Free Place on London – London is one of the city in the world that offer so many free things for tourist. because of that, not only rich people can having a holiday to London, Tourist that have limited budget also can having the tour on this city.

There are a lot of free destination that can we enjoy in London that make this city become one of the city that can attract tourist to visit this city. The most visited place that can be found free in London should be their Gallery House and Museum. Until now, Being reported that in London have almost 250 Gallery or Museum that 24 of them can be visited freely.

It is not only about their history, When we having a visit to Gallery or Museum, visitor also can see so many masterpiece that already create by artist around the world. So for you guys that curious about the free place to be visit when having a holiday in London, Below we provide the information for you.

British Museum

British Museum is the most visited Museum by the tourist and also local people. Almost 6 million people will come and visit this Museum on a year. British Museum was build in 1753 and becoming the first public Museum on the world. From the first time this place open, it offer a free tour for the visitor. Inside we can find a lot of unique thing from the beginning of human creature until now.

Museum Of London

Want to know more about London ? So tourist need to visit Museum of London. Museum that located on 150 London Wall will provide us the history of London from before history until now. So when visit this Museum we can fell the life of London people in the old time.

National Gallery

Located at the heart of London town in Trafalgar Square, National Gallery was build in 1824. This Gallery is different with two that we mentioned above, because in here we will see all the art make by the popular painter around the world. So for you guys that love to see this kind of art, you must visit this place.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum that well know as V&A build on 1899, The first stone for this building was put by Victoria Queen on that time. For the time this Museum was build, This is one of the most magnificent Museum in the world. In here we can find almost 150 big Gallery that can be visit by free.

So for you guys that love to know the story about the place you will visit, London will be the best choice for you guys.

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Angkor Wat – The Biggest Human Civilization you can find in Cambodia –  Angkor Wat is in the top prioritize when the traveler around the world want to find a place to go in Asia. Yes Angkor Wat as we know as one of the biggest human civilization that we can see in this modern area, can only be found in Cambodia Siem Reap, Asia.

The first question that comes out in the mind of traveler is what is the best time to go visit Angkor Wat ? if you want to come here, the best month to come is between February until august. the weather will be hot, but in this month you will found the best sunrise you can ever seen in your life. and for the best time is you can come here around 4 o’clock in the morning to found out the fabulous stunning sun rise in here. as we can see, Angkor Wat is surrounding but a lot of old temple that make it looks like Candi Borobudur in Indonesia, But the different is the location, in where Angkor Wat is located near the hill that makes is that time to travel from one temple to another temple.

When we are in here, as long as you can see, all the big temple and small temple surrounding this place, you will feel that you are traveling the time and go back to the old time where you can not find anythings like this before.

the most popular temple in here in Bayon temple. it so easy to find this temple because all the Cambodian people mostly know where the Bayon is located. this temple also is the Iconic temple in Angkor Wat.


All the temple in here is based on the tradition and also the Hindu  religion. when the first time you came to Angkor Wat you will cross one ‘ Rainbow Bridge ‘ before you reached this place.

So if you are planning to travel to Angkor Wat and do not know where to start, do not confuse because in the main road you will find a locket where you can buy an one day ticket until three days ticket in where that ticket will provide you a tour guide to help you travel this Magnificent Angkor Wat. we recommend you to buy the three days one because only within three days you can travel all place in Angkor Wat.

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Crazy Things on Dubai – Once in a life time, make sure that you can do all the thing you can do to be able to visit Dubai. Because in Dubai you will be able to see something different that you can not find in any other place in this world. From the biggest island make by human until prefer to having lion as their animal rather than a cat ! If reading that one already make you impressed you need to read more to become fascinating.

Dubai is the most modern country on middle east, Average income for their resident inside is up to $20.000, So it make sense that their have their own luxury lifestyle.

There is a fact in where when you are becoming a beggar in there, you can receive like 500-800 dollar in a day ! so we can say that they can enjoy a five star hotel with their family after done beggaring, Crazy right ?

If in other city we will see traffic jam because lot of motorcycle and taxi or another so so car. In Dubai we also can see traffic, but what make is different is in Dubai all the car is a luxury car from Lamborghini, Ferrari, until Bugatti being trapped in a jam !

Not only for their resident, the police in here also using a super car, But do not expect to see a scene in where police will try to catch criminals by racing in the street. Because from the information it turns out the crime rate in Dubai reached almost 0%

The most excited one should be finding an ATM machine that not only provide money, but GOLD ! Creepy right ?


