5 Place Traveler Must Visit When in Antananarivo, Madagascar

Premiumtraveltips.com – Antananarivo is the capital city and also the biggest city that we located in Madagascar. The island of Madagascar as we know is located on Indian Ocean, the east coast of Africa continent. Madagascar island is the fourth biggest island in this world.

If the traveler is having a list for visiting this country, going to their capital city is the best choice. because on the other city of this country, you will somehow find it so boring and does not have anything to do in there. But if you are going for their Antananarivo, surely you can find interesting things in there. Below there are 5 place that we must visit when we come to Antananarivo.

Madagascar Exotic

Madagascar Exotic is a small zoo that we can find in Antananarivo, Madagascar. This zoo is located on Marozevo, between the city of Manjakandriana and Moramanga. In here the traveler can see many animal species that can only been find in Afrika.

Lemurs Garden

This garden is located on Botanical garden that take around 22 km to be there from Antannarivo. On this garden, The visitor can see more than 7 species Lemur and 70 endemic species plant that we can find in Madagascar. This garden is open for public so we can but a tour ticket to go in and getting an explanation of what inside from the tour guide.


Piranten Museum

Visiting their Museum is a must thing we need to do when we are visiting a city outside our hometown. On the Museum we can see their historical things and also their cultural heritage.  On Piranten Museum, we can find so many historical artifact and also the important document about the history pirates on Madagascar Island.

Rova Antananarivo

Rova Antananarivo is a luxury Royal Palace that build on 19th century and become the Royal Kingdom of Madagascar. They traveler need to find a tour guide if they want to visit this kingdom. Also the traveler need to bargain first about the price before they are decided for having that tour guide cause some of them charge the traveler most expensive than the standard price.

Musee d’Art d’Archeologie

Another Museum that we can find in Madagascar in Musee d’Art d’Archeologi that will be showing of tehir archaeological excavations that been carried out from all of the place in Madagascar. talisman, musical instrument and anything related to the magic world can be found in this Museum.

So actually when we are going to Madagascar, The main reason for us to be there is to know the historical point of that city that can become a good experience for us.