Unique Holiday Destination at Mongolia

Unique Holiday Destination at Mongolia

Mongolia as we know is the country that geographically located at Himalaya Mountain having a lot of unique destination place to be visited. So because of that Mongolia alone can become one of the most favourite country destination having by the traveler.

Coming from Premiumtraveltips, below are some of the favorite destination that we can visit when we were in Mongolia.

Gobi Desert

Gobi desert as we know is one of the biggest desert that we can find in Asia, In here we can having a magnificent view that a hardly describe by the words. If you are choosing to be here, you will find the unique animal which is a Two Softened Camel and also a Gobi Bear that can only been found in here.

Khuvsgul Lake

This lake is located around the Koridol Saridag and Bayan Rangers mountain. Because of that in this place we will having the view of big mountain with the lake inside. It can be more beautiful because of the green grass that are plant alongside with the lake. This lake is happen almost 3 million years ago because of the tectonic movement in there.

Terelj National Park 

Terelj National Park is the biggest protected forest area in Mongolia and become the most ideal place for having an adventure sports activities because of his nature beauty.

beside for his fantastic ecosystem, This National Park also is one of the cultural heritage that Mongolia having. in here we can find a heritage from Ogot Tribe, Temple Ruins and also a Square Tomb for Hunnu Tribe.


Last but no the least place that we need to visit when we are having a holiday in Mongolia is none other than their capital city which is Ulanbator. This city is the combination between the old culture Mongolia people have before with the modernity as the present. We can a Temple ruins will complete perfectly with the skyscraper and also the house of the resident .