One of the highest tower that ever being build by human also can be find in here. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building that reach 828 that having a lot of luxury facility from hotel, mall, apartment until office room.

Think because Dubai is somewhere in Middle East so we can only find a desert in there is a Big Mistake ! You want to play snowball or looking for a snow in there ? Do not worry you can visit Mall Of Emirates in where you can find a indoor resort for playing a ski.

Dubai is not only about their nature and lifestyle, For ladies also in here you can find a lot of handsome man :D. Crazy but excited like for having a holiday in here ? So when will you flight to Dubai ?

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A Warm Cold Winter in Alaska – When we are looking for the destination on having a holiday with a winter season, having a lot of snow that we can play with, Alaska should be one of the place that you need to consider about. Alaska is a country that located on America Continent. Also Alaska is the biggest country that we can find in the United States region.

Below is some place that we can visit when we are going to Alaska.

Denali National Park & Preserve.

This place is located in the border between the interior region and South central of Alaska with the wide cross over 2.4 million acres. The highest point that can be found on the North America, Mount McKinley should be the central of this National Park. In here we can find Taiga and Tundra Forests. As for their fauna in  here we can see 37 species of mammals such as moose, caribou, wolves and grizzly bear and almost 130 species of bird including the most popular one the golden eagle. We can find 4 camping area between this national park that can make us easier to discover this National Park.

Glacier Bay National Park

Another popular National park that we can find in Alaska is Glacier National park. This park is known for their glacier and also Ice field that cross over this place. in here we can find a lot of wild animal such as Grizzly bear, Black bear, moose, Stika black-tailed deer, Mountain goat, Dall sheep, Wolves, Canadian Lynx, Sea Otter, Harbor Seal, Steller Sea Lion, Pacific White-Sided Dolphin, Orca, Minke Whale, Humpback Whale, Bald Eagle and many other

Talking about Alaska is always talking about their National Park. This national park is well known for their sand hill call as Kobuk Valley National Park. This national park is located on Arctic circle that means in you are visiting this place on winter, the temperature can reach a minus Celsius in here. Maybe this National Park is the difficult one to get into there prefer than the other, but once you get there, the magnificent view of this park will treat your fatigue well.

So going to Alaska is means exploring the nature, if you are prefer something luxury with a tall building , a good food and also a big mall for having some shopping, Alaska should not be on your notes.

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The Hidden Gem on Mongolia That You Should Know – Mongolia is a country that located on the East Asia that cross the border with China and Russia. If you having a chance on having a vacation in here, You can see the beauty of two country on each side from that two country that come out with an outstanding beautiful nature and heritage that own by the country.

But do not think that Mongolia is lose towards them in term of nature beauty. Mongolia same like Alaska that have a wide land in where cover by green grass and also mountain. This country already being choose by UNESCO as one of the world herritage already become the first choice for world traveler in going here.

Not only this country full of the historical thing, Mongolia also having a lot of good place that having a good and outstanding view. Here is some of the place that need to be visit when you are in Mongolia

Sukhbaatar Square

This place can be found in the middle of Ulaanbaatar city that having the function as the town square. in here we can find the a lot of hero figure like Jenghis Khan and other can be found in this place.

Hexigten National Geopark

The tourist should go to this Geopark when they come to Mongolia. This park is design by UNESCO that having a unique design in where we can have 8 different area that can be seen in here on the place we stand. Also in we can find granite forest that will make tourist become curious about the real face of this forest. This park should be the most popular place in Mongolia.

Genghis Khan Statue

In here we can see the biggest horse statue in the world for now with the tall almost 40 meter from the land. In here you can find a lot of souvenir that can be bought to home. Also in here we can found a lot of restaurant that serve the unique food that can be found only in Mongolia.

Karakorum – Erdenezuu

Temple that located cross from the old town Karakorum build with the stone that collapse on the ancient time in this country. If you having a interest on getting to this place, you can go to Orkhon Valley in Nothern Ovorkhangai, Mongolia. It will be difficult on getting there but the people in there will help you if you are asking to them.

Lake Khovsgol

This is one of the most beauty and clear lake that can be found in our world. Not only we can enjoy the magnificent view of this lake, we also can see a lot of horse that freely playing in the green grass that become the plus value that we can not find in any other lake in this world.

Having a holiday in Mongolia should be an interesting choice if you want to find something unique and also something that can rest and giving a calm feel both for your soul and mind.

