Old Changi Hospital – The Most Haunted Place In Singapore

Singapore is a small, highly developed country in Southeast Asia. Singapore is also a country that is very popular for tourists, especially for those who want to shop for luxury branded goods. Undeniably, even though the Singaporean country is quite small, the country’s economic progress is relatively impressive.

Not only that, when on vacation in Singapore, there are many places that can be visited, one of the most famous is the Merlion and Universal Studios. But besides cool and fun places, there is one mystical tourist destination in Singapore, the name is Old Changi Hospital.

Perhaps for Singaporeans, this place is believed to be the most haunted place in all of Singapore. Old Changi Hospital is located on Halton Road Singapore and was built in 1930. At the beginning of the building, Old Changi Hospital was used as a military barracks for British troops. But since the Japanese occupation, this place has been converted into a hospital.

When World War II happened, there were many victims who fell here. Japanese invaders also tortured victims to cause death. Not a few victims were beheaded and beheaded at this hospital. In 1997, Old Changi was finally closed.

As this building was abandoned, rumors began to emerge saying that this place was haunted. If we see a building that is old and not maintained, it is a scary and haunted impression that will immediately be seen. According to the confession of people who have come and lived near this building, they often hear the sound of screams at night and the sightings of ghosts without heads.

This place was also used as a film with the title Haunted Changi. Interested in visiting the most haunted place in Singapore?