Noto Peninsula – Unnusual Tourist Destination In Japan

Noto Peninsula - Unnusual Tourist Destination In Japan

For those of you who want to feel a different sensation while in Japan, you have to stop by the Noto Peninsula. The most interesting thing here is the beauty of the coastal sea, especially along the Okunoto coast and also the coast of Congo. In addition, this place is also a rural area so that the natural atmosphere is still very much felt when you are here.

This place is very quiet, even the passing vehicles are so small that the atmosphere feels very different. For those of you who come to this place, you should try cycling, besides being healthy, you can also enjoy the beauty of the coast and the breeze which is very refreshing.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the coast, you can also come to Satiyama and Sayouma located on the Noto peninsula. This place is the place chosen as the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. What is that ? It is a method of fishing, forests and traditional agriculture that is still preserved to this day. You can also find out the story of the past and feel the thrill of the story of Japan’s past.

Even though it is a unique tourist destination, access to this place is difficult if you want to come by public transportation. It is strongly recommended to rent a car if you want to come to this place or take a tour. For the cost of the tour, you will usually be charged around 5000 Yen. Interested in coming to this place?