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G Spot on Kyoto ! – Known as the old town that full with tradition, temple, historical building and also the beauty of their nature, Kyoto absolutely having a charm in becoming a magnet to local or international tourist that thinking on having a holiday and also become the most favorite destination town that we can find in this world. there are so many location, place and also spot that we can spend  and choose to travel when we are in there.

There are some traveler that love to shopping but some of them prefer to having a relax time that can be enjoy by seeing the beauty of nature. If you are the second type one, it a  must for you to bring yourself to this city. Here below we will list some place you absolutely need to be there when you are visiting Kyoto, Which is


Located on the north of Kyoto, Ine Cho is a village for fisherman with the absolutely beautiful ocean and having a outstanding panorama that make this village becoming one of the beauty village that we can find in Japan. What makes this village more interesting is the type of the home in that village is “Funaya” means Boat Home in where the design of this home is a two floor home in where the first floor is  being a garage for their boat and the second floor become the living place.

Katsura Imperial Villa

This place was build on 1600 years ago by Hachijo Toshihito Prince. The prince is known that he love the story about Tale of Genji (known as the first novel in the world) and because of that the design of this building is having a nuances of the words on that novel. The tourist can visit this place for free but need to do a booking  far a long before we plan on going there, Another terms for going to this Villa is needed to be on group and can not be alone.


The beauty place that we can visit on the west of Kyoto is Arashiyama in where in here we can find a bamboo forest tourism. Tourist can walking along the path in where the side will be flanked by tall bamboo that can create a calm and peaceful feel. Also in here we will also can find Togetsu-Kyo Bridge that when you visiting this place on Sakura blossom, the  view will be hypnotize anyone who passing by.

Philisopers Walk

Walking a path that crossing Sakura Blossom will be a good  recommendation for all tourist that love to having a picture for the memories wherever the go to travel. this place is not only the place where tourist will visit, the local people of Japan also very like on getting to this place. The main reason why they choose to be here will be to see the beautiful of the pink flower will Sakura is Blossom.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

All of you that love to travel and read a lot about a travel place to be visit will be very familiar with this spot. Yes The red Torii ( Temple gate) which is arranged extends towards to the summit is one of the most photogenic place that we can find in Kyoto. All the tourist that come to Kyoto will having themself pose and getting a picture in here.

There are some extraordinary place that the traveler can visit we decided to go to Kyoto, japan. Hope this article can help you a lot on planning your holiday to Japan especially Kyoto.

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Old Changi Hospital – The Most Haunted Place In Singapore

Singapore is a small, highly developed country in Southeast Asia. Singapore is also a country that is very popular for tourists, especially for those who want to shop for luxury branded goods. Undeniably, even though the Singaporean country is quite small, the country’s economic progress is relatively impressive.

Not only that, when on vacation in Singapore, there are many places that can be visited, one of the most famous is the Merlion and Universal Studios. But besides cool and fun places, there is one mystical tourist destination in Singapore, the name is Old Changi Hospital.

Perhaps for Singaporeans, this place is believed to be the most haunted place in all of Singapore. Old Changi Hospital is located on Halton Road Singapore and was built in 1930. At the beginning of the building, Old Changi Hospital was used as a military barracks for British troops. But since the Japanese occupation, this place has been converted into a hospital.

When World War II happened, there were many victims who fell here. Japanese invaders also tortured victims to cause death. Not a few victims were beheaded and beheaded at this hospital. In 1997, Old Changi was finally closed.

As this building was abandoned, rumors began to emerge saying that this place was haunted. If we see a building that is old and not maintained, it is a scary and haunted impression that will immediately be seen. According to the confession of people who have come and lived near this building, they often hear the sound of screams at night and the sightings of ghosts without heads.

This place was also used as a film with the title Haunted Changi. Interested in visiting the most haunted place in Singapore?

Impressive Experience at Taipei, Taiwan – Taipei should be one of the destination dreams by the people around the world especially Asian people for going there. Taipei the capital city of taiwan country should be having a lot of impressive and attractive place to be offer to us. Below are some usual tourist place that we can go when we are at Taipei. Lets take a look.

Yangmingshan National Park

As the opening, we need something fresh for our brain and soul after the tired we get for getting on a plane. So when you arrive at Taipei, the first one that we can visit is the Yangmingshan national park that already well known about the beauty. Inside this large park we can find a lot of beautiful plant collection. But if we are talking about the best time for visiting this park should be on fall and spring because on this to season this park provide us an outstanding look that have their own character.

