Best Luxury Hotels In Thailand !

Bangkok is a city in Thailand which is the most popular holiday destination for tourists. How not, entertainment in Bangkok can be found 24 hours nonstop, ranging from cultural tourism, religious tourism to all night tours available in Bangkok.

To maximize your vacation, of course the selection of hotels will be one of the factors that can provide an exciting holiday experience. For those of you who want to stay at luxury hotels in Thailand, we have summarized the following hotel recommendations that you can choose.


The first hotel is Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Siam. If you stay at this hotel, you will feel the Thai culture is so thick. This place also provides spacious rooms, not only that, you can also enjoy the beauty of the city at night while staying here. Enjoying breakfast while looking at the beauty at the River Terrace buffet is also a favorite of tourists who stay at this hotel.


The second hotel is Siam, Riverside. It should be noted, this hotel only provides 39 rooms. Therefore, you are strongly advised to make a reservation in advance before coming to this hotel. The beautiful architecture of the beautiful building is the main attraction. The cool thing is, this hotel provides personal servants for each room. Don’t forget to get around using a boat that has been provided by the inn.


The third hotel is the Tower Club in Lebua. For this one you don’t need to ask anymore. Tower Club is the most popular hotel for tourists. For those of you who want to see the beauty of the city to the maximum, you can choose rooms located on floors 51-59. Besides that, you can also enjoy a fancy dinner at Mezzaluna restaurant on the 65th floor. This restaurant has won a Michelin star award!

The Story Of Taj Mahal

One of the wonders of the world that is able to attract the attention of many people is the Taj Mahal. This super magnificent and beautiful building is located in India, precisely in Agra. The Taj Mahal itself is due to a king’s love for his late wife. The Taj Mahal stands near the Yamuan river and is used as a mandatory tourist destination when visiting India.

The name of the king who built the Taj Mahal was Shah Jahan. He was a king in power during the era of the Mughal empire. The king fell in love with a woman named Mumtaz ul Zamani. Mumtaz is a bead trader, usually he goes around the city to sell these beads. The king who saw him selling and falling in love and finally asked for his hand in 1612 ago.

When he ascended the throne, Mumtaz ul Zamani was nicknamed Mumtaz Mahal. That name means Jewelry in the Palace. The name was given because the king loved his wife so much that he regarded his wife as a very valuable treasure over all the jewelry in the palace. Unfortunately the wife died while giving birth to her child, making the king feel sad and devastated.

Because of his great love for his late wife, he ordered workers to build the most magnificent tomb in the world. The tomb is called the Taj Mahal. If we read a history book, you can see 43 types of gemstones in this building.

What makes this building a miracle in the world is the thoroughness and reckoning of each side in this building. This building even becomes a building that is considered not to have a defect gap. Therefore this building is made one of the most beautiful wonders of the world.

Madame Tussauds Museum Bangkok

For those of you who want to meet with many world leaders who inspire but are confused about how to meet them, you can try to come to the Madame Tussauds Museum located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Although the figure of the world here is only imitation and made of wax, but the details and similarities are close to 100%. Not only can you photograph objects remotely, you are also permitted to take pictures together with the wax statue on display here. You can feel the sensation of meeting the character through the role you play when you want to take a photo.

The museum began operating in 2010 ago, there are 10 rooms available in this museum. For example, if you want to see the world’s top singer, you can enter the pop singer area, here you can see a replica of Michael Jackson the king of the pop world to Madonna.

Intrigued by Hollywood red carper artists, just drop by the red carped room, you can see Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidmann, Jackie Chan to Julia Roberts. The wax statues on display are very similar to the original so you can get a different sensation when passing these statues.

Not only foreign figures are exhibited here, you can also see the statue of the former DKI Jakarta governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok and the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. It is cool that there are no Indonesian figures who are exhibited abroad. This proves that the quality of these two figures deserves a thumbs up to get appreciation from the outside world.

If you want to visit this museum, you just come to the address of the 6th floor of Siam Discovery, Phathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand. If you are confused, you can see the directory via Google Maps or use a taxi to come to this museum.

Beautifull Place In Nepal, Kathmandu

If you plan to take a vacation or visit Nepal, then one place you need to go to is Kathmandu. To come to this place, the best time is March. Because in mid-March, the surrounding community will celebrate a celebration called Holi.

