Art Science Museum Singapor – When Art Meet Technology

Art Science Museum Singapor - When Art Meet Technology

Singapore is one of the favorite destinations in Southeast Asia. Here we can find a variety of interesting holiday destinations, starting from the Merlion Statue, Universal Studio, Marina Bay, to Garden by the Bay. But besides the place mentioned earlier, there is still one more place that is no less interesting to visit, the name is The Art Science Museum Singapore.

Then what can we find at The Art Science Museum Singapore? Here visitors will see the sophistication of modern art installations which are a combination of projectors and colorful LED lights that are amazingly cool!

We can see the thrill of sliding on Slice Fruit Slider where we will slide on a sleek board made of cool screen. On the screen there are various types of fruits and flowers.

In addition we can also see a giant projector in the shape of an aquarium. Interestingly, we can interact with sea creatures inside the projector. The sea creature will react with our touch so it looks alive, really cool isn’t it?

This museum is designed by Moshe Safdie where its shape resembles a lotus flower. The total area reaches 6,000 square meters and is equipped with 21 gallery spaces.

To enter this museum, visitors are required to pay an entrance ticket for 19 SGD (190 thousand rupiah) for adults, while for children or the elderly only need to pay 14 SG (140 thousand rupiahs).