Dwarf Kingdom, Theme Park For Little Man

There is a theme park called Dwarf Kingdom in China. This theme park devoted to little man. All the worker who work in the theme park have a small body, like a dwarf.

In Dwarf Kingdom, there’s around 100 workers and all of them is China citizens. Their age are around 19 – 49. All of the worker live at worker dorminotry, near the theme park. So they can go to work easily.

This theme park build in 2009 by a real estate successful businessman named Chen Mingjing. For tourist who want to meet the dwarf, they need to pay around 200.000 rupiah.

CNN said Dward Kingdom rarely in demand by the public or tourist. There is no weird and extreme performance by the dwarf, they only playing a role in a classic story like Swan Like.

To be a worker, it’s easy, only 3 requirements must be fulfill, no contagious disease, not taller than 90 cm and the ages must below 50. Easy right ?

So many people critics the Dwarf Kingdom. Warwick Davis as an America Actor said that this place is bunch of shit, he said this theme park is like an old theme park who only show weird thing about human. He even said all the visitors seeing and treating them not like treating human.

So will you come to this theme park and watching them and laugh at them ?

Thing You Need To Do In Disneyland Tokyo

Disneyland is the biggest theme park in the world. All the ride and show in Disneyland is fun to play. But there is so many tourist don’t know what to do in Disneyland, specially for Tokyo Disneyland. So this is what you must do when go to Tokyo Disneyland.

For the first, you can try Star Tours. This is 3D simulator ride. Inside the simulator, you will watch star wars theme. Not only that, there is 50 alternate ending, so the tourist will never get bored when playing this ride.

The second one is Splash mountain. This is must try ride in Tokyo Disneyland. You will step in to a logs. The logs will go thourgh the small artificial river. You will climb the mountain and dropped form top. When landing, the water will splashing and make you wet.

Feel tired ? How about try Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expedition ? You can take a rest when playing this ride. You will go through the zoo using ship. You can see the beauty of artificial animals. It’s very relaxing.

If you hungry, you must have a lunch or dinner at Crystal Palace Restaurant. You can try a delicious food when come to this restaurant. The architecture is so good, use the 19th century style. Cool right ?

Honeymoon In Indonesia ? How About This Place ?

You can find so much beautifull place in Indonesia, from ocean, mountan, beach and many more. If you want to spend honeymoon time in Indonesia, there is some place you can choose. This place is the best place to spend your honeymoon with your lover.

For the first, you can go to Raja Ampat. This place is the most popular place in Indonesia. Raja Ampat located in West Papua and become the most popular place in Papua. There is so many tourist come to this place every year. If you want to spend your time, you can spend your night in Missol Eco Resort. You can see the beauty of the ocean. Not only that, you also can snorkling or diving. The coral is the most beautiful coral in the world.

The second one is Gili Trawangan Lombok. Same like Raja Ampat, Lombok also the most popular travel destination in Indonesia. If you want to spend your honeymoon time, you can go to this place. White sand and the water on the beach is totally awesome. Snorkling with your wife or lover can be a good activity when you visit this place.

The third one is Yogyakarta. In Indonesia, Yogyakarta known as student city. One of the most popular food in Yogyakarta is Gudeg. Walking with your lover in Malioboro Road will be very fun. Don’t forget to try Kopi Joss, its a black coffee cooked with active charcoal, weird ? But no ! The taste from the coffee is superb.

Exploring Kabukicho – The Prostitute Area In Japan

For Japanese people, Kabukicho is the most popular place to go in Japan. Because it’s so famous, five from ten tourist have been came to this place. They come to this place for take a walk and see the architecture of the building or does have another reason when they comes.

Kabukicho is the nightlife destination in Japan. It’s different from another destination in Japan, in this place you can find so much cafe and bar who sell drink. Not only that, you also can find many girls, you can bring this girl and you can *** with them ( you know what i mean right ? ).

This place is decorated with beautiful lights. Across the road, you can see the beautifull of nightlife in Japan. But you must remember, don’t take a photo in Kabukicho. Is prohibited ! You don’t want to have a problem with yakuza, right ? Many place in Kabukicho is under control by yakuza, the mafia gank in Japan.

When come to this place, you need to be carefull. Sometimes there is a fight between yakuza. So if you decide to come to this place, you must know any risk which can happen when come to this place.

