Exploring Kabukicho – The Prostitute Area In Japan

For Japanese people, Kabukicho is the most popular place to go in Japan. Because it’s so famous, five from ten tourist have been came to this place. They come to this place for take a walk and see the architecture of the building or does have another reason when they comes.

Kabukicho is the nightlife destination in Japan. It’s different from another destination in Japan, in this place you can find so much cafe and bar who sell drink. Not only that, you also can find many girls, you can bring this girl and you can *** with them ( you know what i mean right ? ).

This place is decorated with beautiful lights. Across the road, you can see the beautifull of nightlife in Japan. But you must remember, don’t take a photo in Kabukicho. Is prohibited ! You don’t want to have a problem with yakuza, right ? Many place in Kabukicho is under control by yakuza, the mafia gank in Japan.

When come to this place, you need to be carefull. Sometimes there is a fight between yakuza. So if you decide to come to this place, you must know any risk which can happen when come to this place.

You also can buy a porn DVD or VCD when come to Kabukicho. Not only that, for girls who want to have a good date with cool and handsome guys, you can rent the hostest, but the hostest just accompany you and make you feel special and not for bed ! This is the golden rule of the hostest. So excited to come to Kabukicho in Japan ?