When visiting Kathmandu, you need to stop by Pashupatinath Temple and Patan Durbar Square. Pashupatinath Temple is the oldest and most famous temple of Lord Shiva in Nepal. This place is the most popular tourist destination for tourists.

When you arrive at this temple, visitors will be treated to an amazingly beautiful scenery, where there are amazing green hills, not only that, the green mountain scenery is also a main attraction for tourists. If you want to visit this temple, we strongly recommend coming in the afternoon before sunset.

Why is that ? Because you can see the beauty of the reddish orange color that slowly sinks behind the shady trees. This moment is the most awaited moment for tourists. Not a few photographers who come to capture the beauty of the moment.

One thing you should know, because the streets in Nepal are full of dust, you can use a mask or nose cap. This is done so that you do not breathe dust directly. Interested in visiting this one Hindu temple?

Free of Charge Tourist Destination In Jakarta City

Who says Jakarta is only synonymous with crawl traffic? In Jakarta there are also many fun and cool and free tourist destinations that must be visited by tourists. For that we have summarized what places you can visit while on vacation in the city of Jakarta.

The first destination is Kota Tua. In this place you not only can learn history that has happened in Jakarta, you can also enjoy the architecture of ancient buildings that are thick with Dutch culture. Every evening you can also enjoy a variety of interesting attractions from street artists, enjoy delicious food and buy various types of unique handicrafts.

If you are satisfied to enjoy all the excitement that is in Kota Tua, you can continue to relax in Situ Lembang Park. This park can be a tourist destination to get rid of fatigue. Shady trees and beautiful lakes make this place very popular with tourists and local residents. You can also fish when visiting this park.

Still not satisfied? Try coming to Suropati Park. The park is located in the middle of this city like a hidden pearl in the middle of a crowded city. You can enjoy a cool atmosphere when visiting this park. Taman Suropati is also a crowded place in the morning to exercise or just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the city amid the bustling city.

Want to come to a unique but free museum? Try coming to the Central Gardens Museum. This museum is unique, but to come to this museum, you need to reserve a place in advance and a minimum of 7 people must be able to visit.

How, interesting enough isn’t it? Come visit the sights directly, guaranteed exciting!

The Beautiness Of Fansipan Mountain Vietnam

Fansipan is the highest mountain in the Indochina region. Mount Fansipan is also a major tourist destination in Vietnam. The beauty of the natural landscape here is very beautiful and enchanting, it’s natural that many tourists intentionally come to this place just to see its beauty.

Mount Fansipan is located in northern Vietnam. Although the height of Mount Fansipan is only 3,143 meters, its beauty can be compared to other famous mountains in the world. Usually to reach the top of Mount Fansipan takes 1 to 3 days, but with the presence of a cable car, everything becomes easy so that anyone can reach the top and see the beauty of the mountain peak.

Riding the cable car on the mountain is also not less exciting by climbing through conventional climbing lanes. You will see a beautiful expanse of flower gardens when you are above the cable car. Besides that, the presence of large pagodas and clock towers certainly adds to the beauty of this place.

For the price of commuting using the cable car, visitors will be charged a ticket of 600,000 Dong (Vietnamese currency) or around 300,000 rupiah. The cable car will start the journey from the cable car station, the cable car will go to the top of Fansipan. In addition to the cable car, you can also climb the funicular stairs to arrive at the top.

The best time to enjoy the beauty on this mountain peak is in the morning around 6 – 8 am. At that time, the thin mist will slowly disappear, truly a sight with essential beauty.

Mesmerizing Waterfall In Bali – Indonesia

When discussing the beauty that can be found on Bali, it might not be endless. Bali is indeed a very famous tourist destination in Indonesia. But many people think that the beaches in Bali are beautiful, even though they are wrong! Because there are many amazingly beautiful waterfall destinations that you can find in Bali, don’t believe?

To prove it, you can visit Gitgit Waterfall. This waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Bali. To see this waterfall, you need to come to Gunung Luwih Gitgit Village located in Buleleng Regency, Bali. If you depart from Denpasar, you will spend 3 hours. To enter this waterfall, visitors only need to pay 5,000 rupiah.