You also can buy a porn DVD or VCD when come to Kabukicho. Not only that, for girls who want to have a good date with cool and handsome guys, you can rent the hostest, but the hostest just accompany you and make you feel special and not for bed ! This is the golden rule of the hostest. So excited to come to Kabukicho in Japan ?


The Show Must Go On, LAS VEGAS !

Premiumtraveltips.com – City that never sleep is the most suitable to decribe Las Vegas. As we know the city that can be reach after two hours driving from Los Angeles , United States is the city that having a neon light all around the city within 24 hours. Traveler will never getting bored when they are being there. So are you ready for party.

The City that well known as “The Sin City” is already become the city in where the gambler, The sex holistic, Shopaholic and also a Runaway Bride and groom will found out what they truly are. The city that popular with a lot of Casino and also the Entertainment center for adults. With all the luxury and best facility offer by this city, Make the city with the Slogan “Viva Las Vegas” become one of the most popular destination place in the world.

Las Vegas offer so many good things that can be enjoy by the tourist outside from Gambling and Adult entertainment. If you want to try your luck and having a fun in casino, you can try to play Slot Machine that being reportedly that around 200.000 Slot Machine are being installed in this city. This game can become the best game to be play in here because that is not a lot of money to play it

Shark Reef Aquarium

With the price around $17 per people we can having a fun trip to  exploring an old temple that slowly sink down to the ground. In here we can see the most dangerous species in the world like Golden Crocodile, Piranha and also a Shark. For the traveler that choose to stay at Mandala Bay hotel can see a Shark Reef program that being live 24 hours in there.

New York-New York Roller Coaster

Roller coaster that look likes taxi car in New York that are popular in the side street between Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard is the attraction that can hardly been missed in here. With the price around $14 tourist can enjoy one of the most exciting Roller Coaster that they ever fell before.

Bellagio Fountains

Las Vegas is not always about money, In here tourist can also having a fun with a free attraction. Yes the Bellagio Fountains that located on the lake is the attraction that can we enjoy by free. From 3  until 8 The tourist can enjoy the attraction in where the fountain water that shoot into the air with the random speed  and make it looks like having a dance in the air completed with the music and also the laser light make this become more fabulous.

Fine Dinning and Shopping

Big city will always serve us with the best meal and shopping mall in the town. The best restaurant that we can visit in here is “Le Provencal” that serve France-Italian menu that located in Samaritaine in the Miniature city of France. Try their best Rib eye Steak if you are having a chance to be here. And for shopping, all of us do not need to worry because in this city we can find a lot of shopping center and at last 15 malls in this city that sell a lot of thing from Domestic and Imported shirts, bags, shoes until diamond and gold.

See there are a lot of things that we can do in Las Vegas that will never failed to surprised us

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5 Place Traveler Must Visit When in Antananarivo, Madagascar

Premiumtraveltips.com – Antananarivo is the capital city and also the biggest city that we located in Madagascar. The island of Madagascar as we know is located on Indian Ocean, the east coast of Africa continent. Madagascar island is the fourth biggest island in this world.

If the traveler is having a list for visiting this country, going to their capital city is the best choice. because on the other city of this country, you will somehow find it so boring and does not have anything to do in there. But if you are going for their Antananarivo, surely you can find interesting things in there. Below there are 5 place that we must visit when we come to Antananarivo.

Madagascar Exotic

Madagascar Exotic is a small zoo that we can find in Antananarivo, Madagascar. This zoo is located on Marozevo, between the city of Manjakandriana and Moramanga. In here the traveler can see many animal species that can only been find in Afrika.

Lemurs Garden

This garden is located on Botanical garden that take around 22 km to be there from Antannarivo. On this garden, The visitor can see more than 7 species Lemur and 70 endemic species plant that we can find in Madagascar. This garden is open for public so we can but a tour ticket to go in and getting an explanation of what inside from the tour guide.


Piranten Museum

Visiting their Museum is a must thing we need to do when we are visiting a city outside our hometown. On the Museum we can see their historical things and also their cultural heritage.  On Piranten Museum, we can find so many historical artifact and also the important document about the history pirates on Madagascar Island.

Rova Antananarivo

Rova Antananarivo is a luxury Royal Palace that build on 19th century and become the Royal Kingdom of Madagascar. They traveler need to find a tour guide if they want to visit this kingdom. Also the traveler need to bargain first about the price before they are decided for having that tour guide cause some of them charge the traveler most expensive than the standard price.

