Biggest Waterpark In Japan !

It is undeniable, Japan has indeed become a tourist destination that attracts the attention of many tourists, but do you already know that in Japan there is one of the largest indoor waterparks in the world reaching 30,000 m2 or around 3x football fields. The name of the waterpark is Seagaia Ocean Dome.

This waterpark is located in Miyazaki and is the most favored swimming pool by Japanese residents. Because the weather in Japan can quickly change, sometimes it is cold and sometimes it can be very hot so the swimming pool is the most appropriate alternative to cool the body.

According to alerts of Japan News Reviews, Ocean Dome is the largest waterpark in the world with a length of 300 meters and a width of 100 meters that can accommodate more than 10,000 people.

When the weather is sunny, the roof of the Ocean Dome can be opened so that the pool will be exposed to sunlight, but when the weather deteriorates, the roof of the Ocean Dome will be closed and visitors can continue to play happily.

To maintain the stability of the room temperature, there are temperature regulators where the temperature in the Ocean Dome will be set at 30 degrees Celsius. Not only that, the temperature of the water is also arranged so that it stays at a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

Ocean Dome entrance tickets are quite expensive where adults will be charged around 2600 yen (320,000 rupiah), while for children only need to pay 800 Yen (98,000 rupiah).

Enjoy the Beauty of the Pulau Seribu, Exciting and Fun !

Pulau Seribu is a destination that is very popular with the people of Jakarta. This place offers a different and enjoyable holiday experience. Unfortunately many people don’t get a special impression when visiting here, even though this place is very interesting to explore. Here are some recommendations for activities that you can do when visiting Pulau Seribu.

The main thing you have to try is to do snorkeling while exploring the beauty of the underwater Pulau Seribu. It is only natural to see a vacation in the tropics. It is unfortunate if you visit this place but do not do snorkeling. The most suitable places to do this activity are Semak Daun Island, Gosong Perak Island, Kayu Angin Genteng Island and East Patondan Island.

For tourists who like fishing, you can also channel your hobbies when visiting the Pulau Seribu. You can target what fish you want to fish, from mackerel, grouper, trevally to skipjack tuna. Exciting isn’t it! To be able to enjoy an exciting fishing experience, the most recommended time is around March to September.

You also have to play with sharks, yeah sharks! Not all sharks are dangerous. Do not believe ? Just try to come to the shark breeding that is on Pramuka Island. Guaranteed your perception of sharks will change 180 degrees! Besides that, you can also see hawksbill conservation activities. Hawksbill turtles are a type of turtle that is endangered so it must be preserved.

You can also uncover the history of the fort on Three Islands, namely Onrust, Cipir and Kelor. Here you can explore the remains of the fort. While in the ruins of this fortress you can enjoy the beauty of Pulau Seribu from a different perspective.

There are some activities that can be done when coming to this place. Guaranteed you will come home laughing with relief because you have felt a different and pleasant holiday experience.

Have You Ever Heard About Fraser Island In Australia ?

What would you think about for the first time if you heard the name Australia? Kangaroo ? Sydney Opera? Beautiful beaches with stunning coral reefs? Have you ever thought about Fraser Island? Don’t be surprised, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and it’s located on the southern edge of Queensland, excited bout it?

On Fraser Island there is a beach called 75 Mile, why is it called that? Because the length does reach 75 miles or about 120 km, it’s cool! The best way to explore is to use a 4WD car. Here is also a naturally formed jacuzzi called Champagne Pools.

On this island, the sand is not only white, there are various colors of sand that you can meet. If you want to see sand that has many colors, you can come to The Pinnacle. Here you can see sand cliffs with a variety of colors that are very charming.

There is one beautiful little river here, the name is Sungai Creek. The water in this river is very clean and can be drunk directly. Besides the river, on Fraser Island there are also various beautiful lakes such as Lake McKenzie, Wabby Lake and Ray Lightyear lake.

Want to experience adventure in the forest? How come! Forest preservation on Fraser Island is taken very seriously. But if you want a route that is not confusing, you can go directly to Central Station, get ready to be fascinated by the beautiful natural beauty!

But if you want to do more in-depth exploration, just try to take the Fraser Island Great Walk, you will travel around 90 km and you can complete the journey in 8 days.

Actually there are still so many activities that you can do here such as flying around the island using small airplanes and seeing the conservation of endangered Dingoes animals. Well, for those of you who want to find out more details about this island, there are already many sites that offer trips to this unique island, happy holiday!

There Is So Much Fun In New York !

When we are planning on going somewhere far and travel to the place that we do not know and never been there, Budget will be one of the most important aspect we will consider about.

