Mountain, Beach, Town Anything in Rio De Janiero

Mountain, Beach, Town Anything in Rio De Janiero

Rio De Janiero is one of the city that we can find in Brazil. Actually this city have anything inside that can attract the traveler to visit that place, but surely the cost to visit that place sometime become the obstruction to go there. But if you are having a lot of budget for travelling, This city should be on your wish list.

In here we can see anything that we would like to find when we are having a holiday. A beautiful high mountain,  an amazing beach until the old town with the cultural heritage can be found in this city. let talks about it one by one.

In here we can find Corcovado Mountain that becoming the place in where we can find the iconic Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil. Maybe for some of us not is christian, this place also is worth ed to be visit. In here we can see an amazingly stunning view with the 38m statue as the main thing in there. This Statue is located in the peak of the mountain that will give you an outstandingly unforgettable experience if you can climb and see it directly in there.

Go down to the city, we can find a Favela in here. Favela is the called for slum place that we can find in Brazil. More than 700 hundred slum place can be found in here. Slum is only how they called the place, actually this place is make by their government as of the most popular place to be visit in here. The most popular one is Rocinha Favela. In there we will find a lot of shop that sell iconic food and thing that only can be found in Brazil. Do not forget to try their Tapioca, some kind of crepes from Brazil.

And the most waited one is all about their beach. As we know Brazil have a lot of beautiful beach in their country. The most popular one should be Copacabana. If you are planning to visit this  beach, make sure you also visit one attractive spot in there which is Fort Copacabana. In there you will find a museum that will giving you the knowledge about the military history of Rio De Janeiro. After visiting this Fort, the best one to do is enjoying the beach view while having a special drink that so many cafe are providing.

Talking about Cafe, Do not forget to go to Centro place. there will be so many cafe that you can find in there, But talking about the hot chocolate, Confeitaria Colombo is the Champs !