Musee d’Art d’Archeologie

Another Museum that we can find in Madagascar in Musee d’Art d’Archeologi that will be showing of tehir archaeological excavations that been carried out from all of the place in Madagascar. talisman, musical instrument and anything related to the magic world can be found in this Museum.

So actually when we are going to Madagascar, The main reason for us to be there is to know the historical point of that city that can become a good experience for us.

The Best Thing To Do in Gold Coast Australia

Premiumtraveltips.com – In Gold Coast we can find all kind of holiday type that we want, From having a leisure holiday family, Going to the beach with friend until having a best candle light dinner with our couple. for the view we can see the contrast one from the view that we can see on village and something familiar in town like a tall building, modern restaurant, shopping mall until cafe along the street. In this article we will tell you something that you can do in Gold Coast, Australia.

Enjoy the sun with beach view at Gold Coast.

The best beach that we can find in Gold Coast is in The Spit or Mermaid beach. in here we can walk around the beach and finding so many attraction in there, or for people want to enjoy the sun can simply lay down and enjoy their popular ice cream in there.

Playing Golf

Gold Coast also provide a lot of Golf Course that is open for public and can enjoy by the business man and their friend when choosing to having a holiday in here. There are Palmer Gold Coast, RACV Royal Pines and Sanctuary Cove’s is some of the gold course that we can find in here.

Theme Park

Traveler can also find a water park, an extreme roller coaster  and also can find your favorite character movie in film in this park. We can enjoy justice league 3D and finding a Warner Bros carton character in here. Seeing a dolphin is a must in here that we can find in Sea world.

Palazzo Versace

If we are looking for the best travel that we ever do, choosing to stay on one of their five star hotel can be a right choice. Palazzo Versace can be the choice in where provide us with the best service at their hotel. The food is also extremely good in here.


Water Sport

You can riding a jet ski and finding a extreme touring across the beach. Or if you want to find the simple one, you can choose to paddle board in here. And for the one that love diving or want to learn about diving can find an experience on Discover Scuba Diving in here.

There are a lot of activities that we can do beside what we mention above. So do not wait anymore, Book your ticket and go to Gold Coast now !

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Combination From the Past and the Present That Fit Perfectly in Hanoi

Premiumtraveltips.com – The combination between the old cultural heritage and the modernity is the most suitable words to describe Hanoi. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, one of the country that we can found in Southeast Asia. Because of that combination, Hanoi should be one of the best, if not the best capital city that we can find in Southeast Asia. Full of attraction, calm yet Chaotic, and Traditional view can be find in Hanoi, Mostly the life the people in this city is take place in the street, it is so easy for traveler to enjoy all side of this city on a few days.

The best thing to do is to feel the historical things on the 36 side street that form the Old Quarter in here. every side of this street are so photogenic. Get lost cause you will find a way home  and then stopping just to enjoy ice lemon tea with the people in there will be an excited things to do in here. Swim cross the Hoan Kiem Lake that popular in here. Enjoy their street food with the taste of Five star one. Showing respect by visiting their Revolution hero in Mausoleum, And trying their night life when the sun is set, By doing this the traveler can know how interesting this city could be.

The must thing to do in here



Wake up in the morning for Pho

The best time to enjoy Hanoi is in the morning where there are not a lot of car in the road yet. Wake up on 5.30 in the morning and going to Hoan Kiem lake to seeing the old one having Tai chi and Yoga in there. And then we should start our morning in Hanoi by having one bowl of the popular Pho (read Fur). It is a bowl of noodle that having a meatball and also meat that will be complete by rich flavorful sauce.


Visiting The Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature  (Van Mieu) build on 1070 to showing the respect to Confucius on that time and also become the first University in this country. Inside this place we can see a familiar things that we can find when we are watching historical movie. A wide green grass that looks very calm, Lotus pond. and very old time red temple can be found in here.

And for the last thing that we must do in Hanoi is see the tradition of the tribe that Vietnam have. There are more than 50 minority tribe that we can find in Vietnam. So Vietnam Museum of Ethnology get this chance by showing their heritage to the world. In here we can find all the thing that in the past use by the minority tribe for their daily activities like their costume, their musical instrument and their household appliance.

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