The Best Theme Park In Indonesia !

Spending vacation or weekend time in a playground with family or friends is certainly a very fun activity, especially if the playground visited provides a variety of exciting rides to play. In Indonesia alone there are many exciting theme parks that you can visit, wondering what are the best playgrounds we mean?

1. DUFAN (Fantasy World) Jakarta

Yes, DUFAN is one of the most famous mascots in Jakarta. Every holiday season arrives, this playground is definitely filled with many visitors, both from within the city and outside the city. DUFAN first operated in 1985 ago. Some of the mainstays in DUFAN are Halilintar, Niagara-gara, Bianglala, Kora-kora, and so on.


Unlike DUFAN, Trans Studio Bandung is the largest indoor indoor playground in Indonesia. Here you can find various exciting country themes. There are many exciting rides that you can try here, there are even many instagramable spots that you can find when visiting this one playground.

3. JATIM PARK – Batu

Who says there is no fun and fun playground in Batu City? How come there! His name is JATIM PARK. Even though it is broad, the playground is divided into 2, namely JATIM Park 1 and JATIM Park 2. For JATIM Park 1 provides a theme that tests adrenaline, while JATIM Park 2 is more towards education such as museums, nature, and zoos. Recently JATIM Park 3 has been built which provides the theme of Dinausaurus.