Best Dishes In Korea That You Must Try

South Korea is famous for its romantic films. The popularity of Korea is not just about the world of artists, Korea also provides a variety of tourist sites that are fun to visit. Not only that, we can also find a variety of unique and delicious snacks while on vacation in Korea. Here are four types of Korean snacks that you must try!

1. Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki certainly often appears in Korean films that we watch. Tteokbokki made from rice flour doused with spicy sauce. From the appearance alone it looks very tempting to taste. The taste of Tteokbokki is indeed very delicious and worth trying.

2. Odeng / Eomuk

Odeng / Eomuk is a Korean specialty made from mashed fish and mixed with wheat flour with a mixture of several spices. Odeng / Eomuk is served by stabbing like satay. Odeng / Eomuk can be fried or cooked with hot sauce.


Pancakes are one type of snack that is almost present in all countries in the world. In Korea, this pancake is called Hotteok. This Hotteok pancake is fried and the presentation is only wrapped in the bottom half with paper / tissue wrapping so it can be enjoyed while walking. This snack often appears in Korean films and of course you have to try this snack if you visit Korea.

4. Mandu

From the name that sounds very strange to our ears, this Mandu turns out to be food in Indonesia. Mandu turns out to be dumplings if in Indonesia, Mandu is a dumpling which contains meat or vegetables in accordance with the desired taste. Not only does it have a different inner taste, Mandu also has a very diverse taste.

Okpo Land – Abandoned Theme Park In South Korea

If we talk about South Korea, maybe the first thing thought in your head is Korean Drama and beautifull holiday destination. It’s not wrong, we all know that Korea have a bunch of beautifull place which is very popular in the world, for example is Jeju Island. But if you want to feel something different when go to South Korea, you should come to Okpo Land.

Okpo Land is the most popular theme park back in time. Yeah, this theme park opened from year 1989 to 1999. Back in time, this theme park also popular outside Korea. One of the most popular ride in this theme park is Duck Train. If you want to know, Duck Train is most likely roller coaster for kids.

unfortunately, in 1990, a young girls was killed by this ride. The girl family received no compensation for the dead. There is no explanation to girl family nor apology. After this incident, the park also remained open, horrible right ?

9 years later, another girl was thrown from the same ride, Duck Train. The train is derailed and killed the girl. After the incident, the owner of Okpo Land dissapear and the theme park abandoned till now. There is a story, whoever come to the park, they will hear a crying sound from Duck Train ride. Scary !

Unique Beach In Spanyol !

There are so many natural phenomena found on earth, let’s call it a beach with pink sand, a gradation of water that can change with changes in weather, and much more. Miracles like this are indeed difficult to explain scientifically. But recently there is one more phenomenon that invites admiration for many people, namely beaches in Spain that have beach sand in the form of popcorn, yes POPCORN! Curious?

When viewed from a distance, this Popcorn Beach looks ordinary. Nothing special, only the beach with blue water with beautiful white sand. There is nothing special right?

But when you approach the beach, you will be surprised. Because the white sand on the coastline is shaped like a lump of popcorn, not to mention the white color which makes it similar to the original popcorn.

This Popcorn Beach is located in Corralejo, a city in Fuerteventura, Spain. The stretch of beach with unique sand is called Pantai Popcorn. Actually the pieces of popcorn on this beach are white coral flakes that have been mixed with volcanic rocks and beach sand to form unique popcorn.

Actually the Popcorn beach has long been in Spain, it’s just that because it’s rarely exposed by the media, not many know this beach. The name Beach Popcorn shot after a number of people posted their photos who were visiting the beach of Popcorn and posing with the popcorn sand.

Of course, with this unique sand, it will make your holiday even more exciting, guaranteed that your mind will come back fresh!

The Beautiness Of Kenrokuen Park Japan

One of the most beautiful parks in Japan is the Kenrokuen park. This park is located in downtown Kanazawa and is the favorite park for tourists who come on vacation to Japan. Not only foreign tourists who love the beauty of this park, local Japanese people also really like the beauty of this one park.

When you are in Kenrokuen Park, you can see a combination of various elements that are very solid to produce a very beautiful beauty. You can see the Midori waterfall complete with its small river and cherry trees on the left and right of the river. Imagine not a natural panorama that you will enjoy in this park.

In Kenrokuen Park, there is one very iconic object, Kotojitoro’s lantern. This lantern has two legs. This two-legged lantern is the most unique lantern in Japan, because in Japan lanterns usually only stand on one leg. Kotojitoro Lantern is a lantern that has been built since 1800 ago.

