Hani Lavender Farm In Gangwondo Province, Korea

To get rid of fatigue after work, it is best to take a vacation. There are various tourist destinations that we can choose to eliminate fatigue and boredom when working. One of them is a lavender garden called Hani Lavender Farm. This park is located in Gangwondo province, Korea. It sounds boring because it is only a garden that contains lavender flowers, but the sensation of relaxation and beauty of this place can make the boredom disappear instantly.

As beautiful as it is, Hani Lavender Farm even becomes a very popular tourist destination in Korea, not only for foreign tourists, even local tourists are also happy to come to this place. A leisurely walk in the afternoon while enjoying the beauty of this flower does provide a relaxation experience that you will never forget, not to mention the fresh mountain air also makes your body and mind fresh again after work.

Every June there will be a festival called Goseong. This festival allows you to taste Pizza made with lavender ingredients, wow! The aroma created by this pizza is certainly fragrant, just like a lavender flower that can emit a very fragrant aroma. You can also buy knick-knacks made with lavender flowers, from paintings, key chains and other craft items.

To enter the park is also very cheap. For those of you who are under 12 years old, you only need to pay 2000 Won while for teens you are charged 3,000 Won and adults are charged 4000 Won. If you have a credit card, you can also pay for the entrance ticket using a credit card. Practical isn’t it?