So because of that if we can find an attraction that we can get by free when we are going to one place it will fell like heaven to all the traveler. So now we will talk about New York. New York is one of the biggest city that we can find in America. As we know their standard living in there is higher than any other city in this world, that will make us things that we need to spend a lot of money if we want to have a holiday in there. But do not worry guys, The Big Apple Also give us a lot of Attraction that we can enjoy for free guys ! Check it out below.

Central Park

Yes their Central Park already popular around the world. as we know that this park is located precisely in the middle heart of Manhattan city. This park was build on 1857 and become one of the iconic place in New York. You can visit this park and enjoy the attraction inside for free guys.

High Line Elevated Park

Another popular park that we can find in New York is High Line Elevated Park. But do not think that this is just like another  usual park, because this park is build on the abandoned railroad and it is make that place is one of the iconic place to get a picture.

Times Square

Who in this entire world do not know about Times Square. Yes this place is the most popular place in New york that all tourist around the world will come here when the visit New York. The City of light is the most appropriate word to describe this place because of the beautiful light that shown in this city.

Surely after reading this article all of you must thing to get New York as one of the place you want to visit before die right.



Red Sea In Egypt Which Is Really Beautifull

When people tell us about Mesir , the first thing that cross our mind will be about their Pyramid, Sphinx and also their old time Mosque. But That not the only thing Mesir will give to you when you decided to travel to one of the country in the continent of Africa.

For you information beside off all the things we speak before, Mesir also have a very beautiful Ocean that will suprise the traveler.

Yes in their Red Ocean we can find the second biggest coral reefs that we can find in this world. and in here we also can find more than a thousand invertebrate spesies and more than two hundred  hard and soft coral.

As we know Red ocean are located between The continent of Asia and Africa and cross some countries on that two continent with Mesir as of them. But do not think that Red ocean is the ocean where the water is red and have a lot wave, Red ocean surprisingly are looks very blue and calm.

the nearest city with the Red ocean can be find in their capital city Kairo is Ain El Sokhna, 150 km far away.

But if you want to find the best city to visit that are also populer about the beautiul of their city and become one of the place all the tourist will visit when they come to Mesir, traveler need to go to the Sharm El Sheikh city. But this city is located far from Kairo, we need to drive almost 600 km to be there from Kairo.

Traveler that love to Snorkeling can choose Hurghada as the city they will visit, because in Hurghada beach traveler can find a lot of rental boat that will bring you to the ocean.

So do not always think that Mesir only have Pyramid on their city.


Best Destination In Switzerland

Switzerland as we know is one of the country that located in the West Europe that have an unique things that different from any other country that we can find in Europe. When we are talking about this Country, most of us will directly things about the Alpen mountain that already know as one of the greatest mountain that we have on this earth.

But that not the only things that we can found when we visit Switzerland, there is a lot of spectacular nature that we can find in this country. And that makes this Country is listed as one of the must visited country on the Europe. Beside we can find a beautiful nature in here, in Switzerland we also we can find a lot of building with the Castle design that will make us speechless by just seeing them.

So in this articel we will recommend for you some place you must visit when you visit this country. Check it out guys.

Jenewa Lake

The first place you must go when you come to visit this country is Jenewa Lake. This is one of the most beautiful lake that we can find in the world and also the biggest lake we can find in Europe.

The Chillon Castle

this Castle was build in the middle of 12 century and get a renovation on 13 century. this renovation is done by Pietro 11. before this place open to public for visit, this Castle was build as a fort. You can find this Castle in the city of Montreux.

Schilthorn and Piz Gloria

For us the one that love to see James Bond Movie will recognize this place. Schilthorn and Piz Gloria is one of the location that James bond movie that place. From this place you can see the beauty of Alpen mountain. So you do not need to climb the mountain and can enjoy the view from here.


The last place you must visit when you visit this country is Interlaken. Interlaken can be found in Bern, Swiss. In here the tourist can do so many outdoor activities such as skydiving, parasailing, and other any activites. Also in this place will held an event that only can be seen once in 12 years which is JungFrau Marathon and Unspunnenfest Festival. It will be a best experience for us if we can visit this country on the time this event held.

Good Place To Eat Durian In Malaysia

Besides Indonesia and Thailand, Malaysia also has durians which are their trademarks fruit. The taste of durian in Malaysia is also no less delicious with durian Bangkok or durian Medan in Indonesia. Although the price offered is quite expensive, the durian still has fans who are always loyal to consume it. In Malaysia, there are several exciting places that you can choose to enjoy the durian enjoyment, check it out!

1. Jimmy’s Durian Orchard

This place is located in Bentong Hills and provides various types of best quality durian. One of the most popular durians is Musang King, Tekka, D101 and also D24. Besides providing a very good durian, Jimmy and Tanya as the owners of this place are also very friendly so we feel comfortable when visiting here.

2. Raub Durian Orchard

This place is very famous, many say that Raub Durian Orchard is the best durian dining place in Pahang. Whether or not it is true is still uncertain, but one thing that is certain is that the durian served at this place is the best quality!

