Kuang Si Waterfall At Luang Prabang Laos

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Laos is Luang Prabang. In Luang Prabang itself there is a waterfall that is very phenomenal and a tourist favorite, the name is Kuang Si Waterfall. This waterfall is only about 30 km from the city of Luang Prabang. Usually tourists will use a tuk-tuk transportation to come to this place, if they come with a group, it is better to rent a minivan to save travel costs.

The trip to Kuang Sia Waterfall will take 1 hour. Along the way to the waterfall, tourists will be presented with beautiful mountain scenery. Clean and fresh air will also be felt throughout the trip. To enter the Kuang Si Waterfall, tourists will be charged a fee of 20,000 Kip or around 25,000 rupiah.

The lowest waterfall is the smallest. The water in this first waterfall feels cold and fresh and has a brownish blue color. Here tourists are allowed to swim. For tourists who want to change clothes or clean themselves, the manager has provided a dressing room that can be used free of charge.

For tourists who have an adventurous spirit, they can also do trekking around the hill in the waterfall area. Timing is usually four hours. The terrain that is passed is also fairly easy, but it needs to be noted, the road that is traversed will be very slippery during the rainy season.

The Beauty of Dewata Island

Maybe for the traveler around the world they will be more familiar with the words “Bali” prefer than Indonesia. Bali is one of the small island that located on Indonesia Country, and Indonesia is of the country that located in the South East Asia. But what makes Bali so special in the eye of the world is the beauty of that island.

From their nature until their culture, anything of Bali will always been a pleasure to enjoy when you are choosing to having a holiday in there. All the traveler that have been in here, will tell the Balinese that they are more than excited to ever been here and hoping that they can come here again as soon as possible.

Because of that it is not so confusing that why all the traveler around the world are choosing to having a holiday in here. They who come from around the world say that they come because of so many reason from seeing the beauty of Bali mountain, their beach, also the beauty of Indonesia girl also.

Here is some of the place the traveler must visit when they come to Bali

Tanah Lot

Tanah lot located in the middle of the ocean as we can see in the picture. Here is one of the best place for us if the traveler is catching with the sunset view.

Sanur beach


If we are talking about seeing a sunrise in this island, Sanur beach is your first choice. the best time to enjoy the sunrise in this place is at 5.30 in the morning. Also in here the tourist can find a lot of water activites that they can enjoy.

Jimbaran Beach

Bali is not only about their beach, But that is a lot that we can find on Bali beach. If we are looking to having a special dinner with the ocean view, we can go to Jimbaran beach to provide best meals for us to be consume. Also around the beach we can easily find so many hotel with from the cheaper one until the five star one, depend on our budget.

That is a lot of things to talk about Bali, i hope that i can share it with you guys on the other article.

Sanctuary of Truth, Beautifull Temple In Thailand

When visiting the country of Thailand, there are many alternative tourism that can be visited, ranging from exciting and interesting city tours to natural attractions that offer the beauty of an outdoor panorama that is very indulgent to the eye.

A place that is very popular with tourists is Pattaya. This place has many exciting tourist destinations, from the beach to interesting island tours. But there is one place that is rarely explored, the name Sanctuary of Truth.

This place is a very beautiful and charming temple. This temple is located on the edge of Crescent Moon Beach. This temple was built in 1981 ago where it became a sacred place of worship. What’s interesting is that the whole building is made of very strong wood, yes wood! There is no other material in making this temple. All the wood here is carved using human hands!

In this temple there are many very artistic Buddhist carvings. To enter Sanctuary Of Truth, we need to pay around 500 baths or 250,000 rupiah. It’s not exactly cheap just to see a temple, but its beauty and uniqueness will be a very unfortunate thing to miss.

You don’t just take it around the temple, later you will also get a reflexology after you have gone around. Upon entering this temple, you will be greeted with two large dragon heads. When you step deeper, you can see the relief from the god Shiva and also Parfati.

