Beautifull Place In Nepal, Kathmandu

If you plan to take a vacation or visit Nepal, then one place you need to go to is Kathmandu. To come to this place, the best time is March. Because in mid-March, the surrounding community will celebrate a celebration called Holi.

When visiting Kathmandu, you need to stop by Pashupatinath Temple and Patan Durbar Square. Pashupatinath Temple is the oldest and most famous temple of Lord Shiva in Nepal. This place is the most popular tourist destination for tourists.

When you arrive at this temple, visitors will be treated to an amazingly beautiful scenery, where there are amazing green hills, not only that, the green mountain scenery is also a main attraction for tourists. If you want to visit this temple, we strongly recommend coming in the afternoon before sunset.

Why is that ? Because you can see the beauty of the reddish orange color that slowly sinks behind the shady trees. This moment is the most awaited moment for tourists. Not a few photographers who come to capture the beauty of the moment.

One thing you should know, because the streets in Nepal are full of dust, you can use a mask or nose cap. This is done so that you do not breathe dust directly. Interested in visiting this one Hindu temple?