The Reason Why Need to Visit this Place – Located on Eurasia territory, Turkey is the country that keeping so many history about the civilization on our world. It make sense because of those thing, until now in Turkey still so many ancient building that they keep for the historical purpose.

Some of them is Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Kingdom, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Bosporus Strait and many others. Because of their history, so it make sense that we put Turkey as one of the most favorite place to be visit that our world have until now.

Outside from that historical thing, we will let you know several reasons on why you need to visit Turkey once in your life time.

Rich of Culinary should be one of the main reason why we need to visit this Country. Every part of Turkey having their own specialties and unique food together with their serving way. Start from Kebab, Baklava until Meze is the food that you need to try when you are visiting Turkey.

Beach is absolutely one of the best thing people look for when they want to having a holiday. In Turkey there are so many city that provide you the beauty of their beach such as Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir and also Fethiye. In here you will have an outstandingly beautiful view on the beach. All of them consist of remote coves to a long coaslines. Every one need a Vit – Sea right ?

Looking for a knowledge while having a holiday ? As we mention before, Turkey is one of the country in this world that have a lot of historical thing. So for letting the world know about that, Turkey provide the visitor with absolutely fantastic big Museum that preserves the findings of so many their archaeological sites.

From the biggest mosaic Museum in this world which is Zeugma in Gaziantep and The Museum of Ottoman Istanbul Kingdom is two of the favorite Museum that we need to visit when in Turkey.

Do not afraid to visit a new place. This words is very reflecting this country. Turkish is known having the people that are so kind, polite and also like to smile. It is like always welcoming all the traveler around the world to visit and having fun together in their country. This will make the traveler feel right this is their second home.

Keep Calm and Go Travel the Worlds.