Moving on from the first place, you can visit Sekumpul Waterfall. Lately the name of Sekumpul waterfall is on the rise. Many local and foreign tourists come to this place just to see the beauty of the waterfall. Not a few visitors also come to take prawedding photos, well it’s natural to see the beauty that is here, surely the photos taken will be very memorable!

Continue to the third waterfall called Kanto Lampo Waterfall. The waterfall here has many beautiful spots for taking pictures. Only with just 5,000 rupiahs, you can enjoy the incomparable beauty that is here. Guaranteed you will not regret visiting Kanto Lampo Waterfall.

Two Best Place To Go In Nagoya Japan

Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka may be the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, but there is one city that is no less interesting than the three cities, the name of the city is Nagoya.

Nagoya is a city that is rarely visited by tourists, even though there are many exciting places here that can be visited by tourists. Besides the food here is also very tasty! But of the many places that exist, there are two main places that are favorites, what are they?

First is Nabana no Sato. This place is the largest flower garden in Japan. Can you imagine the beauty in this flower garden? There are millions of flowers that will welcome you when you come to Nabana no Sato. To be able to enter this flower garden, visitors only need to pay 2100 yen, then visitors will get a voucher of 1000 yen which can be exchanged for food and drinks.

What makes this place even cooler, there are LED lighting shows where this LED will reflect the 4 seasons in Japan, isn’t it cool?

The second place is the Nagoya Science Museum. This place is the largest educational museum in Japan. Nagoya Science Museum was built in 1977 ago. Here you can see various collections of objects originating from the Japanese paleolithic era. There are many craft works and documents as well as advanced technology on display here.

To enter this museum, visitors only need to pay an entrance ticket for 300 yen for children, while adults only need to pay 800 yen, it’s cheap, right?

Did You Know About Hidden Gem in Philippines ?

Who is not fascinated by the beauty that is on the island of Bali? Local and foreign tourists are even willing to come back just to enjoy every beauty in Bali. However, there are still places that have extraordinary beauty, even more beautiful than Bali, the name of that place is Palawan.

Palawan Island is located in the Philippines. This island gets an annual award from Travel + Leisure as the best island in the world. Travel + Leisure readers even scored 93.71 / 100 points! Approaching perfect numbers!

One reader even revealed that Palawan Island is a dream destination for all those who love the beach. Many even say this place has magical power so it can hypnotize anyone to visit.

Palawan Island is also surrounded by beautiful small islands. The island is also included as a world heritage by UNESCO. When viewed from the topography, Palawan Island is quite unique. The island consists of cliffs, limestone, and a beautiful underground river of 8.2 kilometers.

Palawan Island not only received a one-time award, this island became one of the most beautiful islands in the world Travel + Leisure in 2013, 2016 and 2017. The name of the island surged after becoming a filming place for famous Hollywood films such as The Bourne Legacy, The Beach, and The World is not Enough.

Best Travelling Destination In Bangkok

Lately, tourists coming to Thailand is increasing. This is inseparable from the many interesting travel destinations that can be visited when visiting here.

Thailand also has a distinctive culinary range, namely Mango Sticky Rice, Pat Thai, Tom Yum Goong, to an interesting variety of durian types. Well for those of you who want to vacation in Thailand, here are recommendations place that must be visited when coming to Thailand.

First is The Grand Palace. This place is located in Bangkok and is a tourist destination that must be visited when on vacation to Bangkok. When visiting this place, you will see the splendor of the palace that is so extraordinary. Not only that, there are many ancient relics that you can see when visiting The Grand Palace.

The next destination is Wat Arun. This temple is the oldest temple in Thailand. When it is night, you can see the beauty of the Wat Arun temple with beautiful lights. The distance is also not far from The Grand Palace.

Next is Sung Nong Nooch. This park is referred to as one of the most beautiful parks in the world. When you come here, there are various facilities that you can use, from hotels to restaurants that sell delicious food.

To get rid of fatigue, you can also come to Koh Phi Phi. The beach there is very beautiful. One of the destinations that must be visited when coming to Koh Phi Phi is Monkey Beach. You can meet hundreds of monkeys. But when it comes to Monkey Beach, you need to be a little careful because the monkeys are often aggressive.