The Beautiness of Kawachi Fuji Garden

The Beautiness of Kawachi Fuji Garden

If we discuss the beauty of flora in Japan, of course our main focus will be cherry blossoms. Inevitably, cherry blossoms do have their own beauty so they can attract a lot of world attention because of their beauty. Cherry blossoms are also used as official symbols of Japanese statehood and become a very sacred symbol for some traditional events in Japan.

Usually people come to Japan because they want to see the beauty of cherry blossoms during the blooming season, but do you know there is one place that is also as beautiful as cherry blossoms? The place was named Wisteria Tunnel, located in Tochigi prefecture. The location of this place is not far from Tokyo and is one of the destinations that must be visited when coming to Japan.

The name wisteria flower. This flower is a flower that is no less beautiful than sakura. This flower grows along the Wisteria tunnel. Usually there will be an event called Great Wisteria Festival every April 15 to May 21 every year. To be able to visit here, you only need to spend half an hour when you depart from Tokyo.

Wisteria flowers are climbing and hanging flowers that have very beautiful color gradations. This flower is usually dark purple, light purple, pink and white. When you come to this park, you will enter a long tunnel. Throughout the tunnel, you will pass millions of hanging wisteria flowers. When it comes to beauty, wow, this place is no less beautiful than the cherry blossom festival which is usually held when the cherry blossom season is blooming.

When the day changes night, this place will be filled with millions of led lights with very beautiful colors. You will feel like in another world with the flickering lights like stars in space. Interested in coming and enjoying the beauty of Wisteria Tunnel?