Learning And Having Fun With Sea Creature In Ocean World

Learning And Having Fun With Sea Creature In Ocean World

Bangkok has a myriad of tourist attractions that can be visited by tourists, call it the Husky Cafe and also the House of Paws that we have discussed before. In addition, for those of you who want to learn about the life of sea creatures while walking in the mall, you must come to Ocean World Bangkok, which is located in Siam Paragon Mall.

To be able to enter the Ocean World, visitors are required to pay an entrance ticket of 990 baht or around 400,000 rupiah. By buying these tickets, we can see a variety of marine life and follow the various attractions here.

For those of you who want to buy tickets at a cheaper price, you can buy them online. For online purchases, the fee is 890 baths or around 350,000 rupiah. Not too different when compared to prices on the spot.

When you first arrive you will be presented with a dancing show attraction where the dancers will wear clothes in the form of sea creatures such as sharks and mermaids. In addition, visitors can also enter the 4D vehicle where we can see the beauty of a giant aquarium using a bottom boat.

Besides fish, we can see penguins that are very cute and beautiful jellyfish. For those of you adrenaline lovers, you can try the shark walk, which is walking on a glass bridge over a shark that is swimming freely. Take it easy, the bridge that is made is guaranteed safety.

If you want to dive, this place also provides diving services which of course requires you to pay for diving. Prices offered for certified divers are also not different. By paying a little extra fees, visitors can also enter a restricted area that can only be entered by animal conservators working here, interesting.