For those of you who come to Pattaya, don’t go past this tourist spot. You will not be able to find the uniqueness of wooden temples like this elsewhere, so maximize your vacation in Pattaya by visiting this temple.

Petronas Tower, The Highest Tower In Malaysia

Seeing the view of the city from above is indeed a special pleasure for travelers. For those of you who are on vacation in Malaysia, you must come to Petronas Tower, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To be able to enter Petronas Tower it is actually free, but you have to queue and the queue is quite long. For those of you who really plan to go upstairs, it is strongly recommended to arrive early in the morning to get the entrance ticket.

If you have entered the Petronas Tower, you can go up to the 41st floor, here you can pass the Sky Bridge, a bridge that connects these two twin towers. Here you will be given about 15 minutes to take pictures.

From here you can see the beauty of the beautiful city of Malaysia. Unfortunately the time given is short enough so that you have to capture the image quickly so you don’t regret going home later.

Before we go upstairs, you will be presented with a story about the Petronas Twin Tower. This tower is made by two different construction companies. For the western tower, the constructors from Japan were built while the eastern part was built by the contrukstor from South Korea.

Of course this is done so that the construction of this tower can be done quickly. With competition from both parties, all will compete quickly to complete the tower. It took about 6 years to complete this twin tower.

Unique And Exotic Wuhua Hai Lake In China

One area that must be visited while on vacation in China is Aba, Sichuan. Here there is one lake that is very beautiful and also unique. The lake is called Wuhua Hai Lake. The name of the lake means five flowers. Wuhua Hai Lake has entered the world heritage by UNESCO.

Wuhua Hai Lake entered the Jiuzhaigou National Park area. Here there are also several fountains that are no less beautiful. But the most interesting part of this National Park is Wuhua Hai Lake where the water in the lake never freezes even in winter.

The water in Wuhua Hai Lake is also very clear, the clear ring, we can see some coral reefs and animals that live on the lake.

Interestingly, the water in this lake can change color following the season, sometimes yellow, sometimes emerald green, dark jade, sapphire blue to sky blue.

Unlike other lakes which will experience a decrease or increase in the volume of water during summer and winter, this lake actually has a stable volume of water, both in winter and summer.

As already stated above, even though it is entering winter, the water that is in Wuhua Hai Lake will not freeze! This is due to the presence of hot springs that flow into the lake so that the existing water will not freeze like other lakes.

This lake is also considered sacred by the surrounding community. For visitors who want to see the beauty of this lake, the manager has provided a shuttle bus that can take visitors to get around every day.

Wild Life Sanctuary In Australia

There is one place in Australia in where you can get to know any kind of  species fauna that only you can find out in Australia which is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. And for you information that only in here you can get a selfie with a kangaroo ! You can find this place at 28 Tomewin street, Currumbin , Australia.

In here you will not feel like you are in a zoo because this place will give you a feel that you are in your house watching on your beloved animal, Because of that they prefer to uses the words ‘ sanctuary ‘ rather than a zoo. This place was build in 1947 by Alex Griffiths, with the mission build a place in where all the animal can feel safe and can get a good care from human, Also in here you will find a hospital especially only for animal.

So with that kind of treatment, they will help the wild animal that are founding hurt around their area, which is Gold Coast , and after the wild animal well they will send them back to their nature again.

But do not worry , the tourist that come here will always can see all the animal that this sanctuary have and yes is all an Australian species animal.

With the price of AUD 49.95 for adults and AUD 35.95 for kids you can get the ticket to go inside this sanctuary. in the front door you will find a shop that sell souvenir and a cafe that you can get a snack for free. Now let gets start to the main topic which is the center of Currumbin.

In Currumbin you can take a picture with some animal that you love such as Koala and Kangaroo. You can not find such things in any other Australia zoo. And then they will be a cage that a far away that you need to take a mini train to reach there. In there you will find another only Australia species animal such as Tasmanian Devil, Dingo dog, Kasuari bird, crocodile, pelikan bird, lorikeet bird, wombat , emu bird and many others.