Don’t forget to see the beauty of the Kasumigaike pond located in the central park of Kenrokuen. This area is filled with small hills that you can use to rest or walk with lovers or family. Here is a building called Shigure. This building is usually used for tea ceremonies that are very sacred in Japan.

Enjoying a warm cup of Ocha while enjoying the cool breeze in the afternoon is a must do when coming to this one park. The beauty of the park along with the beautiful cherry blossoms and the beauty of the Kasumigaike pool can provide a relaxing effect for anyone who comes. Interested in visiting Kenrokuen Park in Japan?

Having Fun In Waterboom Waterpark Jakarta

While on vacation in Jakarta, Indonesia, there are many tourist destinations in the city that can be visited. Vacationing doesn’t have to be just a beautiful natural destination. Sometimes there are many interesting and interesting tourist sites in the city that are forgotten, even though tourists can play happily in that place.

One of the tourist destinations in the city that is very famous in Jakarta is Waterboom. Actually, there are already many water parks in Indonesia and around the world, but in Jakarta, maybe Waterboom is arguably the best waterpark. Every day there are many people who come to feel the thrill of playing at Waterboom.

Waterboom itself was actually first opened in Kuta, Bali in 1993. Waterboom name skyrocketed and finally opened in several major cities in Indonesia. Then what is interesting about Waterboom when compared to other waterparks?

The first is the number of rides available. Unlike other places that provide relatively boring water rides, at Waterboom Jakarta, there are many water rides that test adrenaline. Call it a slide that has a very extreme tilt angle where you will glide at speeds of up to 100 km/hour! Exclamation isn’t it?

Besides that, the security in this place is also good. Because in every vehicle that is available, there will always be a guard to monitor if later there is an emergency that occurs. The working clerk doesn’t just sit and relax, but every time a visitor wants to use a vehicle, they will check whether the visitor is eligible to slide or not.

The cleanliness in this place also needs thumbs up. Besides that, with the shady trees making this place an exciting waterpark to visit. For those of you who want to come to this place, you can go directly to Jalan Pantai Indah Barat No. 1, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta.

Loi Krathong Festival In Thailand

Thailand is a country that has many cultural festivals, one of the most well-known and sought after by tourists is Loi Krathong. This festival is a festival to wash candles and flowers with the aim of getting blessings in life. The festival also coincides with the lantern festival so that the combination of candles and flowers that are washed away and the lanterns are very beautiful.

Usually people and religious leaders will come to a number of lakes or rivers and then put rattan made to resemble a lotus flower in which offerings, candles and incense are given. Usually this is done in honor of the spirit of water. It is not uncommon for people to cut their nails and put them in flowers as a sign of self-cleaning.

This festival is held every 12th month on the traditional calendar of Thai people. If calculated with a regular calendar, this festival is usually held every November. In this festival, the people of Thailand will say a prayer together with the aim of giving gratitude to the creator for all the blessings that have occurred for a year.

Usually before candles are washed away, Thai residents will pray for blessings and abundant harvests for the following year. After the candle is struck, Thai residents will continue the Yee Peng festival where they will fly the burning lanterns into space. Usually this release is carried out in the Chiang Mai area.

For tourists who are taking this event for the first time, tourists will also be entertained by various parades, one of which is a lively fireworks parade. For those of you who want to see the excitement and beauty of this festival, you can stop by Chiang Mai while on vacation in Thailand.

Unique Holiday Destination at Mongolia

Mongolia as we know is the country that geographically located at Himalaya Mountain having a lot of unique destination place to be visited. So because of that Mongolia alone can become one of the most favourite country destination having by the traveler.

Coming from Premiumtraveltips, below are some of the favorite destination that we can visit when we were in Mongolia.

Gobi Desert

Gobi desert as we know is one of the biggest desert that we can find in Asia, In here we can having a magnificent view that a hardly describe by the words. If you are choosing to be here, you will find the unique animal which is a Two Softened Camel and also a Gobi Bear that can only been found in here.

Khuvsgul Lake

This lake is located around the Koridol Saridag and Bayan Rangers mountain. Because of that in this place we will having the view of big mountain with the lake inside. It can be more beautiful because of the green grass that are plant alongside with the lake. This lake is happen almost 3 million years ago because of the tectonic movement in there.

Terelj National Park 

Terelj National Park is the biggest protected forest area in Mongolia and become the most ideal place for having an adventure sports activities because of his nature beauty.

beside for his fantastic ecosystem, This National Park also is one of the cultural heritage that Mongolia having. in here we can find a heritage from Ogot Tribe, Temple Ruins and also a Square Tomb for Hunnu Tribe.


Last but no the least place that we need to visit when we are having a holiday in Mongolia is none other than their capital city which is Ulanbator. This city is the combination between the old culture Mongolia people have before with the modernity as the present. We can a Temple ruins will complete perfectly with the skyscraper and also the house of the resident .

