Mysterious And Beautifull Lake In North Sumatera

Perhaps the name of the most famous tourist spot in North Sumatra is Lake Toba. It’s true, but besides Lake Toba there are still other places that are no less interesting to visit, the name is Lake Linting.

Lake Linting is located in the Sinembah District of Tanjung Muda Hulu, Deli Serdang. The lake is surrounded by many large, lush trees. The more seen, then we will be more immersed in its beauty. Many mystical stories that are believed by residents around Lake Linting.

For those of you who want to visit here, please always obey every prohibition for your own safety. Until now no one has succeeded in measuring the depth of Lake Linting.

To go to Lake Linting, you can use a variety of public transportation in Medan. You can leave Medan Amplas Terminal, the cost of the trip is also quite cheap, only 20,000 people per person. When you arrive at this lake, you only need to pay the entry fee of 5,000 rupiah.

When you arrive, you will immediately be greeted by a very cool and peaceful atmosphere. Beautiful views of the lake and lush trees will provide a calm effect on the brain. The air around Lake Linting is also very cool so that it can be a perfect place for relaxation to get rid of fatigue.

You can also soak your feet on the edge of a lake that has a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. If you are hungry, there are many food sellers who sell around the Lake. Interesting isn’t it?