Cafe Bora – Purple Cafe in South Korea

Visiting South Korea is incomplete if you don’t taste the unique type of culinary that is there. For those of you who are looking for unique cuisine, there are various cafes available that you can visit. Starting from a cafe with a unique theme to a cafe with a cool and contemporary style. One place to visit is Cafe Bora.

Cafe Bora itself is located in Samcheong-dong, between Insadong and Buckhon Hanok Village. This place is quite unique, because all aspects in this place are purple! Ranging from food to architecture and furniture, it’s funny isn’t it?

If at another cafe we ​​usually see menus through a menu or tablet, then it is different from at Cafe Bora. Here visitors can see all the menus through the wall. Visitors can see a variety of interesting menus posted on the cafe walls, unique isn’t it?

Not only purple food, seating, even purple decoration. Intrigued by the menu here? Just look at the menu list below.

The most famous menus here are Bora Ice Cream, Bora Snowflakes and also Bora Bingsu. Apart from the super delicious taste, the shape is really Instagramable! Of course posting food photos here to Instagram can make your Instagram more colorful!

No need to fear the purple color, purple is obtained from purple sweet potatoes, so there is no artificial coloring in the food served at Cafe Bora. Bora in Korean means purple, it’s all right the menus are purple, unique, guys!

Reason Why You Need To Visit Chiang Mai

Well, it cannot be denied that Bangkok is the most popular destination for tourists when visiting Bangkok. Sometimes Bangkok’s popularity is one reason why people don’t want to try to come to other areas in Thailand. Even though there is one more place that is no less cool than Bangkok, the name of the area is Chiang Mai. Then why do you have to come here?

First is the wealth of history and old buildings here. When compared, the extent of Chiang Mai is indeed smaller than Bangkok, but in this place there are many former Lan Na kingdom buildings that existed in the 13th century and also 18. This place is a very suitable place to be visited by those of you who are happy with stories and historical heritage.

The second reason is close to Chiang Rai. Besides being able to enjoy tourist destinations in Chiang Mai, you can also stop by Chiang Rai at the same time. For additional information, in Chiang Rai itself there is the largest elephant conservation center in Thailand.

Besides that, you can also visit Sa Elephant Camp in Mae Rim District. In this place you can see 75 Thai elephants, from baby elephants to old elephants. Elephants here are also trained so that they can provide their own entertainment for visitors.

For culinary matters, maybe Chiang Mai can be said to be the king. Here you can find hundreds of types of street food at very cheap prices. In addition there are many sellers who sell Thai souvenirs such as key chains to various interesting snacks.

Harry Potter Highlights – Hogwartz Themed Restaurant in Singapore

Maybe the Harry Potter series of novels and films are over, but the miracle that is in the sequel to Harry Potter still impresses the audience and the readers. It’s not easy to forget the memories of the magical world of Hogwartz that has been embedded in our hearts and minds.

For those of you who want to remember the story in the sequel to Harry Potter, you can come to Singapore. Because in Singapore there are restaurants that apply the Harry Potter theme. Here you can revive your memories of the exciting and exciting world of magic while enjoying food that is also themed Harry Potter. Curious?

The restaurant is named Harry Potter Highlights. Do you still remember the meal at the Great Hall in the Hoghwartz magic school? At the meal there are various types of delicious and interesting food. For those of you who are curious about the food, you can order it at this restaurant! Besides this restaurant also provides Express Trolley where in the film, this trolley brings cakes at Hogwartz to be delivered to students, you can also taste them here! Awesome isn’t it?

Not only food is available at this restaurant, you can also order a typical world drink from Hogwartz here. Do you still remember not the dishes prepared by Ron Weasley’s mother? For example, roast turkey, roast beef, etc., you can taste it here too.

After enjoying Hogwartz’s special food and drinks, visitors can also play interesting and exciting games, of course with attractive prizes if you succeed in winning the game. Interesting right ? So just come here and feel the magic sensation of Hogwartz directly.

Unique Cafe With a Fennec Fox In Bangkok

Where else can you find cafes with lots of animals inside such as adorable little dogs, fennec foxes, to exotic animals such as red panda and racoon. In Bangkok, there is a cafe that provides all of the above, the name is Little Zoo Cafe which is located in Siam Square.

When you come to this cafe, you will be welcomed by various adorable animals. Not only can you see from a distance, visitors are also allowed to play with these animals! Exciting isn’t it?

Although this cafe focuses on adorable animals, the taste of food at Little Zoo Cafe cannot be underestimated. The quality of food and drinks sold is very guarded, including cleanliness. The owner of this cafe even said that every food sold was very guarded and very hygienic.