Enjoy the Thrill of Seeing Animals in Safari World Thailand

If you have a Safari Zoo in Indonesia, then Thailand has Safari World. This tourist spot is very exciting and popular with tourists. Safari World has been built since 1988 and is a tourist destination that is very popular with foreign tourists.

If you visit Safari World, you will be presented with various exciting and interesting animal attractions. This place has a look similar to a safari park in Indonesia.

To be able to enter this place, visitors can use private vehicles. If visitors do not have a private vehicle, visitors can take tour tours that have been provided by Safari World.

For visitors who cannot speak Thai, Safari World has provided a tour guide who is fluent in English, so visitors can still know and understand what is being said.

In addition to seeing exciting animal attractions, visitors can also come to Marine Park. Marine Park is a marine park that opened in 2000. One of the animals most liked by visitors is the white tiger. The attraction of the white tiger will always be there every day.

Visitors who come to Safari World can also look for souvenirs. There are many shops that sell Thai goods when visiting Safari World.

To be able to enjoy and explore every place in Safari World, visitors need to pay around 260,000 rupiah for adults and 225,000 for children. In addition, aa Single Day Pass costs 340,000 and also a Single Day Pass + Lunch at a price of 390,000.

Di Gunma’s Onsen That Are Similar to the Spirited Away Movie

For those of you who have watched an animated film made by Ghibli studio, of course you are no familiar to the movie title Spirited Away. The animated film won the Oscar award in 2001. If you notice the hot spring in the animated film, it turns out that the filmmaker got inspiration from Sekizenken Ryokan! Sekizenken Ryokan is a hot spring located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

The place is in the middle of Shima Onsen, which is a city with 40 hot springs! Fantastic isn’t it? Shima Onsen itself means 40,000 hot springs. Gunma Prefecture is indeed the most famous hot spring in Japan. In addition to having a beautiful and comfortable bathing place, the city layout here is also very beautiful so that it can attract a lot of attention from tourists from various parts of the world.

When you come to this place, you can see a main building that has existed since 1691. This building is the oldest hotel and onsen in Japan. Inside this building, you can see a very classic and beautiful Roman-style hot spring!

Besides being able to enjoy Roman-style baths, you can also take a tour around the old building in the style of the Spirited Away movie. Later the hotel manager will take you around to see various travel documents to rooms that were used by important guests in the past.

For those of you who want to feel soaked in hot water players with a different atmosphere and experience, you must come to this place. Guaranteed you will be satisfied with the service and warmth of the manager of the Onsen in Gunma Prefecture.

Mountain, Beach, Town Anything in Rio De Janiero

Rio De Janiero is one of the city that we can find in Brazil. Actually this city have anything inside that can attract the traveler to visit that place, but surely the cost to visit that place sometime become the obstruction to go there. But if you are having a lot of budget for travelling, This city should be on your wish list.

In here we can see anything that we would like to find when we are having a holiday. A beautiful high mountain,  an amazing beach until the old town with the cultural heritage can be found in this city. let talks about it one by one.

In here we can find Corcovado Mountain that becoming the place in where we can find the iconic Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil. Maybe for some of us not is christian, this place also is worth ed to be visit. In here we can see an amazingly stunning view with the 38m statue as the main thing in there. This Statue is located in the peak of the mountain that will give you an outstandingly unforgettable experience if you can climb and see it directly in there.

Go down to the city, we can find a Favela in here. Favela is the called for slum place that we can find in Brazil. More than 700 hundred slum place can be found in here. Slum is only how they called the place, actually this place is make by their government as of the most popular place to be visit in here. The most popular one is Rocinha Favela. In there we will find a lot of shop that sell iconic food and thing that only can be found in Brazil. Do not forget to try their Tapioca, some kind of crepes from Brazil.

And the most waited one is all about their beach. As we know Brazil have a lot of beautiful beach in their country. The most popular one should be Copacabana. If you are planning to visit this  beach, make sure you also visit one attractive spot in there which is Fort Copacabana. In there you will find a museum that will giving you the knowledge about the military history of Rio De Janeiro. After visiting this Fort, the best one to do is enjoying the beach view while having a special drink that so many cafe are providing.

Talking about Cafe, Do not forget to go to Centro place. there will be so many cafe that you can find in there, But talking about the hot chocolate, Confeitaria Colombo is the Champs !

See The Beautiness Of Pengger Forest In Yogyakarta

If you talk about pine forests in Yogyakarta, maybe the name that first crossed was the famous Mangunan pine forest since the past and the Becici Peak which was once visited by former US president, Barrack Obama. In addition to these two names, it turns out there is one more name that is often forgotten, Pengger pine forest is named.

