Make Your Visit to the Historical Colosseum in Rome, Italy – I am guessing that every one in this world will ever hear about Rome word. The first thing will comes out into our mind when hearing the word Rome is might be the city that will be fill by a lot of historical building. Rome already become the magnet for traveler around the world, because this city is never failed to attract the world with their thousand of attraction on every single side of this country. Rome like having anything in this world that can get by anyone from the backpacker with low budget until the luxury one can be find in this city.

Rome is well known for their old building that having a lot of history and become phenomenal until now. Once one the building that we want to visit this time should be Colosseum. Colosseum is the building that being build by a stone and having the shape of rounding circle. This place was being build as the place to having an art attraction and also a gladiator fight on that time. This building was build by Vespian King.

Colosseum with the other name which is Flavian Amphitheatre. The unique if this building is if we are standing in the middle of this building and try to sing a song, our voice will be echoing all over the place on this building. Because of this unique Colosseum becoming one of the seven wonder that this world ever have until now.

Also when you are visiting Colosseum in Rome, need to make sure that you also visit the Pompeii. Pompeii is one of the city that being build on the old Romain time. This city was destroyed on the 79th before century because of the eruption of Vesusius Mountain. Now this city becoming one of the most favorite place to be visit in Rome.

And do not forget to see the historical place for Constantine people from Italy. Arch of Constantine located on the west of Colosseum and is the place where the King of Constantine defeat his enemy called Maxentius on the Milvian Bridge fight on 312 century.

So how guys ? Ready to visit the historical town ? 😀