You Only Life Once, Barcelona For Sure ! – All human in this world only have the chance to life once, So make it worth ! Who in the world does not know about Barcelona ? And who the hell do not want to visit that country ?

A City with a lot of cultural heritage and also the city that own one of the biggest and popular football team in this world is worth enough to make this city as one of the favorite destination city in this world. The good weather and also a good people inside that town is another extra things we can get when we visit this city.

Let talk about the place that we need to visit when in Barcelona.

Camp Nou

This support to be the first one right ? Camp Nou or in English mean the new field is the home stadium for one of the biggest football team on human history. When visiting here make sure that you buy some original souvenir like the t shirt, the bag, and others that all related to Barcelona. This is the home for Messi fans around the world.

Casa Batllo

Located on Passeig de Gracia, Casa Batllo is the iconic things that we can find in this city. In the old time this place is a conventional old house that build in 1877. after being renov in 1904 this building become more elegant. This building also the proof of old thing also having the own beautiful way.


This is one of the most favorite place for local people that offer us the beautiful of Barcelona scenery. One of the side having the look of the port and Mediterranean ocean, another side show us the beauty of Barcelona city. This place was located on the hill where around surrounding by a lot of botanic park and cactus park. Also in here there will so many culture attraction that can attract more visitor.

Las Ramblas

This should be the most popular street that we can find in Barcelona and in Spain. La Ramblas is the most crowded street that full of people from day to night. This street is decorate so beautifully with so many tree on the both side of the street. This street also full of place that sell souvenir that we can get in Barcelona. Also there are so many street art that we can see on this street. You will never be boring if you walk around this street again and again.

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