Best Sinkhole In The World

Sinkhole or ruined hole has recently become a topic of interesting conversation among tourists. In just one year, there are 3 sinkholes that have extraordinary beauty in Indonesia. The first sinkhole in Indonesia is located in Yogyakarta, second in Tuban, East Java, and the third is in Sukabumi, West Java.

Although created from the ruins of buildings, but there are several sinkholes in the world that must be visited because it has such an enchanting beauty. Let’s take a look at any sinkhole that has amazing beauty in the world.

It turns out that the first sinkhole is located in Indonesia! This sinkhole is located in Donggala, Central Sulawesi. The surrounding community called it a sea well. This sinkhole is created naturally and is very rare in the world. If the sea water recedes, this sinkhole will plug, whereas if the tide is high, then the sinkhole will recede, cool isn’t it?

The second sinkhole is in Belize, the sinkhole name is The Great Blue Hole. Sangking beautiful, this place became a world heritage by UNESCO. This place is a diving location that is very famous in the world. It is about 318 meters wide and has a depth of 12 meters.

The next one is Xiaozhai Tiankeng, better known as the Heavenly Pit. This sinkhole is the deepest in the world with a length of 626 meters and a width of 537 meters. For its own depth it reaches 511-662 meters. To reach this sinkhole, you need to pass 2,800 pieces of stairs, cool!