House of Paws – Cafe With Dog Themes In Bangkok

Restaurants with cat themes may be common, but in Bangkok, there is one restaurant that uses dog themes, the name of the restaurant is House of Paws. In this restaurant, visitors can eat while playing with cute and adorable dogs who are very clever and trained.

If hanging out in a cafe with a girlfriend has become commonplace, but the story is different if hanging out with dozens of very tame dogs. Not only can you see dogs, visitors can also interact with dogs in this restaurant.

House of Paws or commonly called HoPs is located in Bangkok, precisely in the Siam Square area. This place is a shopping place that is very popular among young people. So don’t be surprised if we see many young people who are still wearing school uniforms when they come to this place.

To enter the cafe is also very cheap, visitors only need to pay 150 baths or about 60,000 rupiah for a duration of two hours. The money paid also includes one drink that we can choose freely. The most famous dogs here are Charlie and Gatsby from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi race then Caption from the Beagle type and Jaykop from the large Old English Sheep. No need to be afraid because all these dogs have been trained so that they are very tame.

Besides the dog, there are a total of 11 dog breeds that we can find here. All of them are already trained, they will even swipe their heads to the visitors as a friendly sign. If visitors reach out to the dog that is here, the dog here will respond by lifting their right foot. The funny thing is ~

For hygiene issues, the owner of the HoPs is very careful about the cleanliness of the place and the dogs. When visitors arrive, they have to sterilize their hands with cleaning gel available at the entrance of the cafe and have to replace shoes with slippers that have been provided. Don’t try to give any food when you are here if you don’t want to be scolded by the cafe. This is done to maintain the health and integrity of existing dogs.