Noto Peninsula – Unnusual Tourist Destination In Japan

For those of you who want to feel a different sensation while in Japan, you have to stop by the Noto Peninsula. The most interesting thing here is the beauty of the coastal sea, especially along the Okunoto coast and also the coast of Congo. In addition, this place is also a rural area so that the natural atmosphere is still very much felt when you are here.

This place is very quiet, even the passing vehicles are so small that the atmosphere feels very different. For those of you who come to this place, you should try cycling, besides being healthy, you can also enjoy the beauty of the coast and the breeze which is very refreshing.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the coast, you can also come to Satiyama and Sayouma located on the Noto peninsula. This place is the place chosen as the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. What is that ? It is a method of fishing, forests and traditional agriculture that is still preserved to this day. You can also find out the story of the past and feel the thrill of the story of Japan’s past.

Even though it is a unique tourist destination, access to this place is difficult if you want to come by public transportation. It is strongly recommended to rent a car if you want to come to this place or take a tour. For the cost of the tour, you will usually be charged around 5000 Yen. Interested in coming to this place?

Changi Airport Holds a Show With Harry Potter Themes

Who doesn’t know about Changi Airport? This Singapore international airport is indeed very famous in the eyes of world tourists. How come ? This airport has a myriad of modern facilities that can provide extra comfort for visitors.

Even this airport also provides various interesting places that can be visited. Naturally, this airport gets the title of the best airport in the world six times in a row.

Well, recently Changi Airport just held a very interesting event. They present the magic world in the sequel to Harry Potter. Of course this is exciting news for lovers of the Harry Potter sequel.

The theme presented was worked out very well. Not only presents Harry Potter knickknacks, the Changi Airport also presents the most iconic life sized scenes from the Harry Potter films, cool isn’t it?

Fun doesn’t stop there, you can also use costumes like students in the Hogwarts magic academy. In addition, the organizers also present various interesting games, of course with prizes that can be won by each participant.

You can take a walk in Diagon Alley on the very iconic T3 to ride Whomping Willow on T4.

Come here like a dream come true for Harry Potter fans. Almost every corner is a very valuable place to visit. And what’s not less cool is the amazing snow show and LED lights! So, don’t miss it guys.

The Biggest Waterpark In Thailand

If you are looking for a vacation destination outside Indonesia and still around Asia, you can choose Thailand. Besides having many attractive tourist destinations, Thailand also frees tourists to vacation there for 30 days without the need to apply for a visa.

When on vacation to Thailand, usually the most favored destinations are Bangkok, Pattaya, and also Khao Yai. But for those of you who are happy with water play, you can visit the biggest waterpark in Thailand called Ramayana Waterpark.

At a glance, maybe this place is similar to Waterboom in Indonesia. In this water playground, you can find 21 types of water slides that are interesting to try. For those of you who bring children, you can also enter two areas specifically for children who have a vehicle that is safe for the child, such as artificial wave pools, artificial rivers, and children’s pools equipped with mini water slides.

Besides that, at Ramayana Waterpark you can also see elephant attractions which are certainly no less exciting. Seeing the floating market here can also add to your excitement when visiting here.

Not only presents a variety of exciting water rides, the cleanliness of the water here is also very much considered. The management continues to strive to maintain the quality of water in the Ramayana Waterpark.

There is one interesting place here, namely the restaurant in the middle of the pool. Enjoying delicious food and fresh drinks while soaking in the pool certainly provides a different experience. How, interesting isn’t it? What are you waiting for, just come and play happily at the Ramayana Waterpark!

Feel The Sensation Having Meal In Kid Mai Death Restaurant

A restaurant or cafe is usually conceptualized in such a way as to display a comfortable and cozy impression for its visitors. But what if the concept used is actually horrible and can make hair goose bumps?

Kid Mai Death’s name! This restaurant is located in Thailand and is one of the places that attracts a lot of attention. Because this restaurant has the theme of death, so filled with knick-knacks that are thick with death such as coffins and bouquets of flowers.

According to the official Facebook quote from Kid Mai Death, this restaurant gives a similar sensation when holding a funeral. Not only the theme of death, even the food menu here is also taken from various names of diseases in the world.

This restaurant is located near the BTS station on Aree Soi. For those of you who want an additional discount, the restaurant will provide a coffin first and if you dare to enter the coffin, the restaurant owner will provide an additional discount of up to 50%!

