The Show Must Go On, LAS VEGAS ! – City that never sleep is the most suitable to decribe Las Vegas. As we know the city that can be reach after two hours driving from Los Angeles , United States is the city that having a neon light all around the city within 24 hours. Traveler will never getting bored when they are being there. So are you ready for party.

The City that well known as “The Sin City” is already become the city in where the gambler, The sex holistic, Shopaholic and also a Runaway Bride and groom will found out what they truly are. The city that popular with a lot of Casino and also the Entertainment center for adults. With all the luxury and best facility offer by this city, Make the city with the Slogan “Viva Las Vegas” become one of the most popular destination place in the world.

Las Vegas offer so many good things that can be enjoy by the tourist outside from Gambling and Adult entertainment. If you want to try your luck and having a fun in casino, you can try to play Slot Machine that being reportedly that around 200.000 Slot Machine are being installed in this city. This game can become the best game to be play in here because that is not a lot of money to play it

Shark Reef Aquarium

With the price around $17 per people we can having a fun trip to  exploring an old temple that slowly sink down to the ground. In here we can see the most dangerous species in the world like Golden Crocodile, Piranha and also a Shark. For the traveler that choose to stay at Mandala Bay hotel can see a Shark Reef program that being live 24 hours in there.

New York-New York Roller Coaster

Roller coaster that look likes taxi car in New York that are popular in the side street between Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard is the attraction that can hardly been missed in here. With the price around $14 tourist can enjoy one of the most exciting Roller Coaster that they ever fell before.

Bellagio Fountains

Las Vegas is not always about money, In here tourist can also having a fun with a free attraction. Yes the Bellagio Fountains that located on the lake is the attraction that can we enjoy by free. From 3  until 8 The tourist can enjoy the attraction in where the fountain water that shoot into the air with the random speed  and make it looks like having a dance in the air completed with the music and also the laser light make this become more fabulous.

Fine Dinning and Shopping

Big city will always serve us with the best meal and shopping mall in the town. The best restaurant that we can visit in here is “Le Provencal” that serve France-Italian menu that located in Samaritaine in the Miniature city of France. Try their best Rib eye Steak if you are having a chance to be here. And for shopping, all of us do not need to worry because in this city we can find a lot of shopping center and at last 15 malls in this city that sell a lot of thing from Domestic and Imported shirts, bags, shoes until diamond and gold.

See there are a lot of things that we can do in Las Vegas that will never failed to surprised us

Keep Calm and Go Travel the Worlds.