Niagara Falls For You – Niagara falls that located on Ontario should be the favorite place to be visit when we are going to Canada. Niagara falls is a fall that located precisely on the international border line of United States, New York and Canada province. To be able to reach this fall we need to to a ride almost 27 km to the north west from Buffalo, New York and 120 km from the south east of Toronto, Ontario.

Niagara Falls is the combine of three fall. The three fall that combine into one is Horseshoe (sometimes call as the Canada Fall), America Fall and the small one Bridal Veil that being separately  by an island call Luna Island from their main Fall.

This Fall is not well known because of their high, but because of their wide make them become the most popular Fall in the world. More than 6 million cubic water per second can stream in her and becoming the most profusely Fall in United State.

This Waterfall also well known because of the rainbow that cross over in the middle of this Fall. The beauty of Nature around this Fall also become a million people from any place in the world would like to spend their holiday in here everyday. Because of this, it can be foreign exchange for both of United State and Canada.

When visiting this Niagara Falls we can see a lot of restaurant, cafe, bar , hotel, casino , golf resort, spa and any other attraction that make this place is suitable visit with friend, couple family and also the kid because this place also kid friendly.

In here, The visitor that bring their child with them can try one of the highest theme park in Canada, Skylon Tower. Inside this theme park, there ares a water park in where you can play together with your child. Also there are Ferris Wheels and Clifton Hill Restaurant that provide so many sweet things for you children. And want to give some education to your children? can visit Butterfly Conservatory and Marine Land for that.

And one tips we can share to you guys is bring your change clothes when you visiting this place because we make sure that you will need it :D.