To play with adorable animals in this cafe, visitors will not be charged a fee, you only need to order food or drinks, after that you can freely play with these adorable animals, of course with a predetermined time limit.

But it should be noted, after playing with animals that are here, visitors must clean their hands with cleaning fluid and dry wet hands using a cloth that has been provided.

On the lower floors of this cafe, you can see some common animals such as guinea pigs, parakeets and hamsters. How, interesting enough isn’t it?

The beauty of the Garden by the Bay Singapore

Garden by the Bay is a very popular tourist destination in Singapore. Many tourists are interested in visiting this garden. The beauty of the garden in the city which is equipped with hundreds of rare plant species is indeed a special attraction for tourists.

This garden is a popular tourist attraction because of its beauty. Besides being beautiful, the cost of getting into the garden is also very cheap. Visitors only need to pay around 4 SGD or around 40,000 rupiah to enjoy all the beauty in this garden.

Upon entering the garden, visitors can take shelter in a conservatory building themed Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Inside this building you can take shelter while looking at the unique enchanting tropical plants.

Cloud Forest itself is a garden that has the shape of a giant clam. In the Cloud Forest, visitors can enjoy the beauty of an artificial waterfall that really spoils the eyes.

Unfortunately to enter the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, visitors are required to pay 20 SGD or around 200,000. But the beauty that you will get while in this building is very worth the price already paid.

In addition to seeing the beauty of beautiful and colorful tropical plants, visitors can also pass the OCBC Skyway bridge. This bridge has a height of up to 128 meters. Above this height, visitors can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the garden. This bridge is also a photo spot that is very popular with tourists.

Biggest Underwater Park In The World !

To enjoy a vacation in the summer, people will usually visit pleasant places such as beaches, hiking, or diving. But how does it feel to dive into a large and magnificent Boeing 747?

Yup, sounds crazy right? In Bahrain, there is one of the largest underwater playgrounds in the world where in the water park area is deliberately drowned by a Boeing 747, it sounds cool and fun and certainly unique isn’t it?

The location of this playground is located between the Qatar Peninsula and the East Coast of Saudi Arabia with an area of ​​25 hectares. This underwater playground was created for those who are happy with diving activities. Although it sounds strange, but this playground remains environmentally friendly even believed to be a place to live for many marine animals.

The construction of this playground shows the seriousness of the Bahraini government to develop their tourism sector. According to the manager, the sinking Boeing 747 aircraft will become an icon of the diving site.

In addition to being able to dive into the aircraft, visitors can also see various types of imitation houses of typical Bharain pearl sellers, not only that, they can also see a variety of beautiful sculptures and sculptures and very fascinating artificial coral reefs.

The Bahraini government hopes that this diving site can develop and become a place for underwater biology and ecological research. Cool, bro!

Dare To Come To Isla De Las Munecas, Mexico ?

If you are happy with outdoor tourism that is fun and challenging adrenaline, you need to come to an island in Mexico, the name of the island is Isla De Las Munecas. This island is an island that contains thousands of horrible dolls! Guaranteed you will creep in fear when you come to this island.

This island is part of the Aztec city. The tense atmosphere of trees and thick grass further adds to the horror of the island. Not to mention the horrifying puppet gazes scattered throughout the island able to make the fur stand up. This island is also very famous haunted. The fun of the doll that has begun to rot due to age and looks dirty adds to the island’s spooky atmosphere.

According to the legend of the surrounding community, this island is a damned island. There used to be a guard on guard on this island, he was named Don Julian Santana Barrera. The island guard found the bodies of small children floating on the banks of the river. Next to the body of the little girl who died, there was a floating doll. In memory of the girl who died on the river, Don Julian spreads dolls throughout the island.

What made it even more scary was, in 2001, Don Julian was also found dead right in the same place as the corpse of the girl who was found first. This makes many people wonder why these two people could die in the same place. If you visit this island, you can still see all the dolls that were once hung and spread on this island. Terrible!

Phong Nha-Ke Bang Park Vietnam

If you are on vacation in Vietnam, there is one place that must be visited, the name is Phong Nha-Khe Bang Park. This place is a national park that has been designated as a world heritage by UNESCO. This place is a cave located in a beautiful mountain. This place is also very remote so it is still very beautiful without any human technological interference in it.

To visit this cave, you can enjoy the thrill of climbing experience and the exploration of beautiful caves. The scenery presented in this place has a magical power that is extraordinarily strong, visitors feel hypnotized for its beauty.

This cave is located in Quang Binh province, about 500km from downtown Hanoi. If you start the journey from Ho Chi Minh City, you have to travel 1200 km. The journey that must be taken is indeed hard, as well as if we want to go to Raja Ampat in Papua. But because of its remote location, the beauty of this place is still very well maintained so that people are willing to travel far to enjoy the beauty of this place.

