The Beautiness Of Fansipan Mountain Vietnam

Fansipan is the highest mountain in the Indochina region. Mount Fansipan is also a major tourist destination in Vietnam. The beauty of the natural landscape here is very beautiful and enchanting, it’s natural that many tourists intentionally come to this place just to see its beauty.

Mount Fansipan is located in northern Vietnam. Although the height of Mount Fansipan is only 3,143 meters, its beauty can be compared to other famous mountains in the world. Usually to reach the top of Mount Fansipan takes 1 to 3 days, but with the presence of a cable car, everything becomes easy so that anyone can reach the top and see the beauty of the mountain peak.

Riding the cable car on the mountain is also not less exciting by climbing through conventional climbing lanes. You will see a beautiful expanse of flower gardens when you are above the cable car. Besides that, the presence of large pagodas and clock towers certainly adds to the beauty of this place.

For the price of commuting using the cable car, visitors will be charged a ticket of 600,000 Dong (Vietnamese currency) or around 300,000 rupiah. The cable car will start the journey from the cable car station, the cable car will go to the top of Fansipan. In addition to the cable car, you can also climb the funicular stairs to arrive at the top.

The best time to enjoy the beauty on this mountain peak is in the morning around 6 – 8 am. At that time, the thin mist will slowly disappear, truly a sight with essential beauty.