Feel The Sensation Having Meal In Kid Mai Death Restaurant

A restaurant or cafe is usually conceptualized in such a way as to display a comfortable and cozy impression for its visitors. But what if the concept used is actually horrible and can make hair goose bumps?

Kid Mai Death’s name! This restaurant is located in Thailand and is one of the places that attracts a lot of attention. Because this restaurant has the theme of death, so filled with knick-knacks that are thick with death such as coffins and bouquets of flowers.

According to the official Facebook quote from Kid Mai Death, this restaurant gives a similar sensation when holding a funeral. Not only the theme of death, even the food menu here is also taken from various names of diseases in the world.

This restaurant is located near the BTS station on Aree Soi. For those of you who want an additional discount, the restaurant will provide a coffin first and if you dare to enter the coffin, the restaurant owner will provide an additional discount of up to 50%!

Actually this place was built as a reminder to us to always thank God because we will not know when we will die. When entering the coffin for three minutes, we will think of the atmosphere when we die later. Here we can think what would happen if we died at that time? This is made so that we can appreciate life more. Interested in coming to this scary restaurant?