Actually this place was built as a reminder to us to always thank God because we will not know when we will die. When entering the coffin for three minutes, we will think of the atmosphere when we die later. Here we can think what would happen if we died at that time? This is made so that we can appreciate life more. Interested in coming to this scary restaurant?

See The Beauty Of Buddha Temple In Bagan Myanmar

One of the oldest cities in Myanmar is Bagan. The city is located near the Irrawaddy River. This city is a city that concentrates on building temples, pagodas and also Buddhist stupas. Even you can find the biggest Buddha stupa when visiting Bagan. There are even pagodas, stupda and temples in Bagan dating from the 11th century as well as 12.

To visit Bagan, there are several modes of transportation that can be chosen, ranging from airplanes, trains, buses, to other land vehicles. Usually the aircraft heading to Bagan are Air Mandalay, Air Bagan, Asian Wings and Myanmar Airways.

Keep in mind, if you choose the land route, you have to travel for 10 hours if the starting point of departure starts from Yangon. When arriving at Bagan, there are hundreds of inns that can be chosen and adjusted to the pocket they have.

Religious aura in Bagan was immediately felt when arriving in this city. From a distance we can see the many stupas and temples that stand firm. Not a few outside tourists who come here to worship or just curious about the beauty of temples and stupas that exist.

If you are confused about visiting any temple in Bagan, we recommend visiting Ananda Temple, Shwesandaw Temple, Htilo Minlo Temple, and also Shwe Zigon Temple. Do not forget to visit the Golden Palace, which is the palace used by the king in the old days.

For those of you who want to learn about the history and culture in this city, you can visit the Archeological Museum in Bagan, interesting isn’t it?

Beautifull Island In Thailand – Trang Island

Unlike other famous islands such as Phi Phi and Phuket, Trang Island is not very well known to tourists. This place is still very natural because there aren’t many people who come and know. Even so, the beauty that is here can be juxtaposed with the beauty of the famous islands in Thailand.

The beauty of this island is like magic that can hypnotize anyone who comes to visit. The beauty of crystal clear water and the stunning scenery is indeed an attraction of this place. When on vacation to this place, you must visit the following places.

The first destination is Koh Libong. This island is the largest island in Trang. When you come to Koh Libong, you will be welcomed by 6,000 residents and a very friendly small fishing community. Not only that, the island is also a rubber plantation that is large enough so that you can see the rubber forest that is so beautiful. For the accommodation itself is quite friendly with pockets, only about 8 USD for the holiday season, this means that if you come on a typical day, the price of lodging offered will also be cheaper.

The next destination is Koh Mook. Here you will find high cliffs that can only be visited when the sea water is receding. When the water recedes, later you will find a beautiful cave. According to the story of the surrounding community, this cave was used by pirates in ancient times to hide treasure and robbery. There is one luxury resort on Koh Mook, namely Sivalai Beach Resort. To stay at this luxury hotel you need to spend 146 USD per night.

Continue the trip to Koh Kradan. This place is a popular place to become the most beautiful destination in Thailand. On Koh Kradan, there are many inns and resorts that you can choose from. You can match it with the budget you have. Beautiful white sand and clear beach water are the main attractions of this place. Don’t forget to snorkel when visiting Koh Kradan.

Angkor Watt – The Best Travelling Destination In Cambodia

As a traveler, it’s not complete if you haven’t enjoyed the beauty of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Angkor Wat itself is located in the city of Angkor, Cambodia. If you want to come here, it is advisable to come at dawn around 4:00 in the morning so you can enjoy the beauty of a very beautiful sunrise. This place is actually a bit similar to Borobudur temple, the difference here is that there are so many temples scattered in hilly areas that you need extra time to be able to visit all the places at Angkor Wat.


When you are here, you will be presented with a view of the temple that soars high into the sky along with small temples around it. If you have never come here, you will be surprised because at first you will only see the wilderness, but when you have started exploring this place, you will be made silent because of its beauty.


One of the most famous temples at Angkor Wat is Bayon temple. If you ask this temple to the surrounding residents or Cambodian residents, they will quickly provide information about this temple. You could say Bayon temple is a landmark of Cambodians. This place is so iconic that it becomes a mandatory tourist destination for tourists visiting Angkor Wat.


Angkor Wat itself is a temple with a touch of Hindu religion and culture. When you come to the main temple here, you will see trenches and walls surrounding the main temple. On the wall you can see ancient carvings that are very beautiful. The entrance to reach the main part has a distance of about half a kilometer. Later you will pass a gate symbolizing the rainbow bridge.