When visiting this place, it is highly recommended to invite your friends. Because Vietnam is a country that is not very familiar with English so you will have difficulty communicating with local people. By inviting friends, you can discuss each other and determine where you want to go first.

When in this place, don’t forget to capture this beauty through your smartphone camera or DSLR camera. This is because the trip to get to this place is very far and heavy so you have to maximize every spot and capture it through the camera. To get to this cave, you need to pay around 150,000 VND to rent a boat while to enter into the cave we need to pay 350,000 VND for 14 people. Interested in exploring the Phong Nha-Khe Bang Park cave?

First Piglet Cafe In The World Can Be Found In Japan !

In Japan, there are many unique cafes and eating places that are always crowded with tourists, not only because the taste of the food is very good, but also the theme presented is fairly unique, say Alice On Wednesday or Biohazard Cafe in Japan. Well, for those of you who are happy with these unique things, in Japan the world’s first small pig cafe has been opened!

The Tokyo Micro Pig Cafe named Mipig Cafe is very unique, because visitors can play with adorable little pigs, these little pigs are only 1 week old, imagine how cute it is when playing with this pig? Seeing them wagging their tails while stroking their delicate feathers while hugging them, is it fun isn’t it?

Mipig Cafe is located in Meguro, Tokyo. When entering this cafe, visitors will get a briefing from the staff on duty, of course this is done so that visitors are not mistaken in treating every piglet here.

After the briefing, guests will be invited to the second floor where they can enjoy food while playing with the very adorable little pigs. On the second floor, Mipig Cafe has a dressing shoe to wear, the manager really wants to keep the cafe clean so that food and drinks remain hygienic.

The piglet at Mipig Cafe comes from Yamanashi Prefecture, the first Teacup Pig Farm farm in Japan. Interestingly, visitors can not only play with these adorable pigs, they can also buy them and bring them home!

Lately, pigs have become exotic pets favored even by world-class artists, such as Ariana Grande and Paris Hilton. The little pigs here are also trained, very tame and smart. The sale of this piglet at the same time to promote to the public about the cafe. Interested in coming and playing with these little pigs?

Silverlake: Tourist Attractions in Pattaya for Fatigue Relievers

For those of you who are on vacation in Thailand and plan to come to the Pattaya area, you should visit one of the places there, called Silverlake. Silverlake itself is one place in the Pattaya area, here you can see the beauty of the very famous wineries in Thailand. Besides that you can also visit the Laser Buddha.

This plantation is located in the Eastern region of Thailand and is the only vineyard in Eastern Thailand. This plantation has an area of ​​480 hectares. Silverlake Vineyard is a very good wine producer in Thailand.

Silverlake Vineyard was founded by Mr. Surachai Tangjaitrong and his wife named Ms. Supansa Nuengpirom. His wife is one of the most famous artists in Thailand. According to the story of the local community, this plantation was made after they visited several wineries in the world. The plantation finally inspired them so they decided to establish this plantation.

When you get to this place you will be greeted by very fresh air. The design and arrangement of the garden on this plantation is also very cool. You can also go to an artificial park on the edge of the lake. Enjoying the beauty of this plantation with family or friends is also very suitable, especially accompanied by delicious Thai food and drinks.

This place is built with very beautiful Italian-style architecture. You will feel like you are in Italy while on vacation in this place, interested?

Universal Studio Singapore: The Jurrasic World !

The holiday moment is very exciting, especially if it is added with a vacation activity with your beloved family. The moment of vacation is very dear if wasted by relaxing at home. Well, to fill your vacation time, you can try to come to Singapore and stop by Universal Studios there. There is one new interesting vehicle that you can try when visiting Universal Studio Singapore.

The name of their newest vehicle is Jurassic World: Explore & Roar! If you visit this vehicle, you will be brought back to the stone age where Dinousaurus is still there! This ride is only available until next August, so for those of you lovers of the Jurassic Park sequel, this place is a place that you must visit.

Here you will not only feel the sensation of the stone age, you will also face dangerous dinousaurus, of course by using Augment Reality (AR). You will find several types of dinousaurus when walking, even you can also train Velociraptor ala in Jurassic World movies! Exclamation!

If you are curious about the history of these predators, you can see live action with the theme Jurassic World: Roar! Prepare yourself mentally because you will feel an exciting sensation and meet ferocious predators like T-rex, Pteranodon, Velociraptor to the chaos that occurs on the streets of Hollywood, guaranteed you will feel satisfied with the sensations that are here.

Hurry and come and feel the sensation of being in an exciting and exciting era, if you come with your friends, there are interesting promos that you can get. For more details, you can check directly into the Universal Studios Singapore official website.