Two Best Place To Go In Nagoya Japan

Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka may be the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, but there is one city that is no less interesting than the three cities, the name of the city is Nagoya.

Nagoya is a city that is rarely visited by tourists, even though there are many exciting places here that can be visited by tourists. Besides the food here is also very tasty! But of the many places that exist, there are two main places that are favorites, what are they?

First is Nabana no Sato. This place is the largest flower garden in Japan. Can you imagine the beauty in this flower garden? There are millions of flowers that will welcome you when you come to Nabana no Sato. To be able to enter this flower garden, visitors only need to pay 2100 yen, then visitors will get a voucher of 1000 yen which can be exchanged for food and drinks.

What makes this place even cooler, there are LED lighting shows where this LED will reflect the 4 seasons in Japan, isn’t it cool?

The second place is the Nagoya Science Museum. This place is the largest educational museum in Japan. Nagoya Science Museum was built in 1977 ago. Here you can see various collections of objects originating from the Japanese paleolithic era. There are many craft works and documents as well as advanced technology on display here.

To enter this museum, visitors only need to pay an entrance ticket for 300 yen for children, while adults only need to pay 800 yen, it’s cheap, right?