As we know, Hindu culture is very closely related to supernatural nature. Hinduism does believe in the existence of life outside the real life of humans, it could be a demon or a god so here you will see the viscosity of that belief through carvings and carvings.


For a vacation to Angkor Wat, you can take available tour packages. There are several packages that you can take, for the first package it costs 20 USD (tours for 1 day), the second package 40 USD (tours for 3 days) and 60 USD (tours for 1 week). We highly recommend taking a 3-day tour because there are many places you can visit here. If you have more time, the 60 USD package is the best package because you will be invited to visit all parts of Angkor Wat.

Kiyomizudera Temple – The Most Beautifull Temple In Japan

Japan is a country that has many exciting and beautiful tourist destinations. In addition, Japan also has hundreds of temples that are quite popular tourist destinations among tourists. One of the most popular temples to visit is Kiyomizudera. This temple has the meaning of the Temple of Holy Water. This temple is also included in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Kiyomizudera Temple was first built in 780, adjacent to the Otowa spring located on the East side of Kyoto. This temple is a temple of the Nara Buddhist sect and has been a UNESCO world heritage since 1994 ago. Every year, Kiyomizudera temples are always crowded with tourists and can be entered into the itinerary of tourists visiting Tokyo.

Kiyomizudera Temple looks beautiful because it is surrounded by tall green trees that are so beautiful. In addition, we can see the architecture of buildings that are very classic and elegant like those of the Japanese shogunate. To be able to reach Kiyomizudera, we need to climb and pass a small winding road that is quite uphill.

In 1633 ago, Kiyomizudera was built without using nails. If seen, it might be similar to Borobudur Temple. The quality of the wood used to build Kiyomizudera Temple is very high-quality, this is evident from the strength of this building, although it has been built for decades.

We can also see the beauty of the cherry blossoms from a distance while at Kiyomizudera Temple. So, if you are on vacation in Japan, don’t miss this one!

Best Sinkhole In The World

Sinkhole or ruined hole has recently become a topic of interesting conversation among tourists. In just one year, there are 3 sinkholes that have extraordinary beauty in Indonesia. The first sinkhole in Indonesia is located in Yogyakarta, second in Tuban, East Java, and the third is in Sukabumi, West Java.

Although created from the ruins of buildings, but there are several sinkholes in the world that must be visited because it has such an enchanting beauty. Let’s take a look at any sinkhole that has amazing beauty in the world.

It turns out that the first sinkhole is located in Indonesia! This sinkhole is located in Donggala, Central Sulawesi. The surrounding community called it a sea well. This sinkhole is created naturally and is very rare in the world. If the sea water recedes, this sinkhole will plug, whereas if the tide is high, then the sinkhole will recede, cool isn’t it?

The second sinkhole is in Belize, the sinkhole name is The Great Blue Hole. Sangking beautiful, this place became a world heritage by UNESCO. This place is a diving location that is very famous in the world. It is about 318 meters wide and has a depth of 12 meters.

The next one is Xiaozhai Tiankeng, better known as the Heavenly Pit. This sinkhole is the deepest in the world with a length of 626 meters and a width of 537 meters. For its own depth it reaches 511-662 meters. To reach this sinkhole, you need to pass 2,800 pieces of stairs, cool!

Red Lotus Lake In Thailand

For those of you who like lotus flowers, you must come to the Red Lotus Lake. This lake is located in Udon Thani, Thailand. When you arrive at this place, your eyes will be entertained by the beauty of lotus flowers along this lake. The beautiful pink lotus colors dominate this place.


According to legend in Thailand, this place was once a magnificent palace followed by the construction of a sacred temple. Many monks make this place a holy place of worship. Unfortunately the story has not been proven to be true until now.


Actually this lake is not so big, the area of ​​the lake is only as big as a soccer field. But the beauty of lotus flowers that cover this area is very beautiful. Not to mention the presence of wild animals swimming in the lake further adds to the beauty of this place.


If you want to go around this lake in a small boat, you can rent a boat here. In one day, this boat operates up to 3x. For those of you who want to come to visit, it is strongly recommended to come at the right time, because when this flower has not bloomed, you will not be able to see the beauty of the beautiful lotus flower.


Usually the surrounding population will catch fish as a livelihood when the lotus flower has not yet bloomed. When they bloom, they will sell boat services that we can rent. This place is also very Instagramable, so don’t forget to bring a camera!