Great Wall China – China is the country with the biggest population in this world. China alone have a big history and make them becoming one of the country that having so many cultural heritage also. One of their biggest historical things is Great Wall China. So you need to make sure that you will visit Great Wall China when you are going to have a holiday to China.

Great Wall China is located on Beijing, Beijing is the capital city of China country, so in the past Beijing is the center of anything coming and come out through China. This Great Wall China is being build on Ming Dynasty that have over than 800 wall and tower that can not be seen and be count with human eyes because of the length that can reach almost 7000km.

For build this Great Wall China takes more than a hundred years until this building can become this gigantic and sturdy. The first reason why this thing is being build is to prevent the attacker when they are having a war on that time. So this place is build so big and so long with a winding lane so make the enemy more difficult to cross this place. Even the slopes are very steep to be climb and make it impossible for enemy to climb it.

Because of that thing on 1987, UNESCO choose Great Wall China as one of the seven wonders that ever have by this world. Now if we go to Beijing we can visit this gigantic place as one of the best tourist place in China and in the world.

A little advice for you guys that want to visit this place is the first you need to choose your most comfortable shoes to be wear. Do not forget to bring your personal belonging water and for the cloth need to make sure with the season, when the winter is come make sure you have your jacket with you and for the hot season, short pant and a simple big t shirt is more than enough.

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