The Most Iconic Theme Park In Jakarta

The Most Iconic Theme Park In Jakarta

One of the most iconic tourist destinations in Jakarta is Monas (National Monument). But for those of you who are happy with the playground filled with various exciting rides, the answer is DUFAN.

DUFAN is a very famous themepark in Jakarta and is the biggest themepark in Jakarta. Many tourists from outside the city come to visit this themepark. DUFAN entered the ANCOL complex, this means visitors can also visit Ancol beach when visiting DUFAN.

Then what exciting rides must be tried when visiting DUFAN? See together, let’s!

The most famous rides at DUFAN are Halilintar. This vehicle is a roller coaster ride that presents very exciting and thrilling rounds! When you ride this vehicle, you will pass a 360-degree loop that will certainly make your heart beat!

The second vehicle that must be tried is Rafting. As the name implies, you will do exciting rafting activities. You will pass an artificial river at a speed of 60km / hour. You will also pass through a dark tunnel that will add excitement to playing this vehicle.

Actually there are still many other exciting rides like Niagara-gara, Kicir-Kicir, Tornado, Galactica, Greenhouses, Istana Boneka and so on. But all the rides will be too long to be told in an article. Intrigued by the excitement of playing at DUFAN? Just come and feel the sensation of playing fun with friends and family.