Resident Evil Lover Will Love This Place !

For game lovers, it feels like the name Resident Evil is no stranger? This Capcom game is indeed a success that has shocked the world, and there have even been many sequels of Resident Evil games released, starting from the first generation Playstation to the latest Playstation 4.

Not long ago Capcom also launched their latest game which is a remake of their old game, Resident Evil 2. Not only that, Capcom also presents a cafe with the Resident Evil theme called Biohazard Cafe and Grill.

This unique cafe is located in Shibuya, Japan. For Resident Evil fans, it feels like this cafe will be the right tourist destination when on vacation to Japan. The interior is made in such a way that gives a different impression to visitors.

Interestingly, at this cafe a replica of Tyrant Type T-002 is displayed which is an icon of Resident Evil 2. The size is 1: 1 with the original! Cool isn’t it?

Not only that, inside this cafe also displayed various knick-knacks that exist in the Resident Evil game, such as STARS, Raccoon City attributes, to various cool life-size posters.

But keep in mind, you can’t just go to this cafe. There is a procedure that must be done, namely reservation. Yes! To be able to visit this cafe, visitors must make reservations in advance.

For those of you who want to taste delicious steak with different sensations, just go to Shibuya Parco Part 1, 7F Utagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.