Dwarf Kingdom, Theme Park For Little Man

There is a theme park called Dwarf Kingdom in China. This theme park devoted to little man. All the worker who work in the theme park have a small body, like a dwarf.

In Dwarf Kingdom, there’s around 100 workers and all of them is China citizens. Their age are around 19 – 49. All of the worker live at worker dorminotry, near the theme park. So they can go to work easily.

This theme park build in 2009 by a real estate successful businessman named Chen Mingjing. For tourist who want to meet the dwarf, they need to pay around 200.000 rupiah.

CNN said Dward Kingdom rarely in demand by the public or tourist. There is no weird and extreme performance by the dwarf, they only playing a role in a classic story like Swan Like.

To be a worker, it’s easy, only 3 requirements must be fulfill, no contagious disease, not taller than 90 cm and the ages must below 50. Easy right ?

So many people critics the Dwarf Kingdom. Warwick Davis as an America Actor said that this place is bunch of shit, he said this theme park is like an old theme park who only show weird thing about human. He even said all the visitors seeing and treating them not like treating human.

So will you come to this theme park and watching them and laugh at them ?