Some Tips To Go To Macau – Macau as we know one of the most popular destination that we can find in Asia are located near Hong kong and have the same right with Hong Kong as one of the specialist region own by China. If in the past Hong Kong is colony by England, Macau is colony by Portuguese. So in here we can see a mix cultural between China and Portuguese that can be very attracting to be watch.

Macau as we also known as Asia Las Vegas. In here we can find a lot of casino and gambling place that surrounding Macau territory. Usually when we want to go to Macau, tourist will choose for having both Hong Kong and Macau to having their holiday.

This is some trick and tips that we can provide you when you choose for having a holiday in Macau.

Reaching Macau

The best accommodation we can have for reaching Macau should be using plane. But if you choose to go to Hong Kong First and after that from Hong Kong go to Macau, the best you can get is using ferry ship. It will cost you around HKD 290 for you to reach Macau from Hong Kong.


Having Macau Currency with you

You need to know that Macau have their own currency, so when you want to come to Macau remember to having their money first.

A Free Shuttle Bus

Holiday is not always about money, when you are in Macau, you can enjoy a free Shuttle bus without need to pay for a cent for that. Some most popular destination that we can reach using this free shuttle bus which is Senado Square, Venetian, San Man Lo and Galaxy Macau. You can find a lot of bus stop in there.

Free cookies

After free transportation we also can have a free snack in here. But it not a free gift like you things :D. The cookies will be the sample cookies that we can get before we decide to buy the cookies. We can find a lot of Cookies Store near Ruin’s of St Paulo and Senado Square that having a free sample for the tourist.


Landmark in Macau

Every country will known for the unique landmark , that one also happen in Macau, let say that Singapore has their own Merlion Park and Marina Bay Sands, Malaysia with their Petronas Tower, Thailand Wat Arun and Grand Palace and Indonesia for having Jakarta and Bali.

In Macau we can find Ruins’ of St Paul , Senado Square, Taipa Village and Macao Tower.

Also Macau is well known for their Egg tart, so do not forget to try having their egg tart when you are in Macau.

And the LAST but not the least. Do not forget to trying your luck by going to their casino and having  some bet !!!

Keep Calm and Go Travel the Worlds.