Di Gunma’s Onsen That Are Similar to the Spirited Away Movie

For those of you who have watched an animated film made by Ghibli studio, of course you are no familiar to the movie title Spirited Away. The animated film won the Oscar award in 2001. If you notice the hot spring in the animated film, it turns out that the filmmaker got inspiration from Sekizenken Ryokan! Sekizenken Ryokan is a hot spring located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

The place is in the middle of Shima Onsen, which is a city with 40 hot springs! Fantastic isn’t it? Shima Onsen itself means 40,000 hot springs. Gunma Prefecture is indeed the most famous hot spring in Japan. In addition to having a beautiful and comfortable bathing place, the city layout here is also very beautiful so that it can attract a lot of attention from tourists from various parts of the world.

When you come to this place, you can see a main building that has existed since 1691. This building is the oldest hotel and onsen in Japan. Inside this building, you can see a very classic and beautiful Roman-style hot spring!

Besides being able to enjoy Roman-style baths, you can also take a tour around the old building in the style of the Spirited Away movie. Later the hotel manager will take you around to see various travel documents to rooms that were used by important guests in the past.

For those of you who want to feel soaked in hot water players with a different atmosphere and experience, you must come to this place. Guaranteed you will be satisfied with the service and warmth of the manager of the Onsen in Gunma Prefecture.