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum will bring us back to the story of China people especially from Taiwanese perspective. There are a lot of historical things that we can find on this museum. There will be a tour provide for the tourist inside the building that will tell us the story about the all the things that have inside that museum.

Taipei 101

Enjoying the observation on Taipei 101 should be a must thing we need to try when we are on Taipei, Taiwan. Like the name, this building has 101 floor inside. for seeing the full view of the beautiful Taipei City we can get to the 88 floor in where in there we will find an observation deck that will provide a place for enjoying the beauty of Taipei city.

Shilin Night Market

Before we come back to the reality after having a holiday, getting a unique souvenirs from the place that we visit should be a must thing we need to do when having a holiday. For Taipei itself, the tourist can go to Shilin Night Market for having these things. This market will be open from afternoon until midnight local time. beside from getting a souvenir also in here we can find a lot of culinary that can only been found on this market. But we need to take care about our own stuff  when we are getting here.

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Hawaii, Heaven on Earth – Who in the world never heard about Hawaii ? The Tip island that we can find in United States region should be one one the most beautiful if not the beautiful island that we can find in our world now. This place already become the most favorite place choose by the tourist for having their holiday in there. The travelers that love the nature and want to having a relax time provide by the beauty of nature will choose Hawaii as their first destination.

Every one will fall in love with Hawaii when they come to this place because this place having a gorgeous panorama and also so many attraction that can relax our soul and mind after the hectic we get on our working day. here is some place that the writers recommend for you when you are choosing Hawaii as your holiday destination.


The third biggest island that we can find in Hawaii is Oahu. This island provide us a very stunning look that we can get in here. Also Oahu already become the most popular destination in Hawaii, all people that come to Hawaii will come to this place and make this place become the most hectic place we can find in Hawaii. Beside for the beauty of Kailua beach that we can find in here, also in Oahu we can find so many historical place like Lolani Castle, Kawaiaho Church and The king Kamehameha I tomb.

Wakiki Beach

If the travelers are looking for the beach that can give you the sense of relax and far away from a lot of people, they can choose Wakiki beach as their choose, in here also the traveler can learn to surfing. this beach also is the beach that become the living witness in where Duke Kahanmouku becoming ” Father of Modern Surfing “.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii is known as the region that been located in volcano cluster. So in 1916 The government of United States decide to build a Hawaii Volcano National Park in hawaii. This National Park consist of to active volcano in Hawaii. First is Kilauea Volcano that know as the most active volcano and also Mauna Loa volcano, that been known as the biggest subaerial volcano. This national park is build with the mission to give education about the volcano to the tourist that visit that place.

There is a lot of other place that the traveler can find in Hawaii and make them feel more excited to visit one of the heaven that we can find on our earth.

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The Most Popular Destination 2018 ! – There are a lot of destination that been popular in our world and becoming the main target for tourist to choose for having their holiday in there. But not every city and country always becoming the choose of a worldwide tourist.

Now Premiumtraveltips will choose for readers 5 city and country that been nominated as the most popular destination on 2018.

Paris, France

Paris is well known as the most romantic city that we can find on our world, we can see so many movie choosing to having Paris as the place to do a romantic scene in their movie.

2 London. United Kingdom

London have a lot of cultural building and have a very historical meaning behind it, so in London we can see the mix between the old culture with the modernism style of building.

3. Rome, Italia

Rome is being well known as the city that found out Pizza. But not only about the food, in Rome we also can find Vatican and Colosseum that already been so popular over decade.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Now Comes one city that we can find in Asia Continent which is Bali that been located in Indonesia country. Bali can already become the best destination place in the world for several times, But that do not make the tourist to think twice to come again to this place that provide the best scenery about the nature .

5. Crete, Yunani

Last but not the least is Yunani. Yunani for this year been nominated as one of the best destination that tourist can go in 2018. Crete becoming the most popular city that we can visit when we choose to go to Yunani. We can see an outstanding beach with the mountain view behing them in this city.

That are 5 place choose to be the best destination to be visit in the world for 2018.

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Some Tips To Go To Macau – Macau as we know one of the most popular destination that we can find in Asia are located near Hong kong and have the same right with Hong Kong as one of the specialist region own by China. If in the past Hong Kong is colony by England, Macau is colony by Portuguese. So in here we can see a mix cultural between China and Portuguese that can be very attracting to be watch.

Macau as we also known as Asia Las Vegas. In here we can find a lot of casino and gambling place that surrounding Macau territory. Usually when we want to go to Macau, tourist will choose for having both Hong Kong and Macau to having their holiday.

