The Beautiness Of Kenrokuen Park Japan

The Beautiness Of Kenrokuen Park Japan

One of the most beautiful parks in Japan is the Kenrokuen park. This park is located in downtown Kanazawa and is the favorite park for tourists who come on vacation to Japan. Not only foreign tourists who love the beauty of this park, local Japanese people also really like the beauty of this one park.

When you are in Kenrokuen Park, you can see a combination of various elements that are very solid to produce a very beautiful beauty. You can see the Midori waterfall complete with its small river and cherry trees on the left and right of the river. Imagine not a natural panorama that you will enjoy in this park.

In Kenrokuen Park, there is one very iconic object, Kotojitoro’s lantern. This lantern has two legs. This two-legged lantern is the most unique lantern in Japan, because in Japan lanterns usually only stand on one leg. Kotojitoro Lantern is a lantern that has been built since 1800 ago.

Don’t forget to see the beauty of the Kasumigaike pond located in the central park of Kenrokuen. This area is filled with small hills that you can use to rest or walk with lovers or family. Here is a building called Shigure. This building is usually used for tea ceremonies that are very sacred in Japan.

Enjoying a warm cup of Ocha while enjoying the cool breeze in the afternoon is a must do when coming to this one park. The beauty of the park along with the beautiful cherry blossoms and the beauty of the Kasumigaike pool can provide a relaxing effect for anyone who comes. Interested in visiting Kenrokuen Park in Japan?