The Biggest Waterpark In Thailand

If you are looking for a vacation destination outside Indonesia and still around Asia, you can choose Thailand. Besides having many attractive tourist destinations, Thailand also frees tourists to vacation there for 30 days without the need to apply for a visa.

When on vacation to Thailand, usually the most favored destinations are Bangkok, Pattaya, and also Khao Yai. But for those of you who are happy with water play, you can visit the biggest waterpark in Thailand called Ramayana Waterpark.

At a glance, maybe this place is similar to Waterboom in Indonesia. In this water playground, you can find 21 types of water slides that are interesting to try. For those of you who bring children, you can also enter two areas specifically for children who have a vehicle that is safe for the child, such as artificial wave pools, artificial rivers, and children’s pools equipped with mini water slides.

Besides that, at Ramayana Waterpark you can also see elephant attractions which are certainly no less exciting. Seeing the floating market here can also add to your excitement when visiting here.

Not only presents a variety of exciting water rides, the cleanliness of the water here is also very much considered. The management continues to strive to maintain the quality of water in the Ramayana Waterpark.

There is one interesting place here, namely the restaurant in the middle of the pool. Enjoying delicious food and fresh drinks while soaking in the pool certainly provides a different experience. How, interesting isn’t it? What are you waiting for, just come and play happily at the Ramayana Waterpark!