Changi Airport Holds a Show With Harry Potter Themes

Who doesn’t know about Changi Airport? This Singapore international airport is indeed very famous in the eyes of world tourists. How come ? This airport has a myriad of modern facilities that can provide extra comfort for visitors.

Even this airport also provides various interesting places that can be visited. Naturally, this airport gets the title of the best airport in the world six times in a row.

Well, recently Changi Airport just held a very interesting event. They present the magic world in the sequel to Harry Potter. Of course this is exciting news for lovers of the Harry Potter sequel.

The theme presented was worked out very well. Not only presents Harry Potter knickknacks, the Changi Airport also presents the most iconic life sized scenes from the Harry Potter films, cool isn’t it?

Fun doesn’t stop there, you can also use costumes like students in the Hogwarts magic academy. In addition, the organizers also present various interesting games, of course with prizes that can be won by each participant.

You can take a walk in Diagon Alley on the very iconic T3 to ride Whomping Willow on T4.

Come here like a dream come true for Harry Potter fans. Almost every corner is a very valuable place to visit. And what’s not less cool is the amazing snow show and LED lights! So, don’t miss it guys.