Harry Potter Highlights – Hogwartz Themed Restaurant in Singapore

Maybe the Harry Potter series of novels and films are over, but the miracle that is in the sequel to Harry Potter still impresses the audience and the readers. It’s not easy to forget the memories of the magical world of Hogwartz that has been embedded in our hearts and minds.

For those of you who want to remember the story in the sequel to Harry Potter, you can come to Singapore. Because in Singapore there are restaurants that apply the Harry Potter theme. Here you can revive your memories of the exciting and exciting world of magic while enjoying food that is also themed Harry Potter. Curious?

The restaurant is named Harry Potter Highlights. Do you still remember the meal at the Great Hall in the Hoghwartz magic school? At the meal there are various types of delicious and interesting food. For those of you who are curious about the food, you can order it at this restaurant! Besides this restaurant also provides Express Trolley where in the film, this trolley brings cakes at Hogwartz to be delivered to students, you can also taste them here! Awesome isn’t it?

Not only food is available at this restaurant, you can also order a typical world drink from Hogwartz here. Do you still remember not the dishes prepared by Ron Weasley’s mother? For example, roast turkey, roast beef, etc., you can taste it here too.

After enjoying Hogwartz’s special food and drinks, visitors can also play interesting and exciting games, of course with attractive prizes if you succeed in winning the game. Interesting right ? So just come here and feel the magic sensation of Hogwartz directly.

The beauty of the Garden by the Bay Singapore

Garden by the Bay is a very popular tourist destination in Singapore. Many tourists are interested in visiting this garden. The beauty of the garden in the city which is equipped with hundreds of rare plant species is indeed a special attraction for tourists.

This garden is a popular tourist attraction because of its beauty. Besides being beautiful, the cost of getting into the garden is also very cheap. Visitors only need to pay around 4 SGD or around 40,000 rupiah to enjoy all the beauty in this garden.

Upon entering the garden, visitors can take shelter in a conservatory building themed Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Inside this building you can take shelter while looking at the unique enchanting tropical plants.

Cloud Forest itself is a garden that has the shape of a giant clam. In the Cloud Forest, visitors can enjoy the beauty of an artificial waterfall that really spoils the eyes.

Unfortunately to enter the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, visitors are required to pay 20 SGD or around 200,000. But the beauty that you will get while in this building is very worth the price already paid.

In addition to seeing the beauty of beautiful and colorful tropical plants, visitors can also pass the OCBC Skyway bridge. This bridge has a height of up to 128 meters. Above this height, visitors can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the garden. This bridge is also a photo spot that is very popular with tourists.

Universal Studio Singapore: The Jurrasic World !

The holiday moment is very exciting, especially if it is added with a vacation activity with your beloved family. The moment of vacation is very dear if wasted by relaxing at home. Well, to fill your vacation time, you can try to come to Singapore and stop by Universal Studios there. There is one new interesting vehicle that you can try when visiting Universal Studio Singapore.

The name of their newest vehicle is Jurassic World: Explore & Roar! If you visit this vehicle, you will be brought back to the stone age where Dinousaurus is still there! This ride is only available until next August, so for those of you lovers of the Jurassic Park sequel, this place is a place that you must visit.

Here you will not only feel the sensation of the stone age, you will also face dangerous dinousaurus, of course by using Augment Reality (AR). You will find several types of dinousaurus when walking, even you can also train Velociraptor ala in Jurassic World movies! Exclamation!

If you are curious about the history of these predators, you can see live action with the theme Jurassic World: Roar! Prepare yourself mentally because you will feel an exciting sensation and meet ferocious predators like T-rex, Pteranodon, Velociraptor to the chaos that occurs on the streets of Hollywood, guaranteed you will feel satisfied with the sensations that are here.

Hurry and come and feel the sensation of being in an exciting and exciting era, if you come with your friends, there are interesting promos that you can get. For more details, you can check directly into the Universal Studios Singapore official website.

Art Science Museum Singapor – When Art Meet Technology

Singapore is one of the favorite destinations in Southeast Asia. Here we can find a variety of interesting holiday destinations, starting from the Merlion Statue, Universal Studio, Marina Bay, to Garden by the Bay. But besides the place mentioned earlier, there is still one more place that is no less interesting to visit, the name is The Art Science Museum Singapore.

Then what can we find at The Art Science Museum Singapore? Here visitors will see the sophistication of modern art installations which are a combination of projectors and colorful LED lights that are amazingly cool!

We can see the thrill of sliding on Slice Fruit Slider where we will slide on a sleek board made of cool screen. On the screen there are various types of fruits and flowers.

In addition we can also see a giant projector in the shape of an aquarium. Interestingly, we can interact with sea creatures inside the projector. The sea creature will react with our touch so it looks alive, really cool isn’t it?

This museum is designed by Moshe Safdie where its shape resembles a lotus flower. The total area reaches 6,000 square meters and is equipped with 21 gallery spaces.

To enter this museum, visitors are required to pay an entrance ticket for 19 SGD (190 thousand rupiah) for adults, while for children or the elderly only need to pay 14 SG (140 thousand rupiahs).