3. Cerita 1 Malaysia Musang King Durian Orchard Farm

As the name implies, this place offers the legendary Musang King durian in Malaysia. Cerita 1 Malaysia Musang King Durian Orchard Farm is located in Kg. Cinta Manis, Karak, Bentong, Malaysia. For those of you who want to enjoy the full durian, you can take the all you can eat durian package for 120 MYR or around 370,000 thousand rupiahs.

4. Bao Sheng Durian Farm

Wow, for this one place it’s been very legendary in Malaysia because this place has been established since 1959 ago. The trees here are also over 40 years old, so there is no doubt about the durian quality in this place. Bao Sheng Durian Farm is located at 150 Mukim 2, Sungai Pinang, 11010 Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia.

Yuki Matsuri Festival In Sapporo

Sapporo is a city in Japan that is very popular with tourists. Sapporo itself is very famous for its delicious and delicious culinary variety such as ramen and udon. Apart from good food, in Sapporo there is also a very interesting festival, the name is the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (Sapporo Snow Festival).

Overall, this event will be held in several places at once, namely Odori, Susukino and Tsu Dome. But the main festival will be held in Odori Park, right in the middle of Sapporo city. In this place visitors can see an exhibition of ice sculptures as well as Japanese culture and so on. There are even many ice sculptures with a height of up to 15 meters!

For those of you who want to enjoy the fun and beauty of the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri festival, you can come to the Sapporo TV Tower which is located at the east end of Odori Park. From above this altitude you will see an overall ice sculpture decorated with sparkling lights at night.

Besides Odori Park, you can also enjoy the excitement of this festival in Susukino. Throughout the event, all vehicles are prohibited from passing through this place. In this place there will also be an event to find Miss Sapporo and Snow Queen, interesting isn’t it?

Every year, ice sculptors will pour new ideas for making ice sculptures. In addition, many statues of characters made, such as Darth Vader from the Star Wars series, Rilakkuma, and other cute and adorable characters.

This festival is also a place to express love, it’s natural to see the romantic atmosphere offered, just imagine you express love while surrounded by snow and awesome ice sculptures, so sweet!

Hani Lavender Farm In Gangwondo Province, Korea

To get rid of fatigue after work, it is best to take a vacation. There are various tourist destinations that we can choose to eliminate fatigue and boredom when working. One of them is a lavender garden called Hani Lavender Farm. This park is located in Gangwondo province, Korea. It sounds boring because it is only a garden that contains lavender flowers, but the sensation of relaxation and beauty of this place can make the boredom disappear instantly.

As beautiful as it is, Hani Lavender Farm even becomes a very popular tourist destination in Korea, not only for foreign tourists, even local tourists are also happy to come to this place. A leisurely walk in the afternoon while enjoying the beauty of this flower does provide a relaxation experience that you will never forget, not to mention the fresh mountain air also makes your body and mind fresh again after work.

Every June there will be a festival called Goseong. This festival allows you to taste Pizza made with lavender ingredients, wow! The aroma created by this pizza is certainly fragrant, just like a lavender flower that can emit a very fragrant aroma. You can also buy knick-knacks made with lavender flowers, from paintings, key chains and other craft items.

To enter the park is also very cheap. For those of you who are under 12 years old, you only need to pay 2000 Won while for teens you are charged 3,000 Won and adults are charged 4000 Won. If you have a credit card, you can also pay for the entrance ticket using a credit card. Practical isn’t it?

Resident Evil Lover Will Love This Place !

For game lovers, it feels like the name Resident Evil is no stranger? This Capcom game is indeed a success that has shocked the world, and there have even been many sequels of Resident Evil games released, starting from the first generation Playstation to the latest Playstation 4.

Not long ago Capcom also launched their latest game which is a remake of their old game, Resident Evil 2. Not only that, Capcom also presents a cafe with the Resident Evil theme called Biohazard Cafe and Grill.

This unique cafe is located in Shibuya, Japan. For Resident Evil fans, it feels like this cafe will be the right tourist destination when on vacation to Japan. The interior is made in such a way that gives a different impression to visitors.

Interestingly, at this cafe a replica of Tyrant Type T-002 is displayed which is an icon of Resident Evil 2. The size is 1: 1 with the original! Cool isn’t it?

Not only that, inside this cafe also displayed various knick-knacks that exist in the Resident Evil game, such as STARS, Raccoon City attributes, to various cool life-size posters.

But keep in mind, you can’t just go to this cafe. There is a procedure that must be done, namely reservation. Yes! To be able to visit this cafe, visitors must make reservations in advance.

For those of you who want to taste delicious steak with different sensations, just go to Shibuya Parco Part 1, 7F Utagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.