing in here. You can spend a whole day in here without being boring and maybe can not walk all of the side in this place.

And that is some place that you need to visit when you are in Osaka. Hope this article can help you on choosing a place to having a holiday.

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