This is some trick and tips that we can provide you when you choose for having a holiday in Macau.

Reaching Macau

The best accommodation we can have for reaching Macau should be using plane. But if you choose to go to Hong Kong First and after that from Hong Kong go to Macau, the best you can get is using ferry ship. It will cost you around HKD 290 for you to reach Macau from Hong Kong.


Having Macau Currency with you

You need to know that Macau have their own currency, so when you want to come to Macau remember to having their money first.

A Free Shuttle Bus

Holiday is not always about money, when you are in Macau, you can enjoy a free Shuttle bus without need to pay for a cent for that. Some most popular destination that we can reach using this free shuttle bus which is Senado Square, Venetian, San Man Lo and Galaxy Macau. You can find a lot of bus stop in there.

Free cookies

After free transportation we also can have a free snack in here. But it not a free gift like you things :D. The cookies will be the sample cookies that we can get before we decide to buy the cookies. We can find a lot of Cookies Store near Ruin’s of St Paulo and Senado Square that having a free sample for the tourist.


Landmark in Macau

Every country will known for the unique landmark , that one also happen in Macau, let say that Singapore has their own Merlion Park and Marina Bay Sands, Malaysia with their Petronas Tower, Thailand Wat Arun and Grand Palace and Indonesia for having Jakarta and Bali.

In Macau we can find Ruins’ of St Paul , Senado Square, Taipa Village and Macao Tower.

Also Macau is well known for their Egg tart, so do not forget to try having their egg tart when you are in Macau.

And the LAST but not the least. Do not forget to trying your luck by going to their casino and having  some bet !!!

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House of Paws – Cafe With Dog Themes In Bangkok

Restaurants with cat themes may be common, but in Bangkok, there is one restaurant that uses dog themes, the name of the restaurant is House of Paws. In this restaurant, visitors can eat while playing with cute and adorable dogs who are very clever and trained.

If hanging out in a cafe with a girlfriend has become commonplace, but the story is different if hanging out with dozens of very tame dogs. Not only can you see dogs, visitors can also interact with dogs in this restaurant.

House of Paws or commonly called HoPs is located in Bangkok, precisely in the Siam Square area. This place is a shopping place that is very popular among young people. So don’t be surprised if we see many young people who are still wearing school uniforms when they come to this place.

To enter the cafe is also very cheap, visitors only need to pay 150 baths or about 60,000 rupiah for a duration of two hours. The money paid also includes one drink that we can choose freely. The most famous dogs here are Charlie and Gatsby from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi race then Caption from the Beagle type and Jaykop from the large Old English Sheep. No need to be afraid because all these dogs have been trained so that they are very tame.

Besides the dog, there are a total of 11 dog breeds that we can find here. All of them are already trained, they will even swipe their heads to the visitors as a friendly sign. If visitors reach out to the dog that is here, the dog here will respond by lifting their right foot. The funny thing is ~

For hygiene issues, the owner of the HoPs is very careful about the cleanliness of the place and the dogs. When visitors arrive, they have to sterilize their hands with cleaning gel available at the entrance of the cafe and have to replace shoes with slippers that have been provided. Don’t try to give any food when you are here if you don’t want to be scolded by the cafe. This is done to maintain the health and integrity of existing dogs.

Red Lotus Lake – The Beauty Of Lotus Flowers In Thailand

For those of you who are happy with lotus flowers, you must come to Red Lotus Lake. This lake is located in Udon Thani, Thailand. When you arrive at this place, your eyes will be entertained by the beauty of lotus flowers along this lake. Pink from the beautiful lotus flower dominates this place.

According to legend in Thailand, this place was once a magnificent palace followed by the construction of a holy temple. Many monks make this place a holy place of worship. Unfortunately, the story has not been proven till now.

Actually, this lake is not so big, the area of the lake is only as big as a soccer field. But the beauty of the lotus flower that covers this area is very beautiful. Not to mention the presence of wild animals that swim in the lake is increasingly adding to the beauty of this place.

If you want to see this lake in a small boat, you can rent a boat here. In one day, this boat operates up to 3x. For those of you who want to come to visit, it is highly recommended to come at the right time, when this flower hasn’t bloomed, you won’t be able to see the beauty of the beautiful lotus flower.

Usually, the surrounding residents will catch fish to be used as a livelihood when the lotus flower has not yet bloomed. When it blooms, they will sell boat services that we can rent. This place is also very instagramable, so don’t forget to bring a camera!