Like pine forests in general, this place presents the beauty of a very beautiful pine forest. If you come to this place, visitors will smell a very typical pine sap. Because trees in this place are tall and large, there are some places that look a little dark because the sun is blocked by leaves from pine trees.

When it comes to this place it is highly recommended to come in the summer, because if you come during the rainy season, the streets in this place are very slippery and dangerous. One place you have to go to in the pine forest This pengger is a giant hand made of wood. When you are on this hand you can see the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta. To come to this giant hand it is recommended to come at night because you can see the beautiful lights of the city of Yogyakarta which are colorful.

If you leave Yogyakarta, you will travel overland for 45 minutes. To enter this place you only need to pay 2000 rupiah per person while to take pictures in the hands of the giant you only need to give money as well as possible. The funds collected will be used for this forest care.

Mysterious And Beautifull Lake In North Sumatera

Perhaps the name of the most famous tourist spot in North Sumatra is Lake Toba. It’s true, but besides Lake Toba there are still other places that are no less interesting to visit, the name is Lake Linting.

Lake Linting is located in the Sinembah District of Tanjung Muda Hulu, Deli Serdang. The lake is surrounded by many large, lush trees. The more seen, then we will be more immersed in its beauty. Many mystical stories that are believed by residents around Lake Linting.

For those of you who want to visit here, please always obey every prohibition for your own safety. Until now no one has succeeded in measuring the depth of Lake Linting.

To go to Lake Linting, you can use a variety of public transportation in Medan. You can leave Medan Amplas Terminal, the cost of the trip is also quite cheap, only 20,000 people per person. When you arrive at this lake, you only need to pay the entry fee of 5,000 rupiah.

When you arrive, you will immediately be greeted by a very cool and peaceful atmosphere. Beautiful views of the lake and lush trees will provide a calm effect on the brain. The air around Lake Linting is also very cool so that it can be a perfect place for relaxation to get rid of fatigue.

You can also soak your feet on the edge of a lake that has a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. If you are hungry, there are many food sellers who sell around the Lake. Interesting isn’t it?

The Best Theme Park In Indonesia !

Spending vacation or weekend time in a playground with family or friends is certainly a very fun activity, especially if the playground visited provides a variety of exciting rides to play. In Indonesia alone there are many exciting theme parks that you can visit, wondering what are the best playgrounds we mean?

1. DUFAN (Fantasy World) Jakarta

Yes, DUFAN is one of the most famous mascots in Jakarta. Every holiday season arrives, this playground is definitely filled with many visitors, both from within the city and outside the city. DUFAN first operated in 1985 ago. Some of the mainstays in DUFAN are Halilintar, Niagara-gara, Bianglala, Kora-kora, and so on.


Unlike DUFAN, Trans Studio Bandung is the largest indoor indoor playground in Indonesia. Here you can find various exciting country themes. There are many exciting rides that you can try here, there are even many instagramable spots that you can find when visiting this one playground.

3. JATIM PARK – Batu

Who says there is no fun and fun playground in Batu City? How come there! His name is JATIM PARK. Even though it is broad, the playground is divided into 2, namely JATIM Park 1 and JATIM Park 2. For JATIM Park 1 provides a theme that tests adrenaline, while JATIM Park 2 is more towards education such as museums, nature, and zoos. Recently JATIM Park 3 has been built which provides the theme of Dinausaurus.

The Most Iconic Theme Park In Jakarta

One of the most iconic tourist destinations in Jakarta is Monas (National Monument). But for those of you who are happy with the playground filled with various exciting rides, the answer is DUFAN.

DUFAN is a very famous themepark in Jakarta and is the biggest themepark in Jakarta. Many tourists from outside the city come to visit this themepark. DUFAN entered the ANCOL complex, this means visitors can also visit Ancol beach when visiting DUFAN.

Then what exciting rides must be tried when visiting DUFAN? See together, let’s!

The most famous rides at DUFAN are Halilintar. This vehicle is a roller coaster ride that presents very exciting and thrilling rounds! When you ride this vehicle, you will pass a 360-degree loop that will certainly make your heart beat!

The second vehicle that must be tried is Rafting. As the name implies, you will do exciting rafting activities. You will pass an artificial river at a speed of 60km / hour. You will also pass through a dark tunnel that will add excitement to playing this vehicle.

Actually there are still many other exciting rides like Niagara-gara, Kicir-Kicir, Tornado, Galactica, Greenhouses, Istana Boneka and so on. But all the rides will be too long to be told in an article. Intrigued by the excitement of playing at DUFAN? Just come and feel the sensation of playing fun with friends and family.