Did You Know About Hidden Gem in Philippines ?

Who is not fascinated by the beauty that is on the island of Bali? Local and foreign tourists are even willing to come back just to enjoy every beauty in Bali. However, there are still places that have extraordinary beauty, even more beautiful than Bali, the name of that place is Palawan.

Palawan Island is located in the Philippines. This island gets an annual award from Travel + Leisure as the best island in the world. Travel + Leisure readers even scored 93.71 / 100 points! Approaching perfect numbers!

One reader even revealed that Palawan Island is a dream destination for all those who love the beach. Many even say this place has magical power so it can hypnotize anyone to visit.

Palawan Island is also surrounded by beautiful small islands. The island is also included as a world heritage by UNESCO. When viewed from the topography, Palawan Island is quite unique. The island consists of cliffs, limestone, and a beautiful underground river of 8.2 kilometers.

Palawan Island not only received a one-time award, this island became one of the most beautiful islands in the world Travel + Leisure in 2013, 2016 and 2017. The name of the island surged after becoming a filming place for famous Hollywood films such as The Bourne Legacy, The Beach, and The World is not Enough.