Free of Charge Tourist Destination In Jakarta City

Who says Jakarta is only synonymous with crawl traffic? In Jakarta there are also many fun and cool and free tourist destinations that must be visited by tourists. For that we have summarized what places you can visit while on vacation in the city of Jakarta.

The first destination is Kota Tua. In this place you not only can learn history that has happened in Jakarta, you can also enjoy the architecture of ancient buildings that are thick with Dutch culture. Every evening you can also enjoy a variety of interesting attractions from street artists, enjoy delicious food and buy various types of unique handicrafts.

If you are satisfied to enjoy all the excitement that is in Kota Tua, you can continue to relax in Situ Lembang Park. This park can be a tourist destination to get rid of fatigue. Shady trees and beautiful lakes make this place very popular with tourists and local residents. You can also fish when visiting this park.

Still not satisfied? Try coming to Suropati Park. The park is located in the middle of this city like a hidden pearl in the middle of a crowded city. You can enjoy a cool atmosphere when visiting this park. Taman Suropati is also a crowded place in the morning to exercise or just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the city amid the bustling city.

Want to come to a unique but free museum? Try coming to the Central Gardens Museum. This museum is unique, but to come to this museum, you need to reserve a place in advance and a minimum of 7 people must be able to visit.

How, interesting enough isn’t it? Come visit